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Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Wedding Project

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty, Photographer Lavender and Twine, Coordination and Styling by A Charming Occasion, Floral Design: Stella and Bloom
Love this DIY wedding project. It's a 'HERS' flag for this groom carries down the aisle! Of course the bride has a matching one that reads 'HIS.'
These are easy to make with some simple felt, Elmer's glue, and ribbon wrapped dowels. Dress it up by adding some light weight silk flowers and changing out the ribbon colors.
Don't want to take the time to make it yourself? Your florist can certainly make one easily enough for you.
Makes a great photo.

Wedding Updos

Photo courtesy of Hairstyle Stars
Planning on wearing an updo for your wedding? Take it up a notch by adding some flowers to the look. Add one flower (as seen above) or several, no matter what your choice, the small additions will make your hairstyle stand out on your wedding day.
Whether you are planning on wearing a veil like the bride in the first photo, or just wearing flowers like the bride above, you will be pleased with the look of your wedding day hairstyle.

Flower Girl Hair Styles

Photo courtesy of Niceeve
Flower girl hair styles go from straight to curly. Braids are a favorite of brides for their flower girls. Weave flowers through their hair to make them stand out. But if you have a pair of flower girls with pretty curly hair you can't beat letting it loose and flowing.
Add some flowers or some bling to straight or curly locks and their hair will stand out as they walk down the aisle. Flower girls all love wearing tiaras so consider letting them wear one if it fits with your wedding theme.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Throw Golden Glitter At The Bride and Groom

Photo courtesy of Southern Weddings
Looking for something unique to throw as the bride and groom leave their ceremony? This bag of golden glitter will provide a never to be forgotten look as well as some great photos for the bride and groom's wedding album. These striped bags are made from muslin and tulle with a pull string around the top. And they are easy to assemble and to hand out as guests leave the wedding.
Just a reminder, it's a good idea to provide a verbal or written reminder so guests are sure to pick up a bag on their way out the door.

DIY Black Glitter Champagne Glasses

These DIY black glitter champagne glasses are tied with a simple satin bow and are easy to make at home and they will add a touch of glamour to your black tie wedding. Do his in black and hers in white, or all black. For a daytime wedding choose coordinating colors or use all white.
Photo courtesy of STAMPENDOUS
Use this crushed glass glitter and any adhesive to apply it. Then sprinkled into melting embossing enamel, and can even be colored with permanent markers. Crushed Glass Glitter is available at your local craft store or at STAMPENDOUS. This product comes in a variety of colors so you can match or coordinate with your wedding theme colors.

Black Tie Weddings Need A Tuxedo Signature Drink

Planning a black tie wedding? Why not plan a  Tuxedo Signature Drink.

1 oz spiced rum
1 1/2 oz creme de cacao
1/2 oz Fernet Branca

(add 1/8 tsp. of squid ink but this is optional, you can use food coloring instead) Be aware...this stuff stains.

Top with 1/2 oz chocolate stout

Add the first three ingredients to your cocktail shaker.
Next add the squid ink (you can buy this at your fish market or a specialty store like Whole Foods, if you prefer to avoid this ingredient, use some black food coloring instead.) DO NOT ADD ICE. You want to be sure the squid ink/or food coloring is incorporated with the other ingredients.

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Double strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with some chocolate stout.

Not into this? Why not try some drinks made with Black Vodka? For those who are squeamish, this may be a better option than the squid laced drink above.

"The colour of BLAVOD Pure Black Vodka is changed by adding catechu, a herb found in southern Asia and central and east Africa. Rich in tannin, catechu has no effect on vodka's flavour. However, many say it makes the vodka a little smoother." (BLAVOD website)

Wedding Bars


Looking for a unique way to set up your bar at your wedding? You've heard of chocolate fountains and champagne fountains but how about a whiskey or bourbon fountain? This bride and groom thought outside the box and offered their guests something a little bit different.

