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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flower Girl Hair Briads

Photo courtesy of Cozy Cuts For Kids
Flower girls are sporting hair braids for their favored wedding day hair style. Fancy and decorative braiding not only keeps a flower girl's hair under control but also makes her look stylish without making her look like she's trying to look too old.
You can find other braiding ideas here and here and here and here in WDW(Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging For Brides.
Photo courtesy of Cute 2 Try Hairdos

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jeweled Pumpkins For Autumn Weddings

Photo courtesy of Kathy the creative genius behind Life On Lakeshore Drive
Jeweled pumpkins are perfect for an autumn wedding. This pumpkin, designed by Kathy at Life On Lakeshore Drive, is made from a fake white pumpkin (is there any other kind for a DIY project that you want to be able to make ahead of time for your wedding?) and a scrapbook decal from the local hobby store. The hardest part? Carefully applying the decal. For details on how to make this perfect wedding accent, visit Kathy's blog. I'm in awe Kathy! Nice work.
More pumpkin ideas here, and here, and here, and here, and here. More pumpkins and/or gourd centerpieces for autumn looks are posted here, and here (one of my favorites), and here. OK, I guess you have plenty of pumpkin ideas to work with. Let me know if you have any great ideas, link them in the comments, always love your input.

Lavender Inspiration Board For Your Wedding

Lavender Inspiration Board courtesy of Indulgy
Love these lavender inspiration boards! Planning a lavender or purple wedding? These inspiration boards are sure to give you some great ideas or just point you in the right direction. Love the bottles shown above! So pretty (and inexpensive!)
Photos courtesy of The Wedding Outlet
Love the look of that lavender lemonade! You'll find links for all these photos at The Wedding Outlet to the right of the inspiration board. Plus they have other great ideas for accents for a lavender wedding.

Gold Wedding Inspiration Board

Photo courtesy of Confetti Grove Celebrations
Using gold accents for your wedding is one of the hottest trends out there. Here is a gold wedding inspiration board courtesy of Confetti Grove Celebrations. Not only that, but if you're looking for links and tutorials, Confetti Grove has those for you too. Be sure to take some time to browse through the rest of Confetti Grove to find still more ways to take your wedding up a notch. I love the cake--how about you?
Gold accents add a rich metallic look to your wedding theme colors and will stay in the minds of your guests for years to come. You can also use gold to accent your invitations, favors, gifts for your bridesmaids, centerpieces, napkin rings, the ideas are endless. So this is just a jumping off place for you if you are thinking about using gold accents for your wedding day.
Also if you are planing a gold wedding anniversary party these ideas will carry over nicely.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Chocolate Butterflies

Photo and idea courtesy of We Lived Happily Ever After
Looking for a great way to decorate a wedding cake? Try these chocolate butterflies (courtesy of We Lived Happily Ever After). They are great for topping either cakes or cupcakes and can be made with either milk, dark or white chocolate. You can also add some color too. Be sure to go to We Lived Happily Ever After for the full tutorial and template(don't forget to read the comments too, they often have some great tips too!) Then take some time to check out the rest of the site for some other great ideas.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Peacock Colors Ramp Up Your Wedding

Photo credits:  Brienne Michelle Photography; Event and Floral Design: Petalicious from Boho Weddings
Peaock colors ramp up your tablescape and I love the one above for a peacock theme wedding. The tiers of color will be memorable for all your guests.
 Peacock centerpieces and placesettings courtesy of Pagoda Road; Design by Darryl Murchinson; Photo via Australia Entertains
Looking for some centerpieces for a peacock wedding at the holidays? Try the centerpieces above that are made using Christmas balls. Add a vase of feathers and you have a great look. Use blue glasses and add some peacock eyes to your napkin design.
Napkin Rings courtesy of Wedding Sundae on Etsy (expired) But contact them and see if they can make them for you if you are interested. Photo from Pagoda Road
Get some more ideas for napkin rings (see above) as well as another tablesetting below that has a bit of a different take on the base colors and adds some orchids to the look. Also from Pagoda Road.
 Gloria Wong Design Photo from Photo by Weeks Photography
Peacock themed weddings don't always have to have blue/green/purple as their base. Instead try this red/pink base with an added dash of peacock feathers. Use some orchids to add to the look.

