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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jewelry For Your Wedding Day -- Something Blue?

Photo courtesy of Vivian Feiler Designs
This blue necklace, perfect for a bride has a large Bermuda Blue Swarovski crstal as it's center.
It has six matte white gold plated orchids connected in a way that they can be easily separated creating movement between them and finished with Swarovski white pearl on the top and Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal 24 x 12mm almond pendant at the bottom of the necklace (Stone color choices are: Volcano, Vitrail Medium, Clear crystal, AB crystal, Vitrail light, Titan, Chilli Paper or any Pearl color). The silver chain is 17" (43cms) in length and secures with a Lobster claw clasp.

The necklace can be easily lengthened or shortened to your preference at check out. The perfect 'something blue' for your wedding day! 


If you have been reading my blog, you know I've been running a giveaway for an Amex Gift Card for readers who, among other things, sign up for the great new program by UPS called UPS My Choice.

The winner is... ta da! Heather Ruetschlin Schugar! Heather signed up for UPS My Choice.  Congrats Heather! Hope you have many years of enjoyment using this great service.

UPS My Choice is perfect for both brides and business people or just for shipping your holiday gifts!

In case you missed my former post about UPS My Choice, it is a program that is particularly suited to brides. The 'Say I Do to UPS My Choice' campaign was designed to help brides become aware of this great UPS service that will make their wedding easier by taking the guesswork out of knowing when gifts from your bridal registry will arrive.

Just sign up for UPS My Choice and you get a phone, email, or text alert giving you a 4-hour window of when your package is due to arrive. Simple! So if you are getting married, head over to UPS My Choice and sign up for your very own My Choice alerts!

There is also a Premium Membership for $40. It has a shorter delivery window and lets you have access to UPS' online delivery calendar so you know the status of your delivery.

Head to the link above to read all the details of each plan and choose the one that suits you best. UPS wishes all it's brides the best (and hope this program makes the lives of all their customers easier!) 

***Disclosure Statement: The UPS My Choice public relations team partnered with bloggers such as myself to help educate consumers about the UPS My Choice service. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to say or influence opinions in my blog posts. UPS believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. UPS's policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rose Garlands Made From Paper By Etsy Artists

Photo and streamers from Etsy
Do you love these paper roses? Designed by Etsy artists Katie and Allie. The stunning garland of roses can be made in a variety of color combinations, just contact the artists with plenty of lead time. These flowers make a bold statement no matter where you hang them. Use them in your church or at your reception, you can hang them in any combination you wish.
The order is four separate strands that can be hung end to end or nested, as pictured. The two book page garlands are five feet each and the colored garlands are six feet each.  Using these flowers lends a romantic look to any setting.
Visit Katie and Allie and see what other great ideas they have for your wedding day, think bouquets and centerpieces. I love these for outdoor weddings too! They sway in the breeze catching the eyes of everyone at your wedding. So go visit Katie and Alley.
More posts on paper flowers:
You'll find more posts both here and on my DIY board. So if you are interested in paper flowers, just keep on browsing!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Most Popular Wedding Gifts

You've been invited to a wedding and are wondering what to get for a gift. The bride and groom have a registry but you'd like to get the things they REALLY want the most off the registry for them.

I ran a poll of my readers asking for them to choose their favorite gifts.
  • At the top 56% preferred cash.
  • Directly below that housewares or something random from their registry at 50%.
  • China scored 6%
  • Silver also scored  6%.
It should be noted this was a relatively small sample (16 voter) and voters had the option to choose more than one option.

So I took the sampling to my local Bed, Bath and Beyond to observe brides and grooms who were registering on four Saturdays. They were offered the same options as the online poll. With their permission to report the findings, the brides and grooms reported the following:
  • 49% chose cash
  • 53% chose housewares or random registry items
  • 8% chose china
  • 3% chose silver
The sampling at BB&B consisted of a total of 25 couples. No one was interviewed unless they were registering as a couple. The interviews were done at 8 different BB&B's.

It looks like there is a trend away from formal entertaining with couples choosing instead to 'nest' and decorate their homes with items that will be used more often than expensive china or sterling silver.

Obviously this is not going to represent every bride or groom but I noted that brides and grooms who were registering for china and silver were choosing more simple patterns, avoiding ornate patterns their mothers or grandmothers might have chosen.