Add some sour mix to the side or some OJ or other mixers to add to your favorite whiskey or bourbon. Sometimes thinking outside the box will give your guests and unique reception experience.

Garden Weddings

Fairy Berries lights are round, white LED lights that measure 1-1/2" in diameter and can be hung from ceilings or placed in trees, shrubs, or other places as party or holiday decorations. Each light contains two LEDs that fade on and off slowly to create a twinkle effect. Loops allow the lights to be hung using a thin string or wire. The lights can float in water and are water-resistant. CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries power the lights and can be replaced. A switch can turn each light on or off.

Fortune Products manufactures battery-operated lighting products for special events, seasonal decor, and interior design. These berries are perfect for outdoor weddings where you are looking for a twinkling look like fireflies in a garden setting.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Win a $50 Gift Certificate For Blue Nile

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Better yet see Blue Nile's infografic (see below) that lets every woman find their fashion personality and get that chance to win a 3 carat diamond bracelet! (And what woman couldn't use an extra diamond bracelet or two?) Is your personality a Queen Bee, a Boho Glitz, a Renaissance Gal, or a do you like to be the Center of Attention? There's are suggestion for purchases for each personality type to help you make the right purchase for each personality. So fill out the infographic questions and provide the man in your life with an easy way to shop for you that's guaranteed to please. 

Blue Nile is one of my favorite places to shop for myself and for others. They offer a good selection at a variety of price points. Buy everything from a designer engagement ring to a pair of basic gold hoop earrings to a simple silver bracelet. Blue Nile isn't just diamonds, though I don't know too many women who would turn down one of their diamond rings or earrings. I know someone who purchased a classic pair of gold hoops that can be worn anywhere. I also know a lot of women whose engagement rings came from Blue Nile. 

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In consideration for bringing you this great deal Blue Nile sent me one of their signature necklaces so I'm sharing this great deal with you. Just enter between now and December 23, 2013. Come on, you know you want to win those diamonds! And the gift certificate too. 

**The writer has been provided with compensation for writing a blog post and hosting a giveaway. The writer's opinion has not been effected by said compensation.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold Feet?

DIY groom socks cold feetThink your groom might have 'cold feet?' Or just looking for a way to let your groom know you are thinking of him the day of your wedding? How aboutsending him a pair of these socks? The tutorial on Something Turquoise is easy to follow and is a great way to remind your groom how much you really care about him on the morning of your wedding day. I love DIY projects that are easy and fun, this meets both criteria. Add your own personal packaging to his socks for the big day and he'll appreciate knowingjust how much you care! 
Photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // cute mens socks: Mossimo at Target // matte sticker paper: Staples // Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer,Glue Dots, and blue card stock: Michaels // nail polish: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips in Crowed Surfer

Plaid At Your Wedding?

a9ddd3e84ab589ccdb834bac8722162b.jpg (476×720)

Photo courtesy of Global Sugar Art

Going Plaid? Planning to have a bagpiper at your wedding or wedding reception? This cake will perfectly accent your theme. So if you are a McGreggor or Ross or McDonald this cake may be perfect for you. However, I'm a Ross (or I was one) and had no desire to have a plaid accent anywhere in my wedding. (Of course this could be because I married an Italian and not a Scot). But if you are into it, by all means accent your cake or wear a garter with your family plaid. One bride had an inset in her train of the family plaid and her dad wore a kilt to give her away. (Not to mention the bagpipes that played). But to each her and/or his own. 
Ten Ways To Go Plaid At Your Wedding

1. Groom, groomsmen and male family members wear their plaids. This will result in seeing a lot of legs that might better be hidden under a pair of pants so give thought to the men who will be wearing them before deciding that everyone will wear a kilt. 

2. The bride's garter can be in her family plaid. This is a perfect way to accent your heritage at your wedding without it taking over your wedding theme.

3. The bride can wear a cockade in her hair in the family plaid (or the plaid of the family she is marrying into). This is a nice accent won't take over the wedding look.