Peacock Colors For Weddings -- Inspiration Boards

Blue and purple inspiration board courtesy of VPONSALE Wedding
Brides love peacock colors for winter wedding themes. The warm hues in the theme warm up any cold day.  Purples, blues and blue greens in any hue give any bride or wedding planner plenty of colors to choose from for decor and bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. The eye of the peacock feather is also commonly used to accent these colors.
Peacock Inspiration Board courtesy of VPONSALE Wedding

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wedding Cake Bites

Pink Champagne Cakes from Soft Surroundings
Pink Champagne Cake O's are tiny wedding cake bites from Soft Surroundings. They are perfect to serve to your guests in lieu of wedding cake or at a wedding luncheon or shower.
They melt in your mouth and the pink delights are infused with champagne before and after baking, then they are covered in tinted white chocolate icing. Top them off with edible pearls--they make the perfect ending for a wedding event.

Wedding Lighting

Photo courtesy of The Gardenista
Lighting for your wedding can be tricky if you are having your wedding and/or reception outdoors. Solviden makes solar lights which mean no cords running across lawns or through gardens, perfect for times when you have a party or wedding outdoors. I love the top string of lights above from Solviden (sold at Ikea). Perfect for winding around trees or columns outside.
Photos courtesy of The Gardenista
Another trick for lighting outdoors are these garden globes (also from Solviden) and also solar powered. Light the edges of walkways, gardens or even the aisle where you are having your wedding ceremony. The great thing about these lights, you can use them again later for other parties, they're not just for weddings. Check out other products by Solviden sold at Ikea or online too.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bridesmaid Gifts

Photo and product courtesy of Etsy VintageStampJewels

Vintage Stamp Jewels from Etsy has a variety of pretty bracelets and necklaces that make perfect bridesmaid  gifts. This is my favorite, but head over and check out all the other options offered. Great for gift giving at Christmas or birthday times too. Enjoy!

Lace Boxers Fit For A Bride

Photo courtesy of Foxers
Want some boxers fit for a bride? Try these lace boxers in a variety of colors. Perfect to wear on your honeymoon or anytime you want to feel pretty.  Try these pretty ivory lace boxers with a denim waistband. Pretty and ... well I'd say practical but they are just too pretty to ever be practical. But more comfortable to wear than thongs for sure!
Photo courtesy of Foxers
Another take on white lace boxers but with a navy waistband is shown above. It's slightly different but if the top one is out of stock and you just can't wait for it to come back in it's a good option. It also comes is other colors (black, gray and brown).
Photo courtesy of Foxers
So stock up on these sexy boxers. The photos have hit Pinterest which usually means they're going to blow out of stock.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bridesmaid Gift

Photo courtesy of Kate Spade
Kate Spade has the perfect bridesmaid bracelet for your best friends or sister or family members in your wedding party. For the ladies who are helping you tie the knot, try this Sailor's Knot Bracelet, available at Nordstrom's. Perfect to wear anytime dress it up, dress it down, wear it alone or add some more bangles, but always be in style with Kate Spade's great design.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Braids for Flower Girls Or Brides

Photo courtesy of Girly Do Hairstyles
Due to popular demand here are more braids for flower girls and brides. Since my previous posts of ideas for braids for flower girls or braids for brides were such a hit, I've added one more here. Braids, French braids, or braided rosettes all offer an elegant option for your flower girl's hair for your wedding day. For directions please use the links under the photos. Some even have videos to help you do it yourself. 
The waterfall braid above is gorgeous for fine hair but be sure to use plenty of hairspray to keep it in during the long day.
Photo and directions at Princess Hairstyles
I love the braid above which is actually a French Braid even though it doesn't look like a typical French Braid. I love the addition of the ribbon which you can either match to the gown your flower girl is wearing or use a contrasting accent color that is part of your wedding decor.
Photo and directions at Princess Hairstyles
Rosette Braids are sure to draw the eye and your flower girl will get oohs and ahs over her cute and age appropriate hair style all day long. Again, be sure to anchor well so they stay in all day.
Now you're ready to start making choices! For another favorite flower girl braid check this link that I previously posted, another rosette braided look. And for looks for the bride check this previous post.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flower Girl Hairstyles

