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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Secret Agent Bride!

Need an easy way to track all your RSVPs? Get a black light and a pen with invisible ink. See why this is titled 'Secret Agent Bride?' When one of your guests (or more) forget to write their name on their response card, just shine your black light on the corner of the response card and it will show their initials! How easy is that? I love it! A bride with an invisible ink pen as her secret weapon to track her RSVPs. And it's an inexpensive way to do it and your guests will never know you did it. How cool!
Where can you buy one of these? At DX Deal Extreme. It takes awhile to have it shipped so be sure to allow plenty of time before you need to send out your invitations if you are planning on using this great gadget.
Guarantee this is one way to get your fiance involved in tracking your RSVPs. What man can resist a gadget? None that I know!

Inexpensive Christmas Wedding Decorations

Photo from Mallory Lane
Having a Christmas wedding? These red and white holiday finials are only $21.99 (this doesn't include the pots and balls and greenery at the bottom) but think how much money they will save you compared to flowers of a comparable height. Not only that, if you read the comments on the product there is not one negative.
While I suppose if you were very crafty you could figure out how to make these yourself, I think by the time you got all the materials together you would spending more than if you just order these online.
I love finding decorations that are a little bit different and Mallory Lane has some other great Christmas wedding ideas as well. (OK, so they're basically Christmas but they work for a wedding during the holiday season as well.) 
So take a stroll through Mallory Lane's website and see what you think would work for your wedding. Some of the candles would work for a Valentine's Day wedding as well.
Let me know what you find and like. I love hearing your comments.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Autumn Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of Cedar Wood Weddings
Getting married in the fall? This cake is perfect for an autumn bride! (and groom). I love the pumpkin patch that wends and winds itself from the bottom to the top of the cake. No need for a cake topper with this cake, the cake has sufficient adornment without adding to it.
Obviously this is not a DIY cake, it looks like a cake that will take the hand and eye of an expert to construct, but oh it is sooo worth it!
Visit Cedar Wood Weddings to see more upscale weddings with great ideas for your own wedding.

Singing In The Rain... Umbrellas For Your Wedding

How in love with this photo are you? I admit, I am! I love the way all the different color umbrellas are mixed with the white lights and really show off the dance floor at this wedding. But you don't have that many umbrellas you say? Well neither do I, but I can solve your problem--just call Bella Umbrellas.
Just wait until you see their web site! Every color and design you can imagine. No matter what color your wedding theme is Bella can help you out.
And the best part, you can RENT the umbrellas. No having to invest a small fortune for some great photos. Instead, rent them and return them. Such easy decorations! And the best part, they won't die like flowers might, so no worry if you're having them shipped.
So if you're a bride looking for a unique look for your wedding, contact Bella Umbrellas for rentals or their sister site, if you want to purchase your own umbrellas.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brides and Two Year Olds Share Personality Traits

I was reading The Grey Blog where the author talks about her 2 1/2 year old manipulating her, and in general making mommy-dom not much fun! When I realized I hear mother's of the bride often saying the exact same things!

"I am being overcome by an entity greater, stronger, more manipulative, and more cunning than even I. This entity drains me of my physical energy, mental faculties, and patience."

Does the quote above sound like your daughter who is planning her wedding? About five, six months before the wedding and stress has hit. And her ability to manipulate you has become better than ever before! How did this happen?  You made it through toddlerhood, teenage years, college even, but planning a wedding is taking all your guile to outwit the stranger you used to recognize as your daughter.

Maybe you are just getting older and less able to stay ten steps ahead. Or maybe her hormones are going crazy and with it and she has gotten a super power. No, not flying, not leaping buildings in a single bound, no your adult daughter who is acting like a two year old has become Monster Bride! Able to manipulate mother with one hand behind her back and seemingly effortlessly.

