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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skeleton Keys and Boutonnieres

Looking for a unique boutonniere? It's easy to use skeleton keys wrapped in ribbon as boutonniers for the ushers and add another one to the hand wrapped bouquets carried by their female counterparts.  The bride and groom would each have one wrapped in white or silver.  A unique way to accent your wedding. 

Another option is to have your florist attach the skeleton key to a more tradional boutonierre.  Both ideas courtesy of The Bride's Cafe.   In this link you'll find other ideas for ways to incorporate these vintage keys into your wedding day.

Rainbow Shower Lunch

Have an adventurous group coming to your bridal shower? Try this unique lunch. Truly a rainbow lunch! Colored rice, strawberries, orange sections, pineapple, grapes, blueberries, cherries, colored rice, peppers, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage and some stuff I can't figure out what it is, so I'll just wing it! Maybe jicama or mushrooms? Hand out the chop sticks and let the laughter begin as I drop rice trying to get it to my mouth without dropping it!

Buttermints! The Candy I USED TO Hate

I admit, I have never been in love with buttermints. I tend to find them as shower favors, tied up in netting with ribbon and well... I usually take them home and throw them out.  Usually they are chalky, chewy and cardboard like and well... nasty, so they NEVER get eaten.  (Sorry to whoever manufacturers them or whoever has given them to me but really...!)

Anyway a few months ago I came across a web site called Knuckle Salad where there was a recipe for Butter-Mint Buttons.  The author insisted that these were GOOD buttermints, and as usual, sucker that I am, I just had to try them out. 

First I had to make a mold, and luckily I had some Amazing Mold Putty at home (another reason I decided to try the project, it wasn't going to cost me much!) Luckily I always save those extra buttons in a button tin (thank you for that habit Mom!) so I had plenty of choices of size and shapes.  Since I was a newbie mint maker I went plain and simple, a combination of two hole and four hole buttons in a variety of sizes.  Just follow the directions Kristina gives you and you'll be in great shape! The lady writes a mean tutorial!

My one idiot mistake? Deciding to make too many different colors! Could I just stick with the usual pastels? No, I had to make red.  Let me warn you--YOU DO NOT WANT RED MINTS! Actually you don't want mints in any dark color.  Just think, you suck on the mints... your teeth...yeah, you get the picture.  Not pretty! Kind of like eating red icing on a bakery cake. 

But I have to agree with Kristina, her recipe rocks the mint world! These aren't like any buttermints you've ever had before.  So give Kristina's recipe a try and let me know what you think.  And take the time to visit her site, she has lots of great ideas.  Her mints would be a fun project you could make ahead of time and put on your sweet table or just on each table at your reception.

Funny factoid you probably don't want or need to know? My button tin is an old buttermint tin! I'd forgotten until I went to pick out the buttons...just my own personal chuckle for this project.  OK, vite, get to it, make your own mints!!

And The Bride Wore--Tan Lines?

Is Spray Tanning Your Weapon Of Choice?

Many brides wrestle with the decision on tanning before their wedding.  Any bride getting married in the summertime needs to consider what to do about the dreaded tan lines! Tanning booth? Makeup? Self tanner? Bronzing? You need to plan ahead to decide which option is right for you. 

While some brides tan naturally and develop a beautiful dark tan that lasts for months without assistance from lights or lotions, their pale cousins have to opt for other ways to achieve that extra bronze glow on their wedding day or opt to go natural. 

It's important to note that being 'pale' on your wedding day is not a wedding day disaster.  You want to look like YOU, not your cousin who tans well.  So if you're naturally pale consider opting to have your photographer simply warm up your photos if you look a little washed out in some of them. 

What are your other options?  Tanning booths, spray on tans, and bronzing makeups all can give you the tan look temporarily.  No matter which type tanning you choose,if you choose to tan you need to plan ahead for your wedding day look.  Getting that 'natually tan' look means NOT overdoing it either with a chemical tanner or tanning booth or lying on the beach.  If you overdo it the excessive redness in your skin will show up in your photos--not the look you want! A tan that's turned disaster can't be hidden by your photographer or makeup artist and peeling skin is impossible to cover up.

