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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Children At Weddings?

This photo by Jerry Yoon Photography shows just why having children at your wedding can be a real plus.  Who else would lie still and giggle while you took their picture with rings balanced on their forehead and cheeks?  Frankly I'm not sure how they managed! But it makes for a fabulous photo and most important some wonderful family memories. 

I know there are pros and cons on having children at your wedding, but I'm on the pro side.  For me weddings are all about families, the ones we came from and the ones you're planning on building together.  Why would you leave children out of that?  Jerry Yoon Photography captures the family feel in this photo perfectly!

And if you can get some great photos to remember the day, it's just an added bonus.  Be sure to contact Jerry Yoon Photography to see if they can immortalize your wedding day for you.  They sure are a talented and dedicated group of people!

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