If you have a Monster Bride at your house, you have my sympathies. So think back to when she was going through the 'terrible twos' and pull out the tricks of the trade that worked for you then, some of them may serve you well as you try to survive being the Mother of the Bride!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make Wedding Invitations Uniquely Yours

Want some eye-catching envelopes for your correspondence or wedding invitations? Looking for help lining envelopes? Visit The Persian Laundry on Etsy. They will sell you the liners or will line them for you.
You can design liners and line envelopes as a do it yourself project, but it is time consuming and it may be worth it to you to just order the liners and/or have The Persian Laundry line yours for you.
This look is not for every bride but I know there are some of you who will love it. Other looks available from The Persian Laundry? Envelopes lined with world maps and other designs that may fit your wedding theme.
If you are making your own liners, consider using wallpaper. There are a variety of designs, one that is sure to fit your personal style. (Of course you may never get out of the wallpaper store, there are thousands of choices!) If you are planning on picking out wallpaper, have an idea what you are looking for going in, it will cut your time searching for just the right paper.
Whether you do it yourself or have The Persian Laundry do it for you, lining your envelopes can give your wedding invitations a custom look that reflects your own personality. Think of it as a precursor to decorating your first home, but a much smaller project (and a lot easier to undo if you don't like it!)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do Your Shoes Hurt?

Like most brides you are sure to be purchasing some new shoes to walk down the aisle in. And the one thing you do not want on your wedding day is shoes that pinch your feet. So here are some ways to stretch your shoes. Warning: these are not for tintable shoes. Many include the use of water which is not good for those shoes. Stretch all shoes at your own risk.

However, over the years I've owned my fair share of high heels or high fashion shoes or boots that killed my feet (or at least they did until I tried some of my favorite tricks to easy the pinch.) Working in a women's shoe store I heard them all! Some boggled the mind (and actually worked) others, not so much.

My best suggestion is don't buy the shoes that kill your feet unless you are willing to put some time (and possibly pain) into stretching them out. But the good news is there are some ways to stretch your shoes that don't involve pain (thank you God!)

Some of my other suggestions:
  • Break shoes in gradually. Wear them for an hour or so a day when you can spend part of that time sitting down. This lets them slowly break in without you breaking out in blisters. Ouch!
  • The trick you see shoe salesmen doing all the time, take the shoes out of the box, removing all the tissue etc. and bend them up and down. I used to do this every time I put a new pair of shoes on a customer to relieve the stiffness. Works only if a shoe needs minimal stretching. You may want to do this in conjunction with other 'tricks.' If I do this at home I do it in conjunction with heating the shoe with a blow dryer for 2-3 minutes.
  • Shoe stores and shoemakers can also sell you shoe stretcher. Don't waste your money buying the spray they'll sell you, just use a spray made of half water and half alcohol, a lot cheaper especially if you have a lot of shoes to stretch.
  • Shoe stores and shoemakers sometimes have a metal tool that they will use to ease your shoes for you. If you shoes pinch really badly this alone is not the answer, but it's worth asking. Also Amazon sells shoe stretchers that are worth a try. I've never tried them so can only tell you they exist, not if they work. Be aware, the Amazon product comes with just one stretcher. I know my shoemaker recommends buying different stretchers for men and women as well as different ones for flats and heels. Seems like a lot of gadgets to clutter up the closet. The one pro with taking your shoes to the shoemaker, if he screws up his insurance will probably cover the damage, you do it at home, you are just out of luck.
  • Another trick your shoemaker can do is to use a machine to stretch your shoes. This will take at least a day, but it's another good option for those expensive shoes and boots and it seems to work well.
  • If you don't want to break you neck scuff up the bottom of your shoes on bare floors, concrete or with a piece of sandpaper. This can help you avoid going flying as you start walking around in them on other surfaces. It doesn't ease the tightness but it helps when you are wearing new shoes.
  • If the shoes are leather, pleather, or fake leather, etc. try freezing them. It gets stranger. Grab a ziplock bag (or brand of your choice) and fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the way with water, seal the bag. Put the bag with water in it in your shoe and be sure it fills your shoe from heel to toe. Place your shoes in the freezer and let them sit there several hours or overnight until they freeze. Thaw 20-30 minutes and remove the bags. Repeat if necessary. Don't use this on your designer shoes, instead use it on your less expensive shoes, just in case the baggie leaks or the freezing damages the materials.
  • The next tip is from the manager of a shoe store (Thanks Marianne) where I worked years ago. Take a big potato and push it far enough into your shoe to make it bulge out. Leave the potato in the shoe overnight and try it on again in the morning. Wipe of any potato residue before wearing. We could never figure out why a potato worked better than other 'stretchers' but she swore by it. I've run across this tip from other friends over the years so I guess sometimes the old wives tales work! (We were using these on inexpensive shoes, not sure if you want to use it on shoes that you paid hundreds of dollars for.
  • The Wet Sock Method (use on leather shoes): Put on damp wool socks and then don your shoes. Dry using your hairdryer. Heat 20-30 seconds at a time. Let shoes cool. Try them on with regular stockings (or socks), whatever you are planning on wearing with the shoes, repeat until they are comfortable. I hate this method for two reasons, first I hate wool socks, second wet wool socks are the one thing I hate even more. I don't use this on my shoes but you may be perfectly happy using it on yours.
  • Add some moleskin to the skin where the shoe is pinching. Soak your feet with the moleskin on, the moleskin should expand. Then put your shoes back on. The moleskin will help stretch the shoes only in the areas you need them stretched. (It will also help protect your feet as you stretch out your shoes.
Remember, your best bet is to buy shoes that fit. Have your feet remeasured periodically. Feet will change with weight gain or pregnancy or water retention and age. You may need to adjust your shoe size accordingly. Also be sure the size you wear is in USA sizes. Many shoes come from different parts of the world and are listed in European sizes.

