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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kidnapped At A Wedding Reception?

I was at a bridal show recently and overheard three brides to be discussing their wedding budget. They said they were having a 'kidnapping' at their wedding. OK, I thought, this is without doubt the STRANGEST thing I've heard while blogging about weddings so I admit, I listened in.

It seems the idea is that at one point during the reception there would be an announcement made that the bride had been kidnapped and in order to get her back we had to pay a 'ransom'! (My thought here was H*LL NO WAY WOULD CONTRIBUTE TO THIS!) Not only that they announced how many $$$ they needed!

These brides didn't seem to find this at all, well, dare I say it? TACKY TACKY TACKY? Give me some feedback, would you do this? Is it just a different version of the dreaded 'Dollar Dance' popular in some regions? Give me your thoughts!

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