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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Children At Weddings?

This photo by Jerry Yoon Photography shows just why having children at your wedding can be a real plus.  Who else would lie still and giggle while you took their picture with rings balanced on their forehead and cheeks?  Frankly I'm not sure how they managed! But it makes for a fabulous photo and most important some wonderful family memories. 

I know there are pros and cons on having children at your wedding, but I'm on the pro side.  For me weddings are all about families, the ones we came from and the ones you're planning on building together.  Why would you leave children out of that?  Jerry Yoon Photography captures the family feel in this photo perfectly!

And if you can get some great photos to remember the day, it's just an added bonus.  Be sure to contact Jerry Yoon Photography to see if they can immortalize your wedding day for you.  They sure are a talented and dedicated group of people!

Simple and Flirty Wedding Gown

Veronica Sheaffer from My Hands Made It is a Chicago based designer of dresses with a vintage look.  Be sure to visit Veronica's web site to see all her inspiring gowns.  I guarantee you will have a hard time deciding which dress you MUST have. 

Don't miss some of her tutorials, including how to make fabric bouquets.  If you sign up on her web site they'll magically appear in your email!  No more surfing the web for some great DIY ideas. 

Towers of The Bubbly? Yay or Nay?

Thinking about taking all the champagne in the bottles above and pouring it into glasses in a champagne tower? Martha Stewart Weddings has a tutorial on 'how to' build it and pour the champagne into the glasses posted on her web site.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

I'm not so sure I'd want to risk it, but I have to admit it looks impressive.  But the possibility of Uncle Fred bumping into the table as he gestures for emphasis on his favorite wedding story boggles my mind.  (OK, I admit it, I DO NOT have an Uncle Fred, to all Uncle Fred's out there, my apologies, you're not all klutzes.)  But picturing the tower of champagne toppling over would not be something I'd want to see happen (especially if I was standing in front of it!). 

So for the brave brides, head on over to Martha Stewart Weddings for the tutorial on how to set up the tower of bubbly-the rest of us will live without a tower of bubbles!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The One You Don't Want To Get Away

It doesn't matter what you're buying, it's insane to pay more than you need to for it.  That's the premise behind a group of 'frugal' web sites that have sprung up all over the net.  These sites take saving money far beyond the simple skills I learned at my mother's knee!

One of my favorite sites (and it will soon be yours) is Mama Cheaps.  Today Mama Cheaps has a great discount on Bridal Guide Magazine from Discount Mags.  What's the cost?  Just $3.60/year for up to three years!  What a great buy!  I'll bet one issue would run you that!  The discount code to use?  MAMACHEAPS, from my friend at a great web site for frugal living. 

PRICE GOOD UNTIL 11:59 PM on 12/30/2011.  Don't miss it!

This site is a MUST for anyone saving for a wedding (or anything else!)  And besides, why pay more when you don't have to?  Add Mama Cheaps to your list of 'must read sites' everyday.  And save some green!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boxwood Hearts

You're probably used to seeing boxwood used in traditional topiary.  These unusual boxwood hearts hanging from a white ribbon are perfect for pews, doors, or for a flower girls to carry.  The idea came from an advertisement from NAPA Home and Garden in  Florist's Review which is full of great ideas for everything floral for you wedding and other occasions, even in it's advertisements!  A real bonus.  

What? Your florist can't find them?  Try Snap!Retail where they sell them in small and large sizes.  Don't like hearts but like boxwood? Snap!Retail has place mats, wreaths, cones, spheres and balls too.  Anything boxwood topiary Snap!Retail is your florists 'go to' place on the net.  Not sure if the general public can purchase from them or not, shoot them an email to find out.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Newly Engaged! Congrats!

If you're one of the millions of women who got engaged today, Congratulations!  This is the beginning of a journey in a special part of your life. 

For today, enjoy basking in the glow of young (or not so young) love.  Tomorrow is soon enough to start planning.  And of course, subscribing and reading WDW. (And my other bridal blogs you'll find at the lower right that are more specialized. Everything from photography to do it yourself projects to Italian Weddings, decorating, cakes, children in weddings and more.)

 I look forward to providing everything from serious input to comic relief for you as you and your partner plan your wedding. Oh and pass the links along to your parents, it's an easy way to illustrate just where you'd like to go with your wedding.  (And sometimes when things get tense, send on one of the comic relief posts... you can always tell your mom, look it could be worse, look at this!) Yes, some posts are there just to break up the tension that builds with planning, so enjoy!

Wishing you happy wedding planning and a life filled with love. 