If you're planning on spray tanning realize that not all spray tans are created equal.  Tanning in a spray tan booth is fast (it takes about three minutes) but the results are less than flawless.  These tans distribute the same amount of tanning solution to your entire body resulting in faces that are too dark and legs that aren't dark enough.  If you're planning to spray tan for your wedding consider getting a custom spray tan.  It costs a little more but the results are well worth it.  A custom spray tan is the closest you can get to a flawless, natural looking glow for your skin.  A custom tan can give you a light, even looking, sun-kissed tone that will hide those freckles.  Not all salons do custom work so be sure to check around and try them out prior to your wedding.

If you're naturally pale work with your makeup artist or experiment with your makeup on your own and take photos to see how it looks in photos.  Often a white or pale dress has warm or cool tones in it that will help you not look washed out. 

Be aware of tan lines if you're planning on lying outside to get a tan.  While your makeup artist can minimize lines with makeup so it doesn't show up in your photos or Photoshop can retouch your photos, you don't want your look walking down the aisle to be anything but sensational!  You don't want your guests saying "She wore a gorgeous dress, her hair and makeup looked perfect but...those tan lines!" 

Your face, neck and visible skin should all match, so consult with your makeup artist in advance.  It's well worth the extra cost.  The makeup artist will need to know if you're going to be a totally different color the next time they see you so they can adjust your makeup accordingly.

So the keywords for tanning and makeup on your big day are "PLAN AHEAD."  You've spent a year planning your wedding, why not spend a few hours on thinking out your tanning and makeup strategies? Or opting to go 'au natural.'

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bella's Wedding Dress Copy by Alfred Angelo

The upper back of the copy of Bella's gown designed by Alfred Angelo for
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Front view of copy of Bella's wedding dress by Alfred Angelo
for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Full back photo of copy Bella's wedding gown by Alfred Angelo
for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Bella's wedding gown, designed for the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 by Carolina Herrera is sure to set a new trend in wedding gowns, especially among Twi-hards.  Dare we say we may see a change from the strapless gowns of the last five years and a move toward a more covered up look with a sexy lace back? I for one am all for options for brides and there are some brides who will be happy to see this change to a more covered up look.  The sleeves with tiny buttons and lace look intricate and delicate.

Alfred Angelo in concert with the original's designer, Carolina Herrera and Summit Entertainment agreed to create a replica of Bella Swan's wedding gown so that Twi-Hards everywhere can walk down the aisle dressed as their favorite heroine. 

Sure to set off a new rash of theme weddings based on the movies, Bella's gown is romantic and sexy at the same time.  At the time the agreement was signed there was some talk that the secrecy of the dresses design was kept to four key people and that the agreement had been 'signed in blood'...that's how serious the secrecy on the project was.  But the movie is out now, and the need for secrecy is over! If you head to the Alfred Angelo web site you can enter to win his copy of Bella's gown.

What are the differences in the dresses? Angelo's dress is made of liquid satin not silk and the lace is similar but not exact.  At a price point of $799 the dress is sure to be a hit with Twi-hards and non-Twi-hards both. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wrist Wrapping

Inflower shows this creative wrist wrap for the mother of the bride or groom.  Don't want to destroy that pretty silk dress? A wrist corsage is the perfect solution! This pale green wrist corsage lets this mother of the bride have her hands free with no worry about setting down a bouquet and forgetting to pick it up as you leave the church!. So when you're planning your flowers for the mother of the bride or groom think wrist wrap. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shopping Deals For Black Friday!

Find some great Black Friday deals and coupons with the links below!

I don't know about you but the idea of shopping Black Friday from the comfort of my home appeals, but if you're wild about the insanity of Black Friday I hereby give you my parking space at all the local malls! (at least if you get there first). 

Remember, the trick with getting that space by the door is visualizing it as you walk out to your car and drive to the mall.  All the way there, picture that perfect spot.  You know the one... so close to the door if it's raining you barely get wet! Easy to take packages out to your car during the shopping day...ahh! You see it in your mind, you know it's yours, and lo and behold, you get to the mall and it is! I do love a good parking space if I'm going to the mall! Or failing that, valet parking!