If you haven't registered yet, I recommend going to BB&B. Not only are their registry assistants knowledgeable, they were skilled at putting the young brides and grooms at ease. You can also start your registry at home online here. For guests who choose to shop online, BB&B makes it easy, just type in the bride or groom's name and it will take you to their registry.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cool Shoes - For Your Wedding

High Heel Nike Dunks
Want comfort with kick a$$ style? Why not wear these high heel Nike Dunks on your feet instead of some fancy pumps or sandals? They come in all colors and designs. Head over to Nike's page where they are ON SALE! Yes, you heard me right, ON SALE! My two favorite words!
These silver heels are my personal favorites. They give a nod to tradition by being metallic and not neon colors, but they have the boot look of all the other 'cool' Nike Dunk Heels.
Having a black and white wedding? Or is your dress edged in black or have black accents? This black pair of heels are really stylish.
But if you want brighter colors they have pinks, orange, you name it. So visit Nike's site and see what suits your wedding day.



Groomsman Gifts Under $100

Choosing a gift for your groomsmen is always tricky. Decisions, decisions, decisions. One idea comes from Vineyard Vines.  They have an assortment of sports team ties to suit every man.

My favorite is their line of major league baseball team ties. Of course if your taste runs more to football or hockey they have those too! Silk ties, only $75, make great gifts. Whether you are a Yankees fan, a Mets fan or a Phillies fan, they have them all (and all the other teams too!) Prefer football? Go with the a Eagles tie or maybe a New England Patriots tie. They also have NHL ties. Something for every sports enthusiast.

Want to go a different route? How about a pair of cool shades? Converse has a great pair of shades that you can all wear for a great groomsmen shot at the wedding.  How cool are these?
These "Front Man Sunglasses" from Converse are available on the Converse site. Only $59 they are a bargain and something your guys can wear after the wedding. Also if you are having your groomsmen wear Chuck Taylor's these are the perfect compliment!
Great groomsmen gift ideas, all under $100! But with more bang for your buck!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Art Deco and Art Nouveau Wedding Cakes

Is your wedding in an old fashioned art deco building? Then this art deco wedding cake is perfect for you! The combination of metallic and pearls and the linear look on the cake will wow your guests.
 The link for wasn't working when I posted this, so I hope it's back up soon. Just in case they move things around, just run a search on their site for "art deco wedding cake" and you should be able to find it once they finish their 'renovations.'
Martha Stewart also gets into the Art Deco look with angles and arches making the cake!  You can always count on Martha to give you a cake that rocks!
Art Nouveau Wedding Cake
This cake, the prettiest of the group, was inspired by the fashions of the early 20th century. This cake was inspired by the jeweled insect pins popularized at the turn of the 20th century. 
This cake is made  from royal icing, gold luster dust, and edible pearls. The enchanted-forest backdrop provides the perfect perch for the two delicate sugary dragonflies.
No cake topper is needed. This cake's dragonflies represent the bride and groom.

Tips for Wedding Veils

Can't make up your mind which veil length you want or need? This illustration by Inspiring by Design illustrates the length of each veil and helps you imagine the length you want to purchase. By following the link you'll also find an article that gives you great tips on veil type and length, type of tulle or lace, to edge or not to edge, color choices and suggestions and the best ways to anchor your veil. It is by far the best post on "everything veils" that I've seen.
Print this illustration to take with you when you dress and veil shop. It will make your choice much easier. And be sure to visit Inspiring by Design for additional information.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going Pink--Cake That Is!

Love this strawberry cake! The pink color gives it a different look from the usual cakes, and the addition of strawberries--yum! Love them all year long!

Use as a small wedding cake or as a shower cake. No matter which you decide on, this cake will wow your guests!

Visit Wedding Chicks for still more ideas for a strawberry themed shower (or wedding). Their site is full of great ideas--creative yet affordable.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Balloon Photo Art

Photo and idea courtesy of Pretty Geeky

Looking for a great way to make your photos standout? How about surrounding yourself with balloons? But how to get them to stay in place...things that make you go hmmmm....Here's the answer--golf tees! Ingenious!

Balloons are great for family photos (seen above) by Pretty Geeky, or for your engagement shoot or for your wedding day!

Can't wait to try this out for our next party! This is easy enough for anyone to pull off! (Not to mention inexpensive!)

Just be sure to take the balloons away with you--they aren't good for birds or planes!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Say I Do In Jimmy Choo Shoes

Photo courtesy of Repinned from 100% Fashion. by Kayla Cundiff and

Sometimes someone just gets it right! Jimmy Choo pulled it off in these shoes perfect for your wedding. Jimmy Choo shoes are always elegant but these... ahhhhhh! They make me think of fireworks where the crowd is all going "Ooo, Ahh!" as the fireworks explode. Wear the shoes--it's worth investing for your special day!  Love the illusion he used on them as well as the crystals. Why are you still here? You should be grabbing a pair before they disappear!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not Wearing White? Try Seafoam @ You Will Remember What She Wore Part II

There are some obvious choices for weddings like blush or off white, but this seafoam gown with a train that is suitable for Cinderella or anyone else marrying a their Prince Charming is stunning. Not to mention this photo is the perfect way to show off the train! Every bride should show off her inner diva--this is definitely for a bride with diva potential!