Nancy Ross Vecchione
(Editor, Writer, WDW Wedding Day Weekly)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cardinal Hollow Winery -- Exotic Wine For Your Wedding

Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery in North Wales, Pennsylvania is a local winery offering oenophiles and the uninitiated wine drinker alike something to savor. With more than 25 different wines available for tasting and for sale, from $11 to $50 a bottle, Cardinal Hollow has a wine for everyone and for any price point. 

What else does Cardinal Hollow have to offer?  Their tasting rooms offer more than just a taste of some really spectacular wines.  They have a full selection of wine accessories like: bottle stoppers, gift bags or boxes, bottle openers, fun t-shirts and lots of great wine related gifts.  So if you're headed to a New Year's Eve party and wanted something new and different to take along, head out to Cardinal Hollow and pick up a bottle or two for a hostess gift. Addresses for their stores are here

What kind of wine does Cardinal Hollow make?  They have a full selection of  Mead which is 100% dry fruit wines, everything from strawberry to mango to blueberry.  A selection of red wines are also available, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Meritage and more.  Whites your wine of choice? Get the ever popular Chardonnay or try some of Carolyn's Sweet Nectar or some of their other choices.  Dessert wines your favorite? Try some Vidal Ice Wine, Tawny Port or Blackforest (cherry w/chocolate, I mean who doesn't love that?)  And if you're looking for a conversation starter?  Pick up some Jalapeno Wine either Hot or Dry.  Both come with four whole peppers in every bottle.  Kind of like the worm in the tequila? 

I met the folks from Cardinal Hollow at 263 Marketplace in Warminster PA where I was fortunate enough to have a chance to sample some of their best wines.  Once you finish tasting some great wines visit some of the other great vendors at 263.  Cardinal Hollow is right near the front door but don't miss some of the other vendors at 263 Marketplace. They range from food vendors to vintage vendors to some really great homemade sausage at The Sausage Factory or some crab cakes at Crabby Jeans.  Or find some great children's toy and books at Lambkins or buy Lenox or get your eyebrows threaded. 263 has quite a selection!  And just so the men won't be bored while the ladies shop there's a great sports memorabilia shops.  A can't miss for men.  Check their website for coupons before you go!

You can have wines shipped to your home from Cardinal Hollow's web site.  But half the fun is going and spending some time tasting and choosing your favorites and seeing 'what's new?' Let me know how you like your Cardinal Hollow wines, and what your favorite was!  Then tell me how you liked that fabulous sausage-I know we took home some!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fur Shrug For Your Wedding - Oh You Thought It Was For The Bride? Nope!

This came from my email, can't remember who sent it, if anyone knows
please let me know so I can link it.  Thanks.

OK, now I've seen it all (no, I shouldn't say that because who knows what will show up tomorrow or the next day!) But this tiny fur shrug designed for it's equally tiny owner to wear in the dog's owner's wedding boggles the mind!  Or at least it boggles mine. 

I know, I know, people are spending a fortune to 'dress their dogs,' but ... let's just say you won't find me buying shrugs for chihuahuas.  It just hit me, I wonder how many of them were in the bridal party...two dogs, three? Totally warped!  If you find I haven't posted in a few weeks, you'll know this photo has sent me round the bend to a padded room reserved for wedding bloggers!

Is Trash The Tux The Next Big Thing?

Grooms in Adelaide, Australia decided they wanted to be in on the fun of 'trash the dress' and a group of Aussie grooms got together for this fun paintball session where their tuxes definitely came out the worse for wear. 

Kelly Hody, the founder of SaySo Weddings said Buck Show, a new groom-oriented website in Australia, approached her about the idea after seeing her trash the dress event.  The men wanted in on all the fun too!

Grooms who were married in the last 12 months were recruited for the shoot.  Whether this morphs into the day after shoots of his and her destroy the duds we'll have to wait and see. 

It's always fun to see new trends develop.  Anyone know of any 'trash the tux' photo shoots in the United States?  Come on photographers, submit your photos and I'll post a group of them and link back to your sites.  Have fun gents!  The ladies sure seem to enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Calligraphy Isn't Just For Invitations Anymore

If you thought calligraphy was just for invitations, place cards or other paper products, think again! Martha Stewart Weddings, the queen of all things design suggests using words from your vows and having a skilled decorator use calligraphy on the cake.  Voila! A Wedding Vow Cake!

Words of love, promise, honor, cherish (I'm not big on adding obey, but feel free), add any words you've incorporated into your ceremony and add them to your cake. 

Having a big crowd but don't want a tall wedding cake but want the punch of the display? Have multiple cakes in a variety of colors and heights with a variety of words on them. 

I love this idea! Now all you have to do is find a decorator to execute it! Thanks to Martha's team of creative geniuses for the inspiration and photo.  Be sure to visit her site and see all the other incredible cakes they've designed.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Planning A Wedding Shower--The Mad Mex Way!