Black Friday 2011

Best Buy Black Friday Ad

Red Envelope Coupons 

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pink, Navy and Silver Inspiration Board

Loving the flowers from this Inspiration board from The Perfect Palette.

Handpainted Shoes From norakaren

Hand painted shoes sporting hydrangeas are the perfect accent for a bride! The flowers peeking out from under her gown show off her attention to detail and creative bent.  These shoes are from norakaren at Etsy.  They have hundreds of hand painted choices for you to choose from.  Visit their store at

Looking for a great look for your bridesmaids? Try these orchid shoes and coordinating clutch also from norakaren at Etsy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bella's Wedding Gown - Twilight Breaking Dawn-Part 1

The actual design of Bella's Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1 wedding gown is still a secret until the opening of the movie on November 18, the designer Carolina Herrera talked about it at the November 14 world premier.  Says Herrera in an interview with Mark Malkin of E, "I worked on that dress for like six months going back and forth. I still have all the sketches and everything because it was so special. There's so much expectations [sic]. I hope [the fans] like it."

Herrera has designed fabulous gowns for Christina Hendricks and Mariska Hargitay.  Based on those fabulous frocks Twihards will be pleased, especially since the original book had a large part in influencing the design.  Herrera said she used a combination of things to design the dress.  "I got inspiration from the book and descriptions from Stephanie Meyer.  You had to really take into consideration the whole story--which was this innocent girl with the first true love of her life.  It had to be magical." Like the rest of the world I can't wait to see the magical dress Herrera designed for this equally magical movie.

Golden Veils

Carolina Herrera goes golden with this gorgeous veil encrusted with gilded lace.  This strapless, floor length, ball gown with golden beading at the bust and top stitched detail on the bodice. Gold ribbon detail with bow at the back and elaborately beaded chapel veil in shades of gold will wow your groom! (not to mention your guests!).  Herrera has the Midas touch when it comes to bridal gowns!
Some fashionistas suggest to get this look without the Herrera price tag look for wedding garments for Indian brides that have similar attention to detail.  Still not cheap, but less expensive than Herrera. 

Other gold accents show by Herrera are shown above.  A dress with golden wheat, bead and thread embroidery on net, over silk Mikado strapless trumpet dress, with soft sweet heart neckline and chapel train and a gold ribbon belt are simple yet complex.

I know most of us can't afford these Herrera creations but they can give us ideas to look for when choosing our own wedding gowns. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Peacock Colors and Themes Are Wedding Favorites

More and more brides are turning to vibrant peacock based colors and themes for their weddings.  The above wedding inspiration board for decorating has links for each item at Delightfully Engaged, here.  Wreaths, pillows, candle holders and more all help decorate your wedding reception and tie the elements of your wedding together.

Etsy shop All4Brides has peacock themed accessories for your wedding day. Don't kill yourself making everything yourself! Get the DIY look by "DIEing" better known as Doing It Etsy!  This is just one store that sells great peacock bridal accents, so take your time and see what else Etsy has to offer.

High Heels by Nike

Nike? For the bride? Yes, as odd as it sounds (or looks to more conservative and traditional brides) NIke does make high heels.  Nike Dunk Woman High Heel are perfect for a bride who wants a change from the usual high end high heels by Badgley Mischka or Christian Louboutin. Nike Dunk Women High Heel take the design of traditional Nike and combine it with stylish high heel shoes. 

Nike Dunk Women High Heel  take the design of original Nike Dunk sneakers and combine it with high heel shoes. These heels will delight the bride who wants to kick up her heels on the dance floor in perfect comfort! (or nearly anyway!)  They come in a variety of colors and styles, be sure to check them all out and find the ones that will accent your wedding colors best.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's With WDW?

WDW (Wedding Day Weekly) formerly known as The Wedding Queen, has changed it's name.  But a rose by any other name... so keep on reading us! We'll have the same great content plus more!

Our address is temporarily the same, but we're hoping to move to Wordpress next year.  So stay tuned!