4. The groomsmen can wear plaid socks with their tuxedos. You'll probably need to order these online but they will make a good photo op. 

Loucia by Anouska G, Anoushka G wedding dress, Scottish wedding, Photograpy by Lisa Devine
Photo courtesy of Love My Dress

5. The bride can a gown with plaid piping along the edges or even a gown that is all plaid. All plaid is a bit much for me but ... follow your dream.

6.  The groom and groomsmen can wear a boutenniere with a plaid ribbon and the flowers of the bride and bridesmaid can be accented with plaid ribbons. This is a nice accent that doesn't take over the whole wedding like a plaid dress would. 

7.  The bride can wear a crinoline that has a plaid edge to it. This show when she walks or dances but won't be overkill.

8. Add some plaid accents to the cake. (See the photo above). This is an easy accent and is a nice way to give a heads up to your heritages. 

9. Plaid napkins or napkin rings on the tables are another nice way to give your heritage a nod without overwhelming your wedding.

10. Choose thistle and rose centerpieces for your tabletops.

There are many more ways to give your wedding a Scottish look. Check a variety of websites dedicated to planning a Scots wedding. 

You can also have your wedding in Scotland by renting a castle there and having the ultimate Scots wedding. To see some examples of Scots weddings visit this site. And to be sure everything is above board and legal be sure to visit The General Register Office site.   

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Planning A Tiffany Blue Wedding?

Tiffany Blue Bridal Shower Cupcakes
Photo courtesy of Cupcake Lust

Tiffany blue is one of the most popular colors for weddings and wedding showers. These cupcakes are a great option to serve your guests. The piped icing in the Tiffany Blue color with the addition of a white chocolate heart and white pearls take this dessert to the next level. Whether you are planning on serving dessert or sending it home with your guests, this cupcake will make an impression that is sure to last.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ring Bearer Fashion

While we all worry about what our flower girl will wear we spend less time thinking about ring bearer fashion. Today's little boys at weddings can hold their own with the little girls. The little boy in this photo seems to be saying: "Hold on a minute, let me just straighten my tie."  

The photos of the children at your wedding will steal your heart! Be sure your ring bearer is just as fashion forward as your flower girl. A little boy can amp up his look by adding a creative bow tie, a hat, cool shoes, bright color socks, suspenders, a vest or a variety of other options. Anything the groomsmen can do, he can do cuter. So be sure to give some thought to his look too.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

White Chocolate Cherries

White chocolate dipped cherries
Photo courtesy of Simple Provisions

Looking for a change from chocolate covered strawberries? Why not try white chocolate covered cherries with silver dragĂ©es? This gorgeous accent melds candy with fruit and shows off the deep red of the cherries, the white chocolate and the off-white sugar pearls. To find the recipe go to Simple Pleasures. They offer a step by step set of directions that are easy to follow.

These aren't hard to make and you can easily make them ahead of time for a wedding or other special occasion. Depending on where you live, if cherries are in season for the Christmas holidays, these almost look like little holiday ornaments. 

Keep in mind, you can pit these ahead of time and fill the hole where the pit was with a white chocolate chip or liquid white chocolate. I'd prefer not to have to have my guests having to pit the cherries as they eat them, but I do like the stem left on for ease of serving. They also make a great hostess gift. So enjoy!

Natural Hair Style for Flower Girl

5330775ac5a038baafcdc58c0d8a55aa.jpg (480×480)
Photo from Pinterest (no attribution) Pinned by Lisa Garcia

Love the look this flower girl is sporting with her floral wreath and her natural hair style. This look is perfect for the little girl you want to look her age. Unfortunately no attribution was posted. If you know who posted this photo please let me know. So cute! The floral wreath is perfect for the hair style and accents the style.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Penny Prints at Snapfish

Have your guests taken some great candid wedding photos that you'd like to share with your family? Snapfish has a 2 for 1 on 4x6 photos (just enter NOVPENNY300).

Go to Snapfish to find out all the details. It's great for other photos too. This is the perfect time to order those extra snapshots of your favorite family members.

Snapfish also has great deals on photo gifts for friends and family. Take the time to browse and see how Snapfish can solve all your holiday shopping needs. Make photo books for parents and grandparents or maybe a calendar? Did someone do something really nice for you for your wedding? Why not make them a calendar using photos? All sorts of choices at Snapfish, the go to site for photo printing.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

To Life: Vanessa's Wedding Surprise

Some families put on a real show like Vanessa's family and friends did for this great surprise wedding performance. If most of our family weren't tone deaf it would have been a blast to do at my daughter's wedding. Most of us just don't have the skill set to pull it off. (OK everyone in my family can stop laughing at imaging what we would have sounded like since only one of us can sing!) But for the family who can sing and has the time to invest in a great show for wedding reception, this has to be tops!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Asian Look Wedding Cake

wedding cakes pictures 198 Asian Wedding Cakes – Asian Wedding Cake Ideas (5) : Wedding Cakes
Photo courtesy of Weddingler

Looking for a cake with an Asian look? This beautiful wedding cake with cherry blossoms is perfect for a spring wedding. I love the tiny flowers and the way the branches twine around the layers of the cake. Perfect for pastel weddings. 

Photo courtesy of Tanyacakes

Don't want quite as high a cake? Or want to have a groom's cake to match your wedding cake? Try this two layer gumpaste cake also decorated with cherry blossoms. 

Fruit Carving Arrangements

Photo courtesy of Fruit Carving Arrangements

Fruit carving arrangements can take the place of or add to fresh flowers for your wedding reception. Some carvers are highly skilled and can turn a simple melon into a work of art. While your guest may be accustomed to seeing ice carvings at receptions, fruit carvings will grab their attention and keep them talking about your wedding reception. 

Fruit carvings are not a do it yourself project unless you have had plenty of practice. This is one wedding accent that it pays to hire a professional to execute. 

White Lace Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of Once Wed

White lace is everywhere at your wedding so why not have a white lace wedding cake? The photo above shows a way to incorporate wedding favorites of lace and pearls in your wedding cake. I love the details on this cake that are similar to those in a wedding dress or the edging on a bridal veil. Every bride should have a cake that reflects her special look on her special day. This one is it!

all-white-lace-wedding-cake.jpg (470×538)
Photo courtesy of In The Cac, Real Maine Weddings

Love the look below with the tiny buttons detailed on the cake as well. No matter how intricate a cake you are looking for, a lace motif can add that something special to your wedding day.

lace-wedding-cakes-designs.001.jpg (600×450)
Photo courtesy of Weddings By Lily

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cell Phones And Your Weddings

Photo courtesy of Crazy For Us

It's your wedding and the last thing you want is for cell phones to be ringing as you walk down the aisle or as you are taking your vows. More and more often the bridal couple will post signs like the one above or make an announcement prior to the wedding requesting all cell phones and cameras be turned off during your wedding. Yes, it may mean your guests won't get some photos from the wedding using their cell phone but it certainly beats having Aunt Mable calling her favorite nephew in the middle of the wedding. So whether you make announcements prior to the wedding, post signs like the one above, or make clever blackboard signs for your guest to see as they walk in the ceremony venue, be sure your guests are aware of the 'no cell phone' rule. There's a reason voice mail and silent mode exist, your wedding is one of them. Some couples also opt for the 'no photo' rule as well, hoping to avoid their guests paying more attention to getting that great photo than to their wedding vows. 

Courteous guests will not use their cell phones during your wedding reception. If they feel there is a need to make an important call or if they need to touch base with a babysitter, it is only good manners to take it outside. 

So remember, put your phone on vibrate or better yet, turn it off, and don't use your phone to text during weddings or receptions. And if you are taking photos, be considerate and don't detract from the wedding when snapping photos.