See other great seafoam green options from my previous blog posts. This is my personal favorite, it comes in both a long and short version.

This post has dresses in several different colors to expand your horizons on colors for wedding wear.

And the last is an inspiration board for brides who love seafoam.

So no matter what your plans for your wedding gown, take the time to check out these options--ideas are everywhere!

Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Photo posted on Wedluxe

Are you in love with orchids but dreading the idea of a huge heavy bouquet? Try this lighter version of it's heavier sister shown below.  

It doesn't have all the extraneous flowers some cascade bouquets do, and it also should cost you about half as much! Face it, sometimes it's not all about cost, but what bride wants to be dragged down by two tons  of flowers? (OK so I exaggerate a little!) I'd choose the top bouquet any day!

As a bride who carried a cascade bouquet, I have personal experience to draw on here.  Also if you are having orchids, be sure an have your florist make you a silk bouquet to toss, orchids don't survive slamming onto the floor or being grabbed at by "all the single women."

Love the wrap of glitz the top lighter bouquet shows too.  The top bouquet is five stems of orchid with an added plume of white feathers. Nice combo! Not usually a feather person but I like them here. What do you think? Bouquet 1 or bouquet 2? Leave me a comment!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Did You Miss The Chance To Add $50 To Your Wedding Budget?

Sure you did! Or if you didn't enter the UPS My Choice giveaway for a $50 American Express gift card.

Use it to buy items for you OOT gift bags, help pay for invitations, stamps whatever incidentals you need. Or just take your fiance out for a relaxing dinner. Anyone can enter, you don't have to be a bride (or a groom). Go to this post and enter now!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Princess Braided Updo

Looking for a great look for your long hair for your wedding day? This princess braided updo will keep your hair out of your face and give you a hair style that is as special as your wedding day.

Can you do this yourself? I doubt it. This is one hairstyle that having a stylist would really be helpful for--besides, it's your wedding day, you don't want to worry about your hair, you want to enjoy your special day!

Visit ebeautyblog to see more beauty ideas perfect for your wedding day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UPS My Choice - Works Like A Charm!

If you read my blog this morning, you know I'm running a giveaway with UPS for a $50 American Express gift certificate for registering with UPS My Choice, a great new program, perfect for brides (but great for regular business people as well!)

I had to sign up as part of running the giveaway, and guess what? UPS My Choice notified me this afternoon about what time my package is arriving tomorrow! Wow, what great timing! So sign up now, maybe you'll get a package tomorrow--you just never know what's coming your way from UPS via UPS My Choice.

So visit the giveaway today and not only enter to win, but sign up for a great new service that will make your life easier and your deliveries more efficient.

***Disclosure Statement: The UPS My Choice public relations team partnered with bloggers such as myself to help educate consumers about the UPS My Choice service. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to say or influence opinions in my blog posts. UPS believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. UPS's policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. While this post is not part of my giveaway, I want my readers to know that I am promoting UPS My Choice.

Say I Do To UPS My Choice - Enter $50 Giveaway

Photos courtesy of UPS
Yes, I know, the word giveaway got you all excited, but what's even more exciting? A new program called UPS My Choice

What is it? UPS My Choice is a new program by UPS that offers brides an easy way to avoid the disappointment and hassle of missing an important package (and as brides you will be getting a lot of them!) I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am about this program and will want to sign up. You can register for basic or premium levels of UPS My Choice here.

UPS My Choice provides a free email, text, or phone call the day before the package arrives.

Photo courtesy of UPS

UPS My Choice offers two membership levels:

The basic UPS My Choice member gets a phone, email or text alert the day before the package arrives with approximately a 4 hour delivery time. If the initial delivery time doesn't work, there are options to reschedule or you can reroute the package for a $5 tranaction fee. Members are also offered the option to go online and release packages requiring a signature.

The second option if the UPS My Choice Premium Membership. All of the standard services come at no extra charge for consumers who pay the $40 annual subscription fee. Premium members gain access to an online delivery calendar showing the status of UPS home deliveries. Premium members also get a 2 hour confirmed delivery window. A $5 transactional fee is charged after the package is delivered within the 2 hour commitment.

