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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cell Phones And Your Weddings

Photo courtesy of Crazy For Us

It's your wedding and the last thing you want is for cell phones to be ringing as you walk down the aisle or as you are taking your vows. More and more often the bridal couple will post signs like the one above or make an announcement prior to the wedding requesting all cell phones and cameras be turned off during your wedding. Yes, it may mean your guests won't get some photos from the wedding using their cell phone but it certainly beats having Aunt Mable calling her favorite nephew in the middle of the wedding. So whether you make announcements prior to the wedding, post signs like the one above, or make clever blackboard signs for your guest to see as they walk in the ceremony venue, be sure your guests are aware of the 'no cell phone' rule. There's a reason voice mail and silent mode exist, your wedding is one of them. Some couples also opt for the 'no photo' rule as well, hoping to avoid their guests paying more attention to getting that great photo than to their wedding vows. 

Courteous guests will not use their cell phones during your wedding reception. If they feel there is a need to make an important call or if they need to touch base with a babysitter, it is only good manners to take it outside. 

So remember, put your phone on vibrate or better yet, turn it off, and don't use your phone to text during weddings or receptions. And if you are taking photos, be considerate and don't detract from the wedding when snapping photos.

Twenty years ago no one had to worry about this etiquette issue--today it is one that is not frequently addressed. So be a courteous guest and leave your phone off. And limit your photography. There is a reason the bride and groom hired a wedding photographer.

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