Twenty years ago no one had to worry about this etiquette issue--today it is one that is not frequently addressed. So be a courteous guest and leave your phone off. And limit your photography. There is a reason the bride and groom hired a wedding photographer.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wedding Cake Cookies

fe580842e5a2307075018a2bda9e3679.jpg (580×773)

Photo courtesy of Mother of The Bride

Wedding cake cookies? Why not? Stack your cookies to make pretty individual wedding cakes for your guests. Decorate with icing and some fondant flowers. Add some jam between layers just a like a real wedding cake. Is this a do it yourself project? It all depends on your level of competence doing cake (or in this case cookie) decorating. These cakes make a nice wedding favor for your guests to take home and enjoy. And remember, edible favors are among the favorite wedding favors with guests. 

And The Bride Wore Pink In 2014

Vera Wang Fall 2014 Bridal Collection from Vera Wang on Vimeo.

Vera Wang's Fall 2014 collection had brides wearing pink. Not pale pinks but deeper salmon and even lavenders. Brides no longer are just wearing a hint of color, dresses today have more color and interest than washed out whites.

Are you a bride brave enough to wear pink as you walk down the aisle? This is not a dress for a bride who doesn't have a well developed fashion sense. It's a collection for a bride who is bravely walking toward her new life with her husband with a surety and real sense of self. Carrie Bradshaw would have worn these dresses.

Budget Lace Flats

il_340x270.376951140_q18i.jpg (340×270) 
 Photo courtesy of Mother Of The Bride

Looking for some budget priced lace flats? Do you love these high end flats but don't have the budget for them? I do too, but I see no reason to pay major money for a pair of white flats with some lace added. These shoes (by Jimmy Choo) are perfect for a bride who wants to wear flats but with a little work you can transform inexpensive white flats into still pretty AND affordable shoes, for the bride, a flower girl or for little girls who are celebrating their First Communion. 

Pick up some inexpensive flats at Payless or other lower end shoes store and glue your favorite lace to the shoes. Be sure you don't buy shoes with a dark bottom. If you are a bride you can probably match the lace on your dress and order some when you order your wedding gown if you want everything to match perfectly. 

I love these romantic looking flats. They have pretty lace but are still affordable if you add the lace to a simple pair of plain white flats. As a woman who loves saving money, I give these five stars!

White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Spice Popcorn

Photos via 

Added to:

Pumpkin Pie.



 I know, you've never heard of white chocolate pumpkin pie spice popcorn. But if you are having a fall wedding it's a great option to take the place of a candy bar and it's less expensive as well. Serve it in easy popcorn bags and your guests will be raving about it. It's not your mother's popcorn anymore--unless your mother is a Martha Stewart wannabe. But it will be a real hit.

I discovered white chocolate popcorn at a blogging event last Christmas and fell in love with this use for white chocolate. I'm not a huge white chocolate fan and was leary of trying it but tried some to be polite. I have to admit I quickly went back for seconds (as did almost everyone else!) So give this a try. 

Make your popcorn ahead of time and have it ready to serve. You can also serve it in popcorn balls as favors. 

Recipe for White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Spice Popcorn 

1/2 C unpopped popcorn, (this should yield about 10-11 cups popped)
1/2 C butter, unsalted
1 C packed light brown sugar
1/4 C light brown corn syrup
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon, (ground)
3/4 tsp nutmeg, (ground)
3/4 tsp ginger, (ground)
1/4 tsp cloves, (ground)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp baking soda
5 oz white chocolate chips (you could also use chopped white chocolate)

Preheat over to 250 degrees. Pop popcorn, dump into a large container and remove any unpopped kernels. Put butter in medium saucepan and melt. Add brown sugar, spices and salt to the butter. Bring to a boil and allow to boil 4 minutes without stirring. Then remove from heat source and add baking soda and vanilla. Stir until thick and glossy. Pour 1/2 of caramel over popcorn. toss several times, then quickly add remaining sauce, toss again. Put popcorn on a jelly roll pan and spread out. Bake for 1 hours, still every 15 minutes. Let cool completely. Next, in microwave-safe bowl add melt white chocolate on 50% power, stirring every 20 seconds until smooth and melted. Pour melted chocolate into a Ziploc bag, cut off a corner so you can use it  to pipe the chocolate over the popcorn. After piping chocolate over popcorn, let it harden before putting the popcorn away in a tin or other airtight container. It will last about 1 week so you have time to make it before your wedding or other event. You can bag popcorn ahead of time or just have it ready for someone to serve at your party. You can also line a glass with some parchment paper to make it pretty. 

Absolutely love this popcorn! The trick at my house? To keep it away from my husband until party time! It also makes a nice dessert for the kids for Thanksgiving.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Orange Accents For Weddings

Photo courtesy of The Style Skinny
Orange accents used with gray are popular color combinations for both summer and fall weddings. Thinking of some bright orange for a hot summer day to cool down the temps? Or maybe a autumn wedding, using the orange to pull in the autumn colors of leaves, pumpkins or Thanksgiving?
Choose an orange tie and pocket square with an orange boutonniere to brighten a grey tuxedo and add some orange flowers to the bouquets of the bridesmaids and even the bride.
Below see the orange sparkle shoes. This particular pair is an older style but you can make your own using orange glitter (see older posts on making your own gold glitter shoes.)
Photo courtesy of Wedding Bee (this is an older style)
Looking for more ideas on how to incorporate orange into your wedding day? See the inspiration board below. My favorite is the bouquet in the center. There's also another orange tie for you to consider. There are plenty of ways to add orange to your wedding. You've previously seen how we can use pumpkins and gourds for centerpieces. So decide how much orange you want to use and then choose how you will add it to your wedding and reception.
Inspiration board courtesy of this blog

Tattoos For Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Bride Talk

One of the newest trends for weddings are temporary tattoos especially among the Gen Xers. Whether you use a full blown colorful tattoo with hearts and flowers or a simple scrolled word saying "love" or "smitten," tattoos are a fun way to make your wedding day stand out. You can also get a permanent tattoo for your wedding.

Some brides and grooms opt for tattoo wedding rings. These rings can be either temporary tattoos or permanent ones. To see a variety of 43 different ring tattoos check out Weddingomania. You are sure to get a good feel for ring art on this site.

Photo courtesy of Younique Wedding

Thinking temporary tattoos are going to cost you a lot? Nope. You can either make your own using your home computer and printer and temporary tattoo paper or you can purchase some from a variety of websites. Permanent tattoos vary, check with your local tattoo artist.

Photo courtesy of Dooley Noted Style

Weddings and tattoos pose a problem for some brides (and grooms) who prefer to cover them up for this solemn occasion. Other cultures encourage tattooing for religious reason or simply consider them a thing of beauty. Some people dislike them and associate them with people who live extreme lifestyles. For this reason some brides and grooms cover tattoos on their wedding day.

Brides can cover their tattoos with makeup or wear a dress that covers their tattoos. Yet other brides proudly show off their body art. There are also tattoo removing kits. But if you love your body art, temporary coverage might be your best bet. You can of course try to remove your tattoo completely using chemicals, skin grafts, or lasers. Some of these are painful choices so research it thoroughly before making a permanent decision.

So whether you are a bride and groom choosing to get a tattoo as a couple or trying to hide one you already have, there are a variety of ways and different price points to choose from.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mint Is The Color For Spring Weddings

