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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chinese Lanterns For Your Outdoor Wedding

Photos courtesy of Groupalicious at Chinese Floating Lanterns
Chinese lanterns are an interesting way to light your outdoor wedding. They have been used for hundreds of years, but were traditionally released with a wish to bring good luck and prosperity in the coming new year. But they would work equally well to wish the bride and groom good luck and a happy marriage.

For many, they symbolize letting go of one's old self and receiving a new self, a new start. The release is a sort of cleansing, rejuvenating process.

Chinese floating lanterns are just plain pretty to look at. There's something mesmerizing about seeing a Chinese lantern set free. Lit with luminescent color, it floats higher and higher into the sky like a shrinking star adrift on the wind, slowly up into the night sky. Use instead of doves or sparklers at your wedding.
Groupalicious has a limited time offer that gets you a 10-pack of Floating Chinese Sky Lanterns in assorted colors: green, yellow, red, dark pink, light pink, dark blue, light blue, purple and orange. Launch just one at a time or as a group, or just keep them earthbound to give your special event a boost on the festivity-meter.

Ordinarily this lantern package would cost you $99.99, but with this deal you can score 10 lanterns for only $25. That's one deal you won't want to let float away! Perfect for your wedding or any party.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Offbeat Trends For Weddings

Photo courtesy of Trendhunter
Looking for some offbeat ideas for your wedding day? Are you and your groom to be..dare I say it...self described geeks? If so these boutonnieres may be just what  you want for your wedding. Mix and match with favorite comic/cartoon superheros/characters or choose the groom's favorite for all. Trendhunter has a hundred ideas for anyone looking for an offbeat look for their wedding, so head on over and see all the rest of them and choose your favorites for your wedding day.
Other options? Draw your own cartoon save the dates showing how you met your own personal superhero (your groom to be.) Rings that are takeoffs of cartoon/comic book/sci fi rings. Cakes that, well..'take the cake!' And more. Find everything geek for your wedding at Trendhunter.

Brides Go Vintage


Brides Go Vintage courtesy of Sangomaestro
In these modern days more and more brides go vintage when they are choosing a wedding gown. Whether it is because they are wearing a gown their mother or grandmother wore or if they are choosing it because they place value on the types of marriages before every other one ended in divorce, vintage gowns are more and more prevalent at weddings today.
Photo courtesy of Bridal Dress Boutique
Some are copies of dresses that were designed in the fifties or sixties and others are new takes on a vintage look. No matter which the bride chooses it sets a whole new tone for the wedding and wedding reception.
Photo courtesy of Bridal Musings Photographers Davina + Daniel
Whether you are copying a gown of yesteryear or choosing one that has some of the elements of the gown your mother or grandmother wore but that has a contemporary touch, vintage is here to stay. So don't be afraid to go vintage. It lends a whole new look to all the rest of your wedding day, from the flowers to the bridesmaid/grooms men's attire.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Put Your Hair Up On Your Wedding Day

Photo courtesy of Postris
If you love braided hair I think you'll find it is perfect for brides. The French Braid Bun shown above is one of my favorites. While I don't recommend braiding it yourself for such a big occasion, a talented friend could certainly braid it for you for your big day. It's perfect with hair with variegated coloring like the woman shown in the photo. It really shows off the different colors.
Photo courtesy of
If you want an updo, how about these pretty curls pinned up into an updo. This is one you will want to hire a hairdresser for, and be sure to use plenty of hair spray to keep it in place throughout your wedding day. It's a great hairstyle for brides who want to wear flowers in their hair or hair jewelry.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gift Shopping for a Hard to Get (For) Husband