I hope these suggestions make your next new pair of shoes a more pleasant experience from the first day you wear them. Remember, it takes time to stretch shoes out, so give yourself plent of time to complete the stretching and enjoy your big day!

A Winter Pomander

Having a winter wedding? Looking for an option for your bridesmaids and flower girl to carry as they walk down the aisle? Why not try this white maribou feather ball made by Amusing Designs, one of the stores on Etsy. I love the look of this, especially for a winter wedding in the snow.
How about you? Would you rather carry flowers down the aisle or something that gives your wedding a unique look? It reminds me of the muff I had as a child, so you know I love it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lace Covered Wedding Invitations

Are you planning on ordering custom invitations for your wedding? Why not consider this beautiful lace covered invitation tied with a contrasting bow by Dionne LaShell?  Delicate, and so pretty your guests are sure to be impressed. You can combine a modern font with the antique lace to combine the two looks for your wedding invitations.
Don't forget, invitations with bows will need to be hand cancelled by your post office. You don't want your pretty invitations mangled by the machines at the post office that are not made to handle envelopes with contents that are not flat.

Butterfly Cake Box Cakes

Photo from Pinterest via Victoria Barnes (source: Butterfly Cakebox)
I found this photo on a friend's Pinterest and fell in love with the unique decorations on this three tier wedding cake. I love the color of the ribbon that takes away from the stark whiteness of the icing but the flowers on the cake are gorgeous! I've never seen anything like them.
If you are a bride looking for some unique ideas for a wedding cake, visit Butterfly Cakebox's web site and scroll through their photos. You are sure to find one to love.
You can also find out about the owner's passion for baking, which is just one of the reasons her cakes both look and taste so good.
Contact info:
Jackie Thompson, Butterfly Cakebox
phone: 905.877.8466