Photo courtesy of Babes In Hairland
Flower girl hairstyles run the gamut, but braids for your flower girl's hair are the perfect option to keep little girl's hair neat but looking grown up and pretty. Here are a variety of braided looks that your flower girl might enjoy wearing for your wedding day.
Photo courtesy of Babes In Hairland
Whether you or her mother braid her hair, or a stylist does, these braids are simple and easy but look stylish and keep hair under control.
Photo courtesy of Girly Do Hairstyles: By Jenn
Consider adding ribbon, bows or flowers to your flower girl's hair to make all the difference in her look for your wedding day. For the flower girl with shorter hair try the look above that has twists in it that give your flower girl the perfect look.
For more pretty looks for your flower girls see this post and this post, all braiding looks. The last one is my personal favorite.

Flower Girl Dresses For Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of Sweet Bzz and Daisies
 Looking for flower girl dresses for your wedding that are feminine and can be worn after the wedding for other special occasions? Try shopping at Sweet Bzz and Daisies. Sweet Bzz designs dresses with botanical themes and astronomy themes, you'll find a lot of flowers and stars on their dresses.
Photo courtesy of Sweet Bzz and Daisies
These are one of a kind, heirloom-quality girls’ dresses which are designed using luxe fabrics like dupioni silk and silk brocade featuring incredibly detailed hand embroidery. Every flower girl will feel like a princess wearing a dress from Sweet Bzz and Daisies.
Photo courtesy of Sweet Bzz and Daisies
Sweet Bzz and Daises also makes pretty party dresses and special one of kind dresses for Christenings.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gifts For Your Groomsmen

Photos courtesy of London Design on Etsy
Looking for great gifts for your groomsmen? Or your groom? London Design on Etsy has a great selection of superhero cufflinks that are a 'super' idea for the super men in your wedding. Choose some for your groom, he can choose some for his groomsmen and you can both choose some for your dads or for your ring bearer.
If you are having a comic book/superhero theme wedding these are perfect cufflinks for the men in your wedding to wear. Pair them with a pair of superhero socks and/or a superhero boutonniere and you are good to go! This Etsy store has a great selection of superheros to choose from so your favorite is sure to be there.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cute Confetti For Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of Umba
Looking for cute confetti for your wedding? Try this pushpop confetti. Yes, confetti in a simple pushpop container makes it easy to contain until you are ready to use it. Not only that, after you use it, you can use the dispenser to make fun push pop desserts. I love wedding products that can be used post-wedding! So shower the bride and groom with pretty confetti and then enjoy fun food in the push pop dispenser.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pink Flower Centerpieces That Really Pop

Looking to make those pink flower centerpieces really pop? Try adding limes to the centerpiece. These centerpieces will give you some ideas of how you can combine the two but using your imagination and the results are endless.

Photo courtesy of Plectrumbanjo

New Crafting Blog

Photo courtesy of Michaels The Glue String
     The folks at Michaels  wanted to be sure you knew about the launch of the Michaels blog, The Glue String! It's purpose is to serve as source for creative inspiration and connecting with other crafters as well as providing a behind the scenes look at what goes on at Michaels. It's so much fun!

ž         The Glue String got its name because every crafter or artist is familiar with the little strings of glue that get left behind when making a project. In this particular case, we hope you find the glue strings in the new Michaels blog inspiring, educational and fun.

ž          Meet the Michaels Glue String team : ReneeJillianCaraJoanna, & Stephen.

ž         The Glue String will also feature crafting celeb guest bloggers including Tim Holtz and Heidi Swapp.
S         So meet me at The Glue String and craft away.  They have some great autumn ideas as well as ideas for turning trash into treasure!

Sandals For A Beach Wedding

Photos courtesy of Etsy shop Barmine
Crocheted sandals are perfect for a wedding in your backyard or a beach wedding. Barmine, an Etsy shop, has a variety of designs and colors you can choose from. Not having a casual wedding but love the sandals? Pick some up to take on your beach honeymoon with you. These are creative and pretty and make you feel 'oh so feminine.'
I love this pair of crocheted sandals. So simple but chic.
Add some bling to a simple sandal from Barmine on Just enough of a shoe for your beach 'I Do's.' Add a pretty pedicure to feel pretty and feminine but without the pain of high heels.