Favoring Chocolate

High grade chocolates are not an unusal wedding favor.  Godiva has been marketing boxed chocolates as favors for years.  And while Godiva's chocolates are good, EH Chocolatier makes these oh so pretty chocolates that knock them out of the park!  Perfect for wedding favors or to put on your sweet table.  Above photo from EH Chocoltier as shown on The Daily Grommet; below: Godiva chocolates, have a box tied in an assortment of color bows, boxes are also available in white. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zip for Your I Do's at the Zoo

Having your wedding outside at the zoo? Oriental Trading has these great animal print accessories for your wedding.  From take out boxes in faux fur paper designs to faux fur look Paradise Safari party lanterns or my favorite, the safari print folding fans, these are just a few options Oriental Trading offers you. 

Choose one or two as accents for your wedding.  The trick with using animal prints is not to overdo it! Photos courtesy of Oriental Trading.

Wooden Chalkboard Tags

Wedding Bliss Lane has these wood chalkboard tags, perfect for your wedding or special event.  Made from birchwood, they are 2-1/4" tall x 1-1/4" wide x 1/8" thick.  Easily add names to them after they arrive.  Available in sets of 10.  Stop by and see what else they have to

Fairy Princess Gown

The look for spring at Monique Lhuillier's? This detailed gown is flawless! It's blush hue is modern and up to date.  It has a lingerie bodies supported by delicate straps, and the skirt is full embroidered organza-a dress to make any bride feel ethereal and elegant. This is the gown for the bride who always wanted to look like a fairy princess on her wedding day!

Like other bridal designers Lhuiller has branched out and has stationary and a collection of fine china.  Visit her web site to see everything Monique has for your wedding!  Her china is available at fine department stores.

Save At David's Bridal!

Who said David's Bridal only sells wedding gowns? Just in case you didn't know, David's Bridal has become your one stop shopping destination for your wedding day.  They offer not just dresses, shoes and veils but everything you need for your big day, including invitations, favors, toasting flutes and photographers and more! 

Now through November 15, 2011 save 15% on your entire wedding invitation order if you enter the coupon code: 15INVITE when you order invitations from their Treasured Invitation Series.  These invitations are comprised of a backer card, a flat invitation card tied together with an elegant satin bow.  The colors are exclusive to David's Bridal.  Get free shipping on orders over $150 (some exlusions apply (see their website). 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Naked Hokey Pokey® At Your Wedding?

Imagine your guests surprise! Naked Hokey Pokey at your wedding! Imagine the look on your grandmother's face! And Aunt Ida's face too as they see you're having Naked Hokey Pokey® at your wedding! Of course there are those who prefer it Milkey Wicked...which are you?

OK, enough fooling around, this isn't the version of the Naked Hokey Pokey you can find on YouTube (wow would that make for some memorable wedding photos!) but rather Naked Hokey Pokey® is a honeycomb product made by The Chocolate Society that you can enjoy plain (Naked) or covered with dark or milk chocolate.  Enjoy The Society's honeycomb product naked, or enrobed in dark or milk chocolate.  Unlike some companies, their honeycomb is made with REAL honey. Their Naked Hokey Pokey is a delicious and addictive treat and one your guests are sure to remember!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Presentation or Taste? This Salad has Both!

If anyone had told me I'd enjoy beets in salad, well, lets just say I wouldn't have believed them.  But as usual, trying something new can lead to a pleasurable explosion of taste. This salad, courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings is a first course that consists of beets, sliced orange, ricotta, and black walnuts.  Serve as the first course at a wedding reception or at a fall dinner party.  I can't decide which part of it I like better, the presentation or the riot of flavors.  What do you think?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time To Relax - Head to Mad Mex!

Every man or woman planning a wedding needs some downtime from all the insanity of wedding planning.  But with a tight budget it's hard to justify going out to lunch or dinner.  But Mad Mex is here to help you kick back and relax...and all for FREE!  Yes I said the 'F' word...FREE!  Ahhh! My favorite word! 

Yes, wild and crazy Mad Mex is opening a new location in Willow Grove PA where the food is funky fresh Cal Mex!  And they're offering preview lunches or dinners to select diners for FREE!!! Yes, you and up to 3 other people can enjoy lunch or dinner on the house on November 8, 2011. 