Photo courtesy of Red Envelope
It's time to gift shop for that hard to get (for) husband! What to buy? Let's face it, gift shopping can be hard and it only gets harder when you really care about that special someone you're shopping for. And now that you're married you have a very special someone to shop for. How do you find the perfect gift for a meaningful occasion? Anniversaries can be one of the most difficult occasions to shop for. You are commemorating your happy memories together and you want to make it count. No pressure, right?
By the time you are in a committed relationship, you are not playing hard to get anymore--but you have realized that anniversary gifts are just about the hardest thing to choose. These suggestions should give you some great ideas for your partner.
For The Aspiring Top Chef
Are you married to a future Top Chef? Or does your partner love all things Food Network? Are they constantly trying new recipes and frequenting farmers markets? Indulge your favorite cook's love of food and fun this anniversary.
For your wannabe Top Chef, sign up for a cooking class together. He'll love having the opportunity to work side by side in the kitchen in a fun and engaging class--one that won't challenge you too much, but will bring you outside your comfort zone to make something new and exciting. It will be memorable for both of you, and you are sure to get a good recipe or two out of it. Your cooking spouse might also love something personalized to use around the kitchen, like a cutting board that he can get some real use out of. Looking for more great ideas? Try browsing through Red Envelope, one of my favorite go to's for shopping for 'something special.'

Photo by Morgan Gray
For Mr. Outdoorsy
Did you fall in love with a guy who loves hiking and camping? Canoeing on the lake every summer and cross country skiing through the woods every winter? A great way to celebrate would be to plan a weekend getaway where you can spend some time together outdoors.
Taking time off from work to get away from your busy lives and enjoy each other's company doing what he loves could be the best gift for both of you. Rent a cabin or pitch a tent, sit by the campfire and share a few beers and a few stories--what could be better?

Photo Courtesy of Flickr 
For the Sporty Guy
Is your significant other a sports fanatic? Do you have a hard time tearing him away from ESPN to go our with friends? For your anniversary, try throwing  yourself into the sport he loves so  much. It is a gesture he is sure to appreciate. Go throw a football around the park as a family or catch a baseball game together, whether it is major or minor league, it's sure to be a hit. You wil make memories together around whatever sports field or arena your man loves, and it will mean a lot to him for you to take part in what he enjoys. If you go to a MLB game, you can even get your names on the big screen congratulating you on your big anniversary. And there is always the kiss cam--so look out and have fun!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Coming Soon To WDW: Guest Blogger Morgan Gray

Looking for a fresh point of view? Be sure to read my guest blogger's post all about anniversary gifts for your favorite man (or guy gifts that are sure to make them smile for any occasion.)

Megan is a young writer who has a degree in English and Media Studies.

What does she know about weddings? She has recently been asked to be her sister's Maid of Honor and has subsequently fallen in love with everything wedding. (Does that sound familiar to you?)Despite a slight fetish for stationary, she has taken to the online world to share her words of wisdom.

So look for her post tomorrow. Be sure to give her some great feedback and let her know how much you love her guest post.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Centerpieces With Candles

Photo courtesy of My Hearts Desire Blog
Amanda Jane Brown and her My Hearts Desire Blog (Later renamed Amanda Jane Brown) offer these great ideas for fall table centerpieces. These are easy and less expensive to make than typical floral centerpieces.
Photo courtesy of My Hearts Desire Blog
Use things like dried beans, coffee and popcorn depending on your color combination. Add some ribbon or twine or even some silk leaves to bling out your centerpiece. Add a white candle and you are good to go.
Photo courtesy of My Hearts Desire Blog
Centerpieces like this are great for weddings because you can make them all ahead time with very little 'day of' preparation needed. (Which every bride appreciates!) Head over to My Hearts Desire Blog to find more ideas for decorating. Amanda Jane is one crafty woman! (And a great cook too!)

Tattoos and Weddings

Photo courtesy of Life With Aly
Looking for a heavy duty concealer to cover your tattoos or scars or even dark circles under your eyes? Try Glamoflauge. It comes with a pencil concealer as well as a tube of concealer. Use the pencil first and the concealer later, then cover with translucent powder. Glamoflauge is available at Walmart and is around $6-$7.00. You can't beat the price!