7 Wedding Cake Mistakes to Avoid:
Wedding Cake Mistakes #1: Limiting yourself. Shop (+ sample!) around.
Want a cheap date night with your soon-to-be spouse? Go wedding cake tasting! Many bakeries offer free wedding cake samples (be sure to call ahead) to engaged couples. Wedding cake tastes differ from place to place, so be sure to try before you buy. A sample will also give you an idea of which type of wedding cake, flavor, and filling you like and which ones you don’t.
Wedding Cake Mistakes #2: Assuming the cake is too expensive (or too complicated).
Love a wedding cake you saw in a magazine, on a blog, or on Pinterest, but it looks out of your price range? Don’t be so quick to dash your dream cake… just ask! A baker can give you a price estimate, let you know if the idea is feasible, or suggest ways to make it for less, if cost is the major deterrent. Make sure you find a baker you trust who has reputable work, a photo gallery of past designs, and a great review.
Wedding Cake Mistakes #3: Assuming the baker is a mind reader.
Be specific! Bring a photo of the wedding cake you have in mind to give to your baker. If you want a similar look with a few changes, be sure to write the ideas down on paper so the baker can have it on file. Since the baker has likely worked with many couples in the past, ask his or her advice or opinion on a particular design; he or she may have some great tips or ideas you haven’t thought of yet. And, while it’s unlikely your wedding cake will result in an epic fail, it’s best to be thorough when you want something specific on your cake. 
Wedding Cake Mistakes #4: Not ordering the cake YOU want.
Don’t be pressured to pick a wedding cake based on a traditional (or popular) flavor, color, trend, or style. Moreover, if you want a really simple cake, don’t be afraid to say so. Some of the prettiest cakes are the most simple – yet elegant – wedding cakes. And, finally, don’t pick a trending cake just because it’s popular: trends may change, but your photos? Those last forever.
Wedding Cake Mistakes #5: DIYing a wedding cake without a trial-run (or five).
Planning to make your own cake? It can be done! However, give yourself plenty of time and do a trial-run. Also, figure out where you’ll store the cake and how it will be delivered to your wedding.
Wedding Cake Mistakes #6: Not paying for delivery.
Throughout your wedding, there are lots of extra fees you’ll encounter. One of the fees you should never skimp on is the cake delivery charge. Transportation, delivery, and placement of a wedding cake is an art best left to the pros!
Wedding Cake Mistakes #7: Moving the cake once it is set.
Have your cake table ready before delivery. Once the cake is placed and set, it’s set. Don’t move it or you run the risk of ruining it.
What to Do If Something Goes Awry
At the end of the day, remember… it’s just a cake. Albeit a very gorgeous, expensive cake… but it’s just flour, sugar, and icing. Your cake may not look how you’ve dreamed, it may topple over, or it may never arrive. (If this happens, ask someone to grab you a grocery store cake. Yeah, it’s not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s still cake. Guests want cake; they could care less about the presentation.) What’s important? Marrying your best friend at the end of the day. The rest? Just details.

Photo courtesy of Tumbler Mint Green Wedding Cake 

Don't you love mint as a color for a spring wedding? If you are planning a pretty spring wedding using a mint green color scheme accented with pink this cake would be perfect for you. It's simple yet elegant, and the colors are perfect. I love the lacy look on the cake stand as well. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

For more ideas, check out this inspiration board from The Alternative Bride. Love the mint and white cake on this as well. I hope you enjoy this hint of mint for your wedding. Come on brides, add links to your favorite mint green wedding photos. 

Images: Top row from left: setting from, farewell wands from, lazaro bridesmaid dress at
Middle row from left: chandelier from, gold place setting from, cake from
Bottom row from left: bridesmaid dresses by Kim Shokouhi Photography, lazaro bridesmaid dress from, mini cakes from, gold shoes by Betsey Holley

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flower Girl Hair Briads

Photo courtesy of Cozy Cuts For Kids
Flower girls are sporting hair braids for their favored wedding day hair style. Fancy and decorative braiding not only keeps a flower girl's hair under control but also makes her look stylish without making her look like she's trying to look too old.
You can find other braiding ideas here and here and here and here in WDW(Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging For Brides.
Photo courtesy of Cute 2 Try Hairdos

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jeweled Pumpkins For Autumn Weddings

Photo courtesy of Kathy the creative genius behind Life On Lakeshore Drive
Jeweled pumpkins are perfect for an autumn wedding. This pumpkin, designed by Kathy at Life On Lakeshore Drive, is made from a fake white pumpkin (is there any other kind for a DIY project that you want to be able to make ahead of time for your wedding?) and a scrapbook decal from the local hobby store. The hardest part? Carefully applying the decal. For details on how to make this perfect wedding accent, visit Kathy's blog. I'm in awe Kathy! Nice work.
More pumpkin ideas here, and here, and here, and here, and here. More pumpkins and/or gourd centerpieces for autumn looks are posted here, and here (one of my favorites), and here. OK, I guess you have plenty of pumpkin ideas to work with. Let me know if you have any great ideas, link them in the comments, always love your input.

Lavender Inspiration Board For Your Wedding

Lavender Inspiration Board courtesy of Indulgy
Love these lavender inspiration boards! Planning a lavender or purple wedding? These inspiration boards are sure to give you some great ideas or just point you in the right direction. Love the bottles shown above! So pretty (and inexpensive!)
Photos courtesy of The Wedding Outlet
Love the look of that lavender lemonade! You'll find links for all these photos at The Wedding Outlet to the right of the inspiration board. Plus they have other great ideas for accents for a lavender wedding.

Gold Wedding Inspiration Board

Photo courtesy of Confetti Grove Celebrations
Using gold accents for your wedding is one of the hottest trends out there. Here is a gold wedding inspiration board courtesy of Confetti Grove Celebrations. Not only that, but if you're looking for links and tutorials, Confetti Grove has those for you too. Be sure to take some time to browse through the rest of Confetti Grove to find still more ways to take your wedding up a notch. I love the cake--how about you?
Gold accents add a rich metallic look to your wedding theme colors and will stay in the minds of your guests for years to come. You can also use gold to accent your invitations, favors, gifts for your bridesmaids, centerpieces, napkin rings, the ideas are endless. So this is just a jumping off place for you if you are thinking about using gold accents for your wedding day.
Also if you are planing a gold wedding anniversary party these ideas will carry over nicely.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Chocolate Butterflies

Photo and idea courtesy of We Lived Happily Ever After
Looking for a great way to decorate a wedding cake? Try these chocolate butterflies (courtesy of We Lived Happily Ever After). They are great for topping either cakes or cupcakes and can be made with either milk, dark or white chocolate. You can also add some color too. Be sure to go to We Lived Happily Ever After for the full tutorial and template(don't forget to read the comments too, they often have some great tips too!) Then take some time to check out the rest of the site for some other great ideas.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Peacock Colors Ramp Up Your Wedding

Photo credits:  Brienne Michelle Photography; Event and Floral Design: Petalicious from Boho Weddings
Peaock colors ramp up your tablescape and I love the one above for a peacock theme wedding. The tiers of color will be memorable for all your guests.
 Peacock centerpieces and placesettings courtesy of Pagoda Road; Design by Darryl Murchinson; Photo via Australia Entertains
Looking for some centerpieces for a peacock wedding at the holidays? Try the centerpieces above that are made using Christmas balls. Add a vase of feathers and you have a great look. Use blue glasses and add some peacock eyes to your napkin design.
Napkin Rings courtesy of Wedding Sundae on Etsy (expired) But contact them and see if they can make them for you if you are interested. Photo from Pagoda Road
Get some more ideas for napkin rings (see above) as well as another tablesetting below that has a bit of a different take on the base colors and adds some orchids to the look. Also from Pagoda Road.
 Gloria Wong Design Photo from Photo by Weeks Photography
Peacock themed weddings don't always have to have blue/green/purple as their base. Instead try this red/pink base with an added dash of peacock feathers. Use some orchids to add to the look.

Peacock Colors For Weddings -- Inspiration Boards

Blue and purple inspiration board courtesy of VPONSALE Wedding
Brides love peacock colors for winter wedding themes. The warm hues in the theme warm up any cold day.  Purples, blues and blue greens in any hue give any bride or wedding planner plenty of colors to choose from for decor and bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. The eye of the peacock feather is also commonly used to accent these colors.
Peacock Inspiration Board courtesy of VPONSALE Wedding