OK, stop screaming and jumping up and down, yes, I know you're excited! After all Mad Mex is... well just a little MAD(and just a little BAD!) So a bit of insanity goes with the territory. But before you lose it entirely head over to Mad Mex's facebook page and read on their Wall how to score those free meals!  Yes readers, there really is such a thing as free lunch, at least if you like California Mexican food and beer or 'bad azz margaritas.'  There is still space available but... you'd better call fast or you'll lose your seat!

Never eaten at Mad Mex you say? Here's the low down.  Mad Mex's chefs produce Cal Mex food that's a bit outside the box. How can a burrito be 'outside the box?' Consider Mad Mex's November special, THE GOBBLERITO! Yes, as the name and that photo above implies, it has turkey in it, but not JUST turkey. No, the geniuses at Mad Mex have added stuffing, corn, and mashed potatoes to the turkey as well as some black beans and spices. No ho hum Mexican food here. This Thanksgiving styled burrito will get your taste buds revved up for upcoming Turkey Day! (Or if you can't make it to your family's house for Thanksgiving, Gobblerito is the perfect way to celebrate without all those messy pots and pans and so much leftover turkey you have to eat it for a year!)

Come meet all the other Mad Mex-ites in Willow Grove on November 8th and enjoy a free lunch/dinner on the house! See me there (yeah, I know, you just CANNOT wait for that treat) but do grab a free meal and margarita all your own!  YUM! I'll be there enjoying my 'freebie,' relaxing and taking in all the insanity!  (Oh yeah, and sipping a margarita... so I can tell you all about it when I get home!)

**The author will be compensated for writing about their opinion of Mad Mex by receiving the aforementioned 'free lunch/and or dinner'. All opinions are the authors' own and are an honest appraisal of the product or location or deal available.

Your Pooch in Your Wedding?

Having your 'baby' in your wedding? More and more brides and grooms choose to include a pet in their wedding.  While the majority of these pets are dogs, there have been brides who choose to carry their parrot down the aisle!

We think this pair of pink parrots would be a pretty addtion to any wedding, though whether you want to carry one (ych!) or entrust one with your wedding rings is doubtful.  But they sure are pretty!

Another bride just couldn't leave her horse at home, which begs the question, is this the Runaway Best Man? Or is she trying to give her groom a message about who's in charge?  Just be sure your pet is docile if you're planning on parading down the aisle with them! And that they (and you) have nerves of steel!  Oh, and watch where you walk! (which is why I'd NEVER do it!).

Free Use of Bridal Gown and More!

St. Anthony's Bridal of Bethesda MD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit helping brides afford a beautiful wedding. Any bride on any budget may purchase a wedding gown, veil, wedding party dresses, shoes, and so much more. Brides on a budget of $3,000 or less may have free use of a wedding gown and free use of reception items. To qualify, brides must have a total reception budget of $3,000 or less, have 100 or fewer guests, not hire a wedding planner, and have the reception within 60 miles of our center.

They're having a bridal expo so go sign up now! Nov 20th 1pm-4pm in Springfield, VA Finally! A Wedding Expo for Brides on a Budget of $10K or less! Calling Wedding Vendors in DC area! Calling All Brides! Having it all--For Less! What a great concept!                

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkin Candles For Your Buffet

Photo courtesy of My Romantic Home

Pumpkins are everywhere! Thanksgiving is coming and these glistening pumpkins are perfect for your Turkey Day buffet.  Glistening in the candlelight, perched on some crystal candle holders they bring a warm glow to your dining room.  Hollow a hole where the stem of the pumpkin is usually located and add your candle.  Secure it so it stays in place and you're ready to light it as your guests arrive. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Topiaries

I've discovered I can make topiary for parties out of almost anything.  This one is made from those delicious spongy cakes called madeleines.  For those not in the know, madeleines are sponge cakes baked in a cute shell shaped pan, sometimes flavored with lemon, orange or my favorite, almond.  Usually served with a dusting of Confectioner's Sugar (10x), they are pretty and pretty tasty!  This photo of a pineapple topiary will wow your wedding guests and give them tiny cakes to enjoy with coffee at the end of your reception.  Another option is to use them as centerpieces, surround them with greenery and WOW! I