We all know how busy everyone is today, not just the bride, but her bridal party as well, which means planning a wedding shower is going to be tricky. Getting everyone to the same place, at the same time and providing enough food, drink etc.  Why not consider getting take out trays from your favorite restaurant?  Hint: See logo below!

We had dinner at Mad Mex in Willow Grove PA last night (near the Willow Grove Mall) and picked up a take out menu on the way out--as I flipped through it I found a bonanza on the back of the menu--TAKE OUT TRAYS of Mad Mex's favorites! Oh yeah! The fast, easy and great tasting way to pull together the food for the bride's shower.  (Just an aside, the food rocked and our waiter Rod kept the drinks flowing and met our every need.  Thanks Rod!)

Mad Mex Willow Grove offers a selection of 'Mad Party Trays' and 'Mad Packs' offering everything from burritos, to tacos, quesadillas, Mad Mex wings, Supa Mega Picadippa, taquitos, chili and soup, salads and rice and beans.  The 'Mad Packs' have chips, salsa, wings OR salad, and a variety of Mad Mex quesadillas or burritos.  Anything you could possibly want from Mad Mex except their signature margaritas.  Those you can make on your own.  To make your own frozen margaritas for the shower just rent a margarita machine.  Your other drink option? A few cases of Mexican beers on ice. 

All of it, fast, easy, and fun food! Now just send out invites, decorate, pick up a cake, and you and the bride can just sit back and enjoy the shower.  WTG!  Mad Mex just streamlined your wedding shower planning!

Favors from Pricewise Favors

Need some more ideas for a Mexican wedding shower? Try Carrots 'n' Cake or The Perfect Bridesmaid.  All photos except Mad Mex Logo from Carrots 'n' Cake or Pricewise Favors.

**The author was provided with dinner for two to promote Mad Mex using social media. The opinions are her own and not influenced by the corporation or restaurant management.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right Person, Wrong Time or When Calling Off The Wedding Is The Right Thing To Do

You've run the gamut, dating, engagement and now your wedding is looming.  Yes, I said looming.  If that's how you feel about your impending nuptials, the word alone tells you something is very wrong.

What to do?  Stop and reassess.  Now might be a good time to talk to a counselor or minister, together or as a couple.  You can be best friends and be madly in love, but it could still be the wrong time to get married.  Maybe you need to call off the wedding.

Sad, uncomfortable, embarrassing...calling off your wedding is all these things.  But the best thing to do in the long run if you have doubts--DEFINITELY. 

Whether it's due to finances, health issues, jobs, schools, maturity or just 'wrong fit' calling off the wedding is never easy. Sometimes we meet the right person but the timing sucks. You both just got promotions at work, in different cities and are going to be working tons of hours--is this the time to get married? Don't you want to be able to spend TIME together? He got accepted to grad school in California, she in NYC... is this the right time to get married? One or both of you is facing some serious health issues and is not dealing with them, definitely not the time to get married.  He or she is deeply in debt...NOT the time to incur more by having a wedding.  He's a mama's boy or you're a daddy's girl and you see no chance of that changing--not the time to get married. 

The hard fact is people do not change after you marry them.  Don't go into it hoping they will.  You will be doomed to disappointment. 

Don't expect your engagement to be easy--it won't be.  Planning a wedding brings out stressors in both of you that you've never faced before. Melding families is never easy, and when money is involved it just gets worse. There's a reason you hear the term 'bridezilla'--weddings can bring out the monster in all of us.  The bride, the groom, her family, his family...everyone's worst side has the potential to explode during wedding planning.  You'll see her at her worst, and she'll see your worst side.

So if you have doubts, get counseling. Talk it out. If you're hiding your 'issues' it will all just get worse.  This is a time to learn to work together for a healthy, long term relationship.  To find out if the person you're considering marrying in June will be a supportive spouse a few years later too.  Don't get carried away with all the lace, cake, music and venues.  Concentrate on the nitty gritty.  You as a couple. Can you make it together?

And if you find it isn't going to work, don't hesitate to call it off. I've talked to brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, and potential parents of the bride and groom who've called it off.  They all agree, short term it's embarrassing and difficult.  But long term it's the best thing to do. 

If you're reading this and thinking 'hey this sounds like us' it sounds to me like it's time to find a good counselor or just call it off.  A called off wedding is embarrassing but a divorce is devastating.

Monday, December 12, 2011

TOMS Sequin Wedge-Comfort and Style At Your Wedding and Later!