Premium members of UPS My Choice can also direct the UPS driver to leave their packages in a specific location such as the side door, the garage, on the porch, or in the management office of your apartment complex. So safe, so easy, so no hassle! WTG UPS My Choice.

Now for the good stuff! How you can win your $50 Amex Gift Card? It starts on August 15th so get ready to rock it!  a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure Statement: The UPS My Choice public relations team partnered with bloggers such as myself to help educate consumers about the UPS My Choice service. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to say or influence opinions in my blog posts. UPS believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. UPS's policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting The Designer Look - For Your Shoes

Photo of Shoe clip from courtesy of Chuletin Designs

Chuletindesigns on  has some great shoe clips to add to your wedding shoes. The designer, Maria Eaton, is full of feathers and ribbons. Perfect for adding to wedding shoes! If you watch Maria's video below you'll get an idea of her dedication to fashion and to her customers--that would be you!

Feathers and lace: Fashion designer's heaven from Tracey Eaton on Vimeo.

Add these feathers and ribbons to your wedding shoes to give them that extra oomph! Be a fashion forward bride without paying couture prices!

Lovesick 2013 Is Coming To Town!

The great Lovesick Expo will once again be coming to Philly in 2013! Exact date: January 13, 2013! Tickets will be available starting September 1, 2012 (and you want to get these early!)

You know closer to the holidays you'll be busy with shopping, baking and partying--so mark your calendar now to order your tickets--then relax and forget it. Just add a reminder to the calendar in your smart phone and you'll never miss this important bridal show again!

The great thing about Lovesick is it features vendors you won't see at your other local bridal shows as well as some you will. Look for some great party planners and designers for invites and save the dates. As well as some great florists and dress boutiques. Look for a list of vendors (with more to come) here.

The Lovesick Expo is run by Tom and Jon, of Hi-Society Productions. They are a Philly-based DJ, cinematography, and event production team specializing in weddings that defy the mainstream. (Come on, do you really want a cookie cutter wedding? Of course not!) The Lovesick Expo will bring you together with vendors who have the same mindset. 

Tom and Jon want to let newly engaged couples meet the interesting, creative and undiscovered wedding pros in their cities that they might not ever run across at your 'usual ho hum bridal show.' Not only that, Tom and Jon throw an expo that's more like a great party! This is one expo your groom won't be bored going to, which is saying a lot (just ask any groom out there!)

Hi-Society's Lovesick Expo is what amounts to a huge party with "real people who work in the wedding world because it gives them a creative outlet for their art. And with unique couples who want an opportunity to find professionals who they mesh with because they are planning one of the most important days of their lives."

What more could you ask for? They'll add some great live music, lots of giveaways and prizes, not to mention food and drink. OK, I'm in! Hope I see you there!

Lovesick Expo--who is the fairest of them all! At least of bridal expos!

See our previous post In Your Shoes Event Design at Lovesick Expo at The World Cafe Live from the 2011 Expo.  See other coverage of Lovesick here. See, I'm not the only fan of Lovesick!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Peacock Cakes

Photo from pinterest from Briderella Blog

No matter what look you are going for at your peacock wedding, these are some fabulous looking cakes. While a bit ornate for my personal taste, I know there are some of  you out there just dying for some great peacock enjoy!

                                           Peacock wedding cake from J'Adore Cakes Co.

Remember, your cake doesn't have to be in jewel tones in order to feature peacocks. The cake above is a gold, cream and pink creation, a little less ornate than the blue/green jewel colors, but still in keeping with the peacock theme.

Peacock cake from Fine Cakes by Zehra

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oscar de la Renta Brides Wearing Blue

Martha Stewart weddings reports that Oscar de la Renta brides are wearing blue! More brides (especially those wearing couture) are wearing gowns in a variety of colors. Other years gowns have been aqua, gold, and red. Here are some samples of de la Renta's brides.

I love the variety of materials used to create this dress (shown above). Oscar de la Renta excels at fabric choices, another of his creations, shown below, also has a unique material.

The next gown is my favorite. It almost seems Jane Austen-ish. What do you think? I love that it has little sleeves and the ruching takes the plain to couture at it's best.

Visit Martha Stewart Weddings to see the rest of the report on blue wedding gowns in the news. Oscar de la Renta has several more and there are also other designers showing the blue!

Coffee -- Cubed

Looking for a unique way to round out your evening? Or a cool drink to serve at an outdoor wedding? Try this idea: freeze coffee into small ice cubes and pour some over some Almond Milk! Wow! Lookin' good! Your guests are sure to enjoy it!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Pink?