Friday, October 19, 2012

Five Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Wedding Day

Brides dread the possibility of being sick on their wedding day. No bride wants a nose red from the sniffles or a cold so here are a few preventive measures to keep your body healthy and in tip top shape.
My personal favorite, Honest Tea's Green Tea with Honey.  Honest Tea has Epigallocatechin gallate. Wow, what the heck is that mouthful? Well aside from this specific Honest Tea being a tasty drink, it is full of EPCG and it's powerful antioxidants. Scientists posit that it may protect our cells from oxidative damage from free radicals. Chronic diseases associated with free radical damage include cancer, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and faster aging. It can also protect our cells from ultraviolet and radiation damage. But best of all, it MAY (and I only say may) be effective in promoting fatv oxidation and LOWERING OF BODY WEIGHT. Hmmm... what bride (or mother of the bride) wouldn't love to lose a few pounds, have better looking skin just from drinking some green tea? It's also a well known cold remedy. Read more about EPCG here or here.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, many of us suffer from allergies, and even if we don't we're surrounded by people who are and their germ-laden sneezes.  Purell won't stop the sneezes but it can help stop the person to person spread of germs. Keep a purse size Purell Hand Sanitizer with you (they also make sprays and wipes along with the handy gels) and have an effective defense against germs left on doors, shopping carts and other contaminated surfaces.

Suffering from an upper respiratory infection? Rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal allergies and dryness, post nasal drip, other sinus problems, nasal congestion from flu or colds and other causes all have been shown to be relieved by using these clever little pots. So if you suffer from some of the symptoms above, give a Neti Pot by NasalFlo a try.
Photo courtesy of Stonyfield Organic Yogurt
Some studies have shown that just a cup a day of low fat yogurt can reduce you susceptibility to colds by 25%. Researchers suggest that the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt my stimulate production of immune system substances that fight disease. I know what I'm piling in my grocery cart next trip! Read more health tips and advice from the nutritionists at Stoneyfield here. Sure sounds to me like a lot of really good reasons for buying yogurt. (Oh, you have to eat it, not just store it in your frig.)
Photo courtesy of Cold-Eeze.
There are debates about whether Cold-Eeze works, but some studies have shown it can cut the length of your cold in half if you take it at the first sign of a cold. Worth a try, especially if you feel like your about to come down with a cold a few days before your wedding. Just one more product that can help you have a happy and healthy beginning to your married life. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, so it's worth the investment!
So stay healthy and if you can't stay healthy use something to make your allergies and cold more comfortable. And enjoy your big day!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Cakes Go Chocolate

Chocolate wedding cake? Yum! I know, you're used to white or even pastels, but why not go with chocolate? It's rich, a little unconventional, and what I like, surprising. I like something a bit different. This chocolate petal wedding cake has a mocha spice cake under the bittersweet chocolate 'leaves.' This is one of the most striking wedding cakes I've seen.
Another cake shown on Martha's website is this chocolate chestnut wedding cake. It is topped with sugared fruit and laurel leaves, so no worry about finding in season flowers if you are having a winter wedding. Chocolate wedding cakes appeal to me for winter weddings, they're warm, rich and melt in  your mouth! Yum!
Visit Martha Stewart Weddings for a group of chocolate wedding cakes to choose from for your wedding day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Milk Margaritas? What?

Margaritas and cookies? Nope! Sorry to disappoint you! But for an end of the evening of drink at your wedding reception how about serving your milk and cookies in a margarita glass? It looks amazing and with the cookies perched on the edge of the glass, who can resist?
Make some cute hang tags and get ready to serve your happy guests. WTG!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cupcakes: The New Wedding Cake?

Sometimes you see food that is a work of art. These cupcakes fit that description perfectly! Unfortunately the photo was on Pinterest and the link there doesn't work on my computer, try it on yours, maybe you'll be luckier! I love these! Would order them for my daughter's wedding if she hadn't already placed her order. These are so delicate and perfect for a wedding.
And then we have these gorgeous daffodil cupcakes. Perfect for a spring wedding. Nothing says spring like daffodils and I've never seen them on cupcakes before. These grabbed my eye immediately! Working on how to make the fondant flowers myself. The small ones are probably harder than the larger ones, but the combination of the two sizes makes a great display.
The above combination of gold, pink and blue iced cupