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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rose Garlands Made From Paper By Etsy Artists

Photo and streamers from Etsy
Do you love these paper roses? Designed by Etsy artists Katie and Allie. The stunning garland of roses can be made in a variety of color combinations, just contact the artists with plenty of lead time. These flowers make a bold statement no matter where you hang them. Use them in your church or at your reception, you can hang them in any combination you wish.
The order is four separate strands that can be hung end to end or nested, as pictured. The two book page garlands are five feet each and the colored garlands are six feet each.  Using these flowers lends a romantic look to any setting.
Visit Katie and Allie and see what other great ideas they have for your wedding day, think bouquets and centerpieces. I love these for outdoor weddings too! They sway in the breeze catching the eyes of everyone at your wedding. So go visit Katie and Alley.
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