I've spent the last few years checking out 'everything wedding' and one thing that repeatedly shows up are shoes by TOMS.  Some brides wear them in a variety of colors, some for their whole wedding, some for comfort at their reception.  But this sequined shoe by TOMS, sold at Nordstrum's (and other stores) has comfort and style!

So why just wear this great TOMS shoe at your wedding? It's perfect to take along on your honeymoon or to wear around once you're home with your jeans. A truly multi-use shoe.  (If you aren't planning on wearing this as a bride, or you are looking for a shoe for bridesmaids, the shoe also comes in black sequins.)

Nordstrum's describes this TOMS Shoe as: "A sparkly slip-on wedge is outfitted with a soft leather footbed and durable rubber sole." With:
  • Approx. heel height: 3 1/4".
  • Polyester upper/cotton lining/rubber and textile sole.
  • By TOMS; imported.
Not looking for a shoe with a heel? Look for their flats and glitter TOMS shoes also sold at Nordstrum's.  The glitter shoes come in colors too. 
Best of all, with every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need.
Nothing like buying a great product AND giving the gift of new shoes to a child in need. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blue Inspriation Boards

Brides love blue for weddings, but baby blue doesn't quite make it as a color for bridesmaid dresses.  So work around it and use the baby blue as an accent color (see the flowers above in an inspiration board from The Wedding Channel).  Try using cobalt blue for bridesmaids and some accents.

Use glitter and sheen (see the shoes and napkins) or go metallic with your table numbers.  Look sophisticated in blue satin shoes with a rhinestone buckle.  Easy to carry off. 

Some brides also choose to have navy blue -- very nautical, very ...well navy. 

Pair the navy with cream, yellow or silver, plum or scarlet.  All suggestions from The Wedding Channel. 

Another option is ice blue.  Tough to find flowers this color without dying them, so consider using blue vases instead with white flowers.  Another option? Go with paper flowers.  Either make your own or visit  Have to love that cake though!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Have a Popcorn Bar at Your Wedding

We've all seen the candy and sweet bars, mashed potato bars, gelato bars, and a dozen other versions of the serve yourself specialty bars for weddings.  But Joe and Seph's popcorn brings us to the newest bar, the popcorn bar.  Popcorn isn't just covered with butter and salt anymore!

Joe and Seph's, the gourmet chef and the connoisseur of all things delicious, bring you a variety of popcorn flavors sure to please your palette and make your taste buds pop! No simple butter and salt flavors, no, Joe and Seph provide the gourmet popcorns consumers will devour and come back begging for more. 

What flavors you ask?  How exciting can you make popcorn?  Just try some of these: white chocolate and strawberry, pesto popcorn, panettone, lime and chile, lemon, black pepper and black onion seed, honey and hazelnut and date and sesame. Salivating yet? Order some of these specialties from this British company and have a popcorn bar at your wedding. Other flavors that were available from Harrod's are: Chocolate Caramel, Caramel, Salted Caramel, Coconut and Cinnamon, Honey and Hazelnut, Pepper and Chilli, Goats Cheese with Black Pepper, and Irish Cheddar cheese. You just never know what the next new flavor will be and the journey it will take your taste buds on! 

Don't take a chance on missing out on the next gourmet excursion for your taste buds, order each new flavor as it comes out from their web site

You can order jars (shown above) from their web site for £36.99 including shipping to the United States.  For those of you lucky enough to live in Great Britain £24.99 (included shipping), Europe £29.99 (with shipping).  The popcorn is also available in smaller amounts and without the great jar. 

Little Boys Neckties and Bowties From The LIttle Gentleman's Closet

The Little Gentleman's Closet, a store on Etsy has a variety of great ties for your ring bearer to wear for your wedding. 

Whether you're looking for a tie that is white on white or some bright and fun designs, The Little Gentleman's Closet has what you need.  Whether it's a tie for a baby, toddler or older little boy, The Little Gentleman's Closet has it all, including a PDF file with a tie tutorial for the DIY'er to make ties or bow ties at home.

Visit them to find the perfect necktie for your ring bearer or any other young man looking for a piece of sartorial splendor for a special event.  (Of course that doesn't mean they'll keep those shirt tails tucked in!)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Designers and Condoms -- Shades of Jersey Shore?

Photo courtesy of The Monki (a web site for the newest trends) and designer Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, whose logo is on everything from fashion to your favorite luggage and other accessories has a new product.  That's right ladies, now you (and your favorite man) can carry this fashionable condom by Louis Vuitton!  I have to admit, this is one thing I never thought I'd see designer logos on, but I guess if they can make money by imprinting a logo on it, it was only a matter of time before it happened. 

I shudder to think what the next thing the PR folks at LV will decide to put their logo on, but the obviously the phrase 'anything goes' is alive and well at LV! 

