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Monday, November 25, 2013

Plaid At Your Wedding?

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Photo courtesy of Global Sugar Art

Going Plaid? Planning to have a bagpiper at your wedding or wedding reception? This cake will perfectly accent your theme. So if you are a McGreggor or Ross or McDonald this cake may be perfect for you. However, I'm a Ross (or I was one) and had no desire to have a plaid accent anywhere in my wedding. (Of course this could be because I married an Italian and not a Scot). But if you are into it, by all means accent your cake or wear a garter with your family plaid. One bride had an inset in her train of the family plaid and her dad wore a kilt to give her away. (Not to mention the bagpipes that played). But to each her and/or his own. 
Ten Ways To Go Plaid At Your Wedding

1. Groom, groomsmen and male family members wear their plaids. This will result in seeing a lot of legs that might better be hidden under a pair of pants so give thought to the men who will be wearing them before deciding that everyone will wear a kilt. 

2. The bride's garter can be in her family plaid. This is a perfect way to accent your heritage at your wedding without it taking over your wedding theme.

3. The bride can wear a cockade in her hair in the family plaid (or the plaid of the family she is marrying into). This is a nice accent won't take over the wedding look.

4. The groomsmen can wear plaid socks with their tuxedos. You'll probably need to order these online but they will make a good photo op. 

Loucia by Anouska G, Anoushka G wedding dress, Scottish wedding, Photograpy by Lisa Devine
Photo courtesy of Love My Dress

5. The bride can a gown with plaid piping along the edges or even a gown that is all plaid. All plaid is a bit much for me but ... follow your dream.

6.  The groom and groomsmen can wear a boutenniere with a plaid ribbon and the flowers of the bride and bridesmaid can be accented with plaid ribbons. This is a nice accent that doesn't take over the whole wedding like a plaid dress would. 

7.  The bride can wear a crinoline that has a plaid edge to it. This show when she walks or dances but won't be overkill.

8. Add some plaid accents to the cake. (See the photo above). This is an easy accent and is a nice way to give a heads up to your heritages. 

9. Plaid napkins or napkin rings on the tables are another nice way to give your heritage a nod without overwhelming your wedding.

10. Choose thistle and rose centerpieces for your tabletops.

There are many more ways to give your wedding a Scottish look. Check a variety of websites dedicated to planning a Scots wedding. 

You can also have your wedding in Scotland by renting a castle there and having the ultimate Scots wedding. To see some examples of Scots weddings visit this site. And to be sure everything is above board and legal be sure to visit The General Register Office site.   

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