More Navy Wedding Ideas

Photo courtesy of Ander's Ruff Blog
Since navy is a popular fall wedding color, I thought I'd share some photos that were originally from Ander's Ruff Blog and were also posted on Hearts and Flowers, Decorating for Your Wedding. The navy stripe keeps things from looking too dark, and the orange pashminas were an inspiration. Don't forget to use pumpkins in fall weddings. You'll find they are an inexpensive way to decorate, and if you think ahead you can plant some of your own to cut costs. They grow so easily in your garden!
Photo courtesy of Ander's Ruff Blog

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Navy Blue Inspiration Board

Navy Theme courtesy of Lovely Wedding Day
Looking for a navy blue inspiration board? Planning a wedding with a navy blue color theme? Here are some ideas to get you started with your planning. I love inspiration boards--they are just that, great inspiration. They get you started planning and after that, the sky's the limit!
I love the cupcake holders with the couples monogram on it! What's your favorite?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wedding Day Feet

Band Aid Friction Block Stick courtesy of Amazon
If you're a recent bride did you end up with wedding day feet? You know the ones, blistered and rubbed raw from ill-fitting shoes? Did you buy those wow looking 5" heels for your wedding thinking "of course I can break these in, no problem?"
If you did, do yourself a favor and pick up some Band-Aid Friction Block Stick. A roll on lube for your feet that prevents too tight, too new, too cute shoes from destroying your feet.
Also if you're planning a honeymoon where you'll be doing a lot of sightseeing, pick up some of these tiny 'deodorant look' friction blocks and keep them with you at all times.
Consider adding a few to the ladies room goody basket for all your guests with sore feet. No more wedding day blisters!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wedding Makeup

Ben Nye Final Seal will keep your makeup in place all day. It won't rub off as you kiss your guests, the perfect solution for every bride. This product is used by Disney Princesses at Disneyworld/Land to keep their makeup in place no matter how hot it gets or how often someone rubs against them. And since you want to look like a princess on your special day, why not use Ben Nye Final Seal to be sure you look like princess all day long.

Pearl Kissing Ball

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie (item no longer available)
Love this pearl pomander or kissing ball? Why not make your own for your wedding? Head to your local craft store, pick up a Styrofoam ball, some ribbon, and some pearls and go to it. Use different size pearls to give it an interesting look. You can either have your flower girl carry it or you can hang it at your reception as a kissing ball. What fun! Any excuse to kiss at a wedding is a good one.

Short Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Dress and dress photo courtesy of Lily Boutique
Lily Boutique has a large selection of white lace dresses that are perfect for a short wedding dress.
Cream wedding gown from Lily Boutique
Some dresses are white, some cream but you have your choice of dresses to suit your personal preferences.
Photo courtesy of Lily Boutique
Choose a up to date version with a peplum or a more classic choice. Some dresses show more d├ęcolletage than others, it's all up to you what you choose. Brides on a budget love shopping at Lily Boutique, so do their bridesmaids. Lily Boutique is also a great place to shop for bridesmaid dresses.
Photo courtesy of Lily Boutique
Some dresses are more casual, perfect for a beach or picnic wedding or a visit to the JP. Visit Lily Boutique for all your bridal needs and for fun fashions for your honeymoon as well.
Don't forget, these dresses are seasonal and may sell out, so may not be permanently available.

Groom's Gift

Photo courtesy of Snappin Studio
Snappin Studio on Etsy has the best idea for a groom's gift (or bride's gift for that matter.) A love note to your spouse that won't rip or fray. The notes are stamped on metal and easily fit into a wallet. Your spouse can take it out to reread and think of you all day long or when they are on those long business trips. What a great idea! The gift that keeps on giving.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Recycle Your Wedding

Photos courtesy of Recycle Your Wedding (items may not still be available as many are 1 of a kind, especially dresses.)
Recycle items from your wedding from gowns to accessories to favors. Visit Recycle Your Wedding, the website that has it all for less. Why not check here first before your spend retail prices for things for your wedding. Whether it's vases, veils or mini lanterns or place card holders, this site has it all for less. So head on over to browse before you buy it somewhere else.
And after your wedding be sure to recycle items you didn't use. Why let things pile up in your closet that you didn't use or will never use again?

Personalized Table Numbers

Photo and product courtesy of LoneStarAccessories on Etsy.
Table numbers can be personalized by using photos of  you and your groom. Choose your favorite photos and Lone Star Accessories will turn them into attractive and personalized table numbers for your wedding reception.
They have other personalized items too that make great gifts so be sure to check out their Etsy Store.