The price point on these condoms is a mere $68--the cost of a few inches of inexpensive material just went way up! Of course I guess you'd have to count in the cost of the wrapper which is also stamped with the LV logo. 

But it seems Louis Vuitton isn't the only one out there pushing condoms to the label whores.  Ed Hardy's 'Monsieur Bond' ( for some reason there's a tilda over the o ) has their own sexline as well.  Well they say 'sex sells' so I guess these guys took the phrase literally!  Monsieur Bond doesn't come with a hefty price tag though, so while it carries a designer name it's not going break the bank.
The question is what do you do when you're with a guy who whips out one of these? Personally, I'd run for the hills.  He's obviously someone who is in love with himself, Shades of a man like 'The Situation' and Jersey Shore.  I mean who else would wear one of these?  I shudder to think! 

Maybe I'm just not hip enough, not with it enough, but since designer clothes often fray apart at the seams, I wouldn't want to chance it on one of these babies! (oops! a split condom and you could end up with a baby or some gross disease.) No, you won't find me buying these, but I don't think I'm their target demographic anyway!  Are you? 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beautiful Ballet Shoes At Your Wedding

Brides, bridesmaids and guests alike all can enjoy comfortable footwear when they buy themselves their first pair of Tieks. Wear Tieks for style or wear them for comfort, these foldable ballet flats are the favorites of stars like Oprah Winfrey and Katie Holmes, busy women on the go who value their combination of comfort and style. 

What are Tieks? To quote their web site "Tieks are Fashionable, full-time flats that fold to fit in a small purse." They are shoes to go--to go to work, to play, or just to hang around in, Tieks make your feet go 'Ahhhhhhh!' 

Tieks come in a variety of fashionable colors and designs, all with their trademark blue stripe down the heel.  Tieks are the go anywhere shoe for the woman on the go who has style. The back of  your Tieks are cushioned for comfort, none of that uncomfortable elastic you find in less well designed brands. 

Bridesmaid in metallic gold Tieks

Of course comfort isn't inexpensive, expect to pay $155 and up for a pair of Tieks by Gavrieli, but you'll find the amount of wear you get out of them will be well worth it.  Why buy a fancy pair of Manolo's for your wedding that are 'wedding white and fancy' when you can have a pair of Tieks that you can pair with anything in your closet. What can't you do in Tieks by Gavrieli Leather Flats? The sky's the limit (well, not quite!)... my only suggestion is they aren't really built for rock climbing, marathons or skydiving! They're sturdy but why chance it?

Clover Green Tieks with Short White Wedding Dress

Tieks have a brown leather outersole that is treated and then specially coated for flexibility. This  makes it more sturdy and durable than normal full-grain leathers. The top of  their high end Tieks are made from a single piece of 100% premium, top-grain leather that is super soft and comfortable for your feet. Italian leather, need I say more? Pasta, cookies, gloves, shoes and hot men, all Italian specialties!

Photo from 'O' Magazine August 2011 Issue

Tieks says 'the upper is designed to wrap around the foot to slim and elongate it.' Perfect for the bride with a wider looking foot. We'd all like to think we have dainty feet, but the fact is most of us don't.  (Says she looking down at her size 10's!)

Tieks have a non-skid patches and a cushioned instep to ensure comfort all day long. Their thick padding of 'space foam' cushioning at the heal gives you a comfortable heel strike.  So whether it's those first steps down the aisle, the last steps of the final dance at your reception, or the days you spend sightseeing in Rome on your honeymoon, your Tieks will take you there and back in comfort and style.  (Now you see just why they're worth the investment!)

Visit their Boutiek online at their web site.  Tieks make shopping easy, shipping is always free, even for returns (in the United States).  So your satisfaction is guaranteed, just buy and try them, I bet they don't get many back! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plus Size Bride Models

I came across this post on Craig's List/Philadelphia the other day. 

Wilhelmina Models of PA & David's Bridal - Casting Call

Wilhelmina Models in Philadelphia are looking for you if you're a plus size female model. They're looking for some plus size female models for their client, David's Bridal, so if you're bemoaning those extra pounds, for once they can be a benefit!  Follow the link for details on how to apply, you never know who the next David's Bridal models will be!

**(WDW has no responsibility for this job post, it is a copy of an ad posted on Craig's List.  Use yoiur own discretion about applying for any job ads. As with all listings for jobs, be careful about the information you supply and where you interview.  Safety is of paramount importance.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pine Cones, Snow and Chocolate Top Your Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of MSW web site

Looking for a great cake for your winter wedding?  MSW has this great fondant covered creation in Tiffany blue decorated with real pinecones edged with snow made from icing and sugar.  Add some pine needles made from delicate chocolate and it looks like you've brought the elements indoors.  Visit Martha's wedding web site for more wedding cake ideas if this one is not your cup of tea, she has something for everyone.