If you're a girl who has always wanted a pink wedding gown you'll love this look.  This vintage party dress can double as a wedding gown (and the great thing is YOU will wear it after your wedding!)

I admit to having a soft spot for vintage. Not every bride can or wants to wear it, but this photo was a great way to give you some ideas on how to think outside the box when it comes to shopping for a wedding gown. Thanks to the changes in the wedding gown industry, now, anything goes!

So if you aren't wed to the idea of a long white gown, hit your local vintage store and see what you can find. (Or even raid your mom or grandmom's closets or attics!) A dress like this sets the whole tone for a wedding!

Also from Vintageous (link above)

Let me know if  you've found your perfect 'out of the box' wedding gown. Always glad to get new tips for where my readers can shop! And if these items are sold, Vintageous has another update from their latest 'shopping trip. on August 14, 2012, so check their webpage then!

This Is What I Call Nail Art!

What a great photo idea! All the bridesmaids, the bride forming a heart with their fingernails.  This is what I call nail art!

Be sure the bride's wedding ring shows. Trace a heart out of paper to make it easier to line up all those fingertips!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Organizing Your New Life

Logo from

Are you a bride and groom-to-be who need to get your paperwork and information for your new life put together all in one spot? Read the details of this new organizing program on Independence Day -- Transition Planning. 

Keep track of your shower and wedding gifts -- Wow what a bonus! And you can also track the warranties and manuals of new gadgets you were gifted. File a copy of your marriage certificate, medical information, bills, bank statements, financial statements and more. is a safe and secure place to store all your information.

Be a smart 'squirrel' and keep all your nuts in one secure place. Don't depend on the physical piece of paper, instead scan it into your own AboutOne account. Yes, you will still need your physical Social Security card and your certified Birth Certificate etc. but you can keep you copies close at hand in your AboutOne files.

Once you have children AboutOne becomes even more valuable! A great way to track inoculations, physicians visits, specialist visits and school information.

Totally necessary for couples who move around a lot.  We moved eight times in the first five years of my oldest daughter's life--that's a lot of pediatricians to track!

So make it easy on yourself. Start as you mean to go on in life. Get organized, the easy way.  Remember, there's more information on Independence Day -- Transition Planning, so head over there to read all about it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Couture Cape? Is This Look For You?

Wearing a strapless gown but want to have a little 'cover up' for church? Try this sheer cape from JLM Couture.  It takes that simple strapless dress and turns it up a notch. A perfect way to finish off your look for that special day when you are marrying that very special man.

Wedding Jewelry

Vera Wang seen at Bergdorf Goodman

Looking for the perfect pearls for your wedding? Some brides report spending more time finding the right jewelry for their wedding than they do picking out their wedding gown!

This necklace by Vera Wang, available at Bergdorf Goodman is light and almost lacy looking in design, and is the perfect highlight for your wedding gown. VW created a necklace that is perfect to wear as you walk down the aisle to marry your Prince Charming!

Did you find your perfect necklace? Earrings? Bracelet? Use the comment box to tell me what you found and where.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fascinators 1-2-3 How To Video

Fascinator How-To Courtesy of YouTube and Parkin Fabrics UK

Parkin Fabrics is one of the premier suppliers of the feathers, flowers and other materials you need to make world class fascinators at your dining room table.

The above video offers basic directions on how to pull together a fascinator for your wedding or other special occasion.  For the fashion forward bride or bridesmaid (or anyone else who loves dressing up!) this video shows and tells you all you need to know.

Parkin Fabrics supplies home fascinator makers as well as professionals with all the supplies they could want or need. Visit Parkin's web site when you're ready to start your design.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lovin' Calla Lilies?

Are you a bride who loves callas? Try these wine glass place cards by Timeless Paper.  They also make table numbers (see below) in the same designs. These come in all sorts of shapes, think dragonflies and hummingbirds and more!

The company also makes some gorgeous invitations which I'll feature later. But if you want to head over now to take a look (especially if you are about to order your invitations now.) These invitations are pretty enough to possibly change your mind about what you are ordering! Have fun! Let me know what you think!

Green, Glorous Green!

I saw this on a Pinterest board and fell in love! It's a perfect example of using a runner and some simple floral displays to really turn your wedding into a WOW WEDDING!

Don't you just love hose tiny wedding cakes? And the way they match the runner and napkins? And those great lanterns! Incredible! But I know it must be a photo shoot because I don't know too many venues who would let you paint their chairs green (or who would already have green ones.) What do you think?