Wedding Gown Alternatives

Not every wedding gown has a long flowing train and is covered with lace and pearls.  Some are short and simple, perfect for a garden or beach wedding.  These two dresses are just two examples of dresses you can pick up for under $100 and you will be able to wear them again. 

Beautifully draped, champagne colored, sleeveless dress. Gathered fabric at neckline. Metallic beading at shoulders. Elasticized waist. Lined at bottom. Poly. Dry clean. Imported. Length (at longest point): Small 37", Medium 37.5", Large 38".  $75 at Smak Parlor.

Like eyelet lace?  Have great memories of that dress you wore as a little girl that made you feel so bridal that you want to repeat the experience? Smak Parlor has this easy to wear short dress, perfect for your wedding when it's outdoors or you just want to change into a different dress for an outdoor reception.  Find it here.  Only $54. 

Big bridal bonus! How many brides can say they wore their gown more than once? Unless of course it was for wreck the dress photos the following day (which is not a bargain is you've spent even $500 on your gown). 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dealyo Philly and Peter Sterling Events Offer 50% Off Wedding Consultation

Peter Sterling Events and DealYo Philly have teamed up to help make your wedding day run smoothly.  Every bride wants their wedding day to run seamlessly so they have time to enjoy their friends and family. Let Peter Sterling Events staff take care of paying vendors, worrying about bar supplies, and the million behind the scenes wedding day details so you have the time to enjoy your wedding and reception. 
Today on DealYo, you pay just $75 and receive a 1.5-hour wedding consultation with wedding planner extraordinaire, Peter Sterling, of Peter Sterling Events in Philadelphia.  You have the option to add more planning or day of services. 

Visit Peter Sterling Events Facebook page and web page to learn more about Peter Sterling Events expertise.  Peter Sterling Events is a boutique company in the Philadelphia region specializing in weddings and all your other special events. Call Peter Sterling Events at 484–318‑6941 and tell them Nancy from Wedding Day Weekly AKA The Wedding Queen sent you!

Diamond Candle For Bloggers Only!

Bloggers are invited to sign up for a giveaway hosted by Diamond Candle.  Diamond Candle makes quality soy candles. They have a shout out to all bloggers to apply to take part in a giveaway.  Each candle in the giveaway will contain a ring.  YES a ring!  Each ring is valued anywhere from $10-$100-$500-$5000 each.  You will make some reader a very happy reader!  Sign up at this link for a Review for A Ring in Every Candle Giveaway to take part. Only a few select bloggers will make the cut, but it sounds like a great giveaway.  Good luck ladies!  Hoping I get selected so my readers can take part!

Heirloom Lace Has Never Looked So Good!

Your wedding garter can be plain and simple or gorgeous and romantic like the one shown above made by RomanticRona and seen in her shop on  Rona is an independent designer who is living in Istanbul, Turkey.
Rona's Heirloom Garter Set is made from heirloom antique lace, ivory satin and pearls.  Rona adds a tiny blue ribbon on request for brides who want 'something blue' attached to their garter. 

Garters come in a stretch size of 22 inches but can be made to order in larger or smaller sizes.  Rona makes a 'toss garter' for brides who want to keep their own romantic garter as a keepsake. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hatch My House (HMH) is an interactive online gift registry where the bridal couple can 'design their own home' and start saving for a down payment or have guests give them money toward home improvements or furnishings.  Guests donate a dollar amount and earmark it for 'a new front door' or 'new lamps' or 'a new window.'  Hatch My House is a practical way for guests to give the bridal couples the gifts they really want or need.  In this day where couples live on their own or together for several years before they get married Hatch My House is a practical way to help them move toward home ownership or help them update the house they already own.

Hatch My House lets users donate money using the safety of Paypal.  With Paypal your gift to the bridal couple through Hatch My House is 'safe as houses.'  As a wedding guest you no longer have to worry if your gift arrives in good condition or on time. 
Hatch My House currently serves more than 330 accounts. Their transactions total more than 1000 with a dollar value of over $150,000. Thanks to exposure in Brides Magazine and on the Daily Candy web site, Hatch My House is growing quickly.
Think about using Hatch My House as your wedding registry, your house will thank you! 

Vera Isn't Just For Dresses Anymore!

It's a romantic evening, candlelight, wine, music and he pops the question.  But instead of opening a velvet box with your diamond engagement ring in it, your husband-to-be stammers 'uh we'll have to go ring shopping tomorrow.'  BIG letdown.  So if he's getting to the point of asking you to spend your lives together and you don't want to gently nudge him toward the type of ring you'd like just nudge him toward shopping at Zales.  Their wedding experts can do the rest. 

This year Zales has made shopping for a stylish engagement ring easier than ever for him because Zales has teamed up with designer Vera Wang to create the Vera Wang Love Collection.  The price point is $2000-$16000.  Vera also designed wedding bands to compliment your VW Love Collection engagement ring.  The price point for wedding bands? $649 to $1300.  (I know, it's crass to talk price point but these days everyone has a budget so I figure knowledge is power!)

Brides have trusted Wang to design their wedding gowns for years so this year Wang has turned her attention toward fashion for your finger-your ring finger.  The Vera Wang Love collection has more than 50 engagement rings to choose from, some pure diamond solitaires, some are diamonds flanked by colored stones, others more fashion forward designs.  Whatever your style Wang has her version that your are sure to fall in love with.     

If you're in love with Wang's work Zales in running a sweepstakes to win one of her rings valued at approximately $3500.  Enter the sweepstakes before January 13, 2012.  One entry per person.  Details on the Zales web site.

If you decide to go with a pure Wang wedding visit David's Bridal and see her wedding gown collection, White by Vera WangWang's White collection at David's Bridal isn't just wedding gowns.  It includes bridesmaid dresses, shoes, hair accessories, sashes, and more. The White by Vera Wang collection will be available in 250 select David's Bridal stores but is available by special order from any David's store.  Check the David's Bridal web site for stores where you can try on the White by Vera Wang collection.

Get The Twilight Look For Your Wedding or Home

Wildflower Linens has just announced their Twilight Breaking Dawn Collection.  Wildflower Linens, the go to linen company for upscale brides offers their customers everything from contemporary chic to timeless elegance in linens and home decor. 

Today, December 3, 2011 their store will start offering their customers home decor products based on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

The products include decorative pillows, table runners, table linens, napkin rings and almost anything else you can think of. 

Wildflower Linen is pleased to open its first ever RETAIL store - WILDFLOWER LINEN HOME opening this Saturday, December 3, 2011 in Costa Mesa, CA. The store will offer home decor products for sale and feature the highly anticipated collection from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which includes decorative pillows, runners, table linens, napkins, napkin rings and much more!

Wildflower Linen Home and Showroom is located in the South Coast Collection Plaza

3321 Hyland Ave.
Suite #G
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
714.241.1628 – phone
General Store Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pay For Your Wedding With Ho Ho Ho's

Photo from Wikipedia

Brides and grooms alike (not to mention the parents of both of them) are being hit by the economic crunch and paying for a wedding is getting harder and harder.  One way you can easily pick up some cash is by moonlighting as Santa (yes, that's right, I said SANTA).  The Christmas season is rife with opportunities for the would be Santa (or Mrs. Claus) or Christmas elves to pick up some quick cash to stash in the account designated for wedding expenses. 

OK, stop laughing, and look into just how much money you can make as Santa or one of the other holiday characters that are hired every year.  Presuming you have a regular 9-5 job already, you're looking for a gig that's at night or on the weekend.  Too bad because working at the mall for the Christmas season can net you $10,000-$15,000 dollars.  GASP!

But before you run out deciding this job is for you, most malls, temp agencies, civic groups or other groups hiring you need you to either have the look naturally or be good with wigs, fake beards, makeup, and padding. Be prepared to show up at your interview in character. 

Thinking you're too thin, beardless, or just not fitting the Santa stereotype? Consider applying for the job of Mrs. Claus or a Christmas elf.  Those don't appeal? How about being Frosty or Rudolph? If it's a Christmas character someone is likely hiring them! Part time Santa's who work corporate parties or other events can make anywhere from $200-$1000 per event.  Some make $100 per hour.  Check out companies like GigMasters.

Training for this Christmas job can be found at the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC). Choose a reputable school with a good track record if you're signing up for training. 

You can find more details on gigs as Santa all over the web. But be aware, hiring starts in July/August so if you're looking for gigs this year you may have missed the boat.  The good news is malls and other organizations also hire theme characters and Easter Bunnies! The jobs are out there, it just takes a little creativity to find one so you can build your wedding nest egg.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What? You're Drinking PAINT?

Photo of Paint Can Wines from PSMM Cyber Monday Party
 courtesy of JoLynne at Musings of A Housewife

Drinking paint? I don't think so, instead this is the clever new packaging for wine by PDX Vineyards.  I must admit, it's one way I never thought I'd see wine packaged! The French must be having a coronary! Southern Chester County's Paradox Vineyard presents wine without pretense and wine in a paint can fits that bill perfectly.  The owners are all doctors who actively work in the fields and the winery. Something I suspect their parents never expected their children would be doing when they sent them to med school!

Paradox bottles their premium wines in 'normal' bottles but they also package five varieties of wine in their famous (or is that infamous?) paint cans.  This unique way of packaging wine was developed by Paradox.  Each can has a push button spout making it easy to serve your guests.  Every can contains 4.5 standard bottles of wine (3.5 liters). 

The company's newest store "PDX Wine Ship & Cafe" is located at 879 Baltimore Pike #B, Kennett Square PA.  Their other location is the PINOT Boutique at 227 Market Street in Old City, Philadelphia PA. 

For more information about Paradox Vineyard, directions and operating hours, please visit their web site or call 610-255-5684.

Paradox was nice enough to provide some 'cans' of wine for the PSMM Cyber Monday party at Dave & Buster's last week that I attended.  The Philly Social Media Moms, a.k.a. PSMM, are a highly influential group of women in the tri-state Philadelphia area who write blogs or have resource websites and who actively participate in a variety of forms of social media both local and national. If you're looking for a way to promote your products these ladies have mastered the art of getting the word out. Many of them are happy to run giveaways for your products as long as they 'fit their blogs.'  These are women with power on the net!

Pre-Wedding Parties With Flair

Planning a bachelorette party? rehearsal dinner? shower? Want something other than the usual ho-hum dinner and drinks? Why not try Dave & Buster's? Dave & Buster's may not be your typical venue for pre-wedding partying but they have private party rooms available for groups both large and small as well as a variety of menu options and prices to choose from. 

Dave & Buster's talented chefs can provide you with a wide choice of menu options from appetizers to full meals.  Their bar staff can make your favorite mixed drinks or handle your beer and wine ordes.  Everyone at D&B is there to make your party relaxing and FUN! 

Why choose D&B over a nightclub or restaurant? Because when it comes to your party D&B doesn't play games, but you and your guests can! You can have it all in one place. So eat, drink and be merry at D&B, a premier destination for wedding related partying!

Photo courtesy of PSMM Jo-Lynne author of Musings of A Housewife

I recently attended a Christmas party at D&B in Plymouth Meeting PA for Philly Social Media Moms.  D&B provided some great food and games for our group free of charge (thank you D&B!) at their Plymouth Meeting PA location. Plymouth Meeting Dave & Buster's has brand new private dining rooms available for any number of guests and some of the friendliest professional staff around.  So think D&B the next time you want to plan a memorable event for your friends and family.  For sports fans they have a 'sports room' where you'll feel right at home while you party.

To contact D&B's professional event staff go to the Dave & Buster's web site or call 1-877-693-2632.  Find out what they can do for you! Ask for their party planning package which will give you all the details and costs.

Bella's Dress Gets Raves from More Than Just Twi-hards or What To Wear When You Marry A 110 Year Old Man?

Marrying a 110 year old man? You face that age old question, what to wear, what to wear?  If you're Twilight's Bella you solved the problem by choosing a dress designed by Carolina Herrera that had clear design links to the last century. 

I was fascinated when I came across a blog post by Alexandra from Bride's Head Revisted discussing Bella's wedding wear.  Evidently when Emily saw Bella's dress in Twilight she immediately recognized Carolina Herreras' design as being influenced by two of the heavy weights in design in the 20th century, Elsa Schiaparelli and Yves Saint Laurent (Bride's Head Revisited is owned by Alexandra Augustine and her partner Emily Martin, a fabulous pair of young designers of accessories for your wedding who are heavily influenced by historical fashions.)

Alexandra says on their blog: 'So, when the long awaited "Twilight" wedding dress finally made an appearance Emily e-mailed me the famous 1970 image of the lace-back dress by Yves Saint Laurent."

Yves Saint Laurent dress, model wearing a hat a la Elsa Schiaparelli

She also noted the obvious inspiration by 1940's fashions from designer Elsa Schiaparelli who clearly was a strong inspiratioin for Yves Saint Laurent.  (My personal opinion, Elsa Schiaparelli had atrocious taste in hats!) 
Photo of Schiaparelli

Personally, I am just relieved that I'll never have to wear that HAT! The dress is another matter entirely. Whatever you say, whoever designed them, those two dresses with the backs to die for are a perfect example of when fashion becomes art. Kind of like the items designed by the owners of Bride's Head Revisited.

Be sure to check out Bride's Head Revisited's most recent offerings, you will totally fall in love!  You can shop Bride's Head Revisited online or they have a list of boutiques that carry their line. The flagship store address of Bride's Head Revisited is at 1123 Broadway, between 25th & 26th Street, Suite 1001, New York NY if you're from the area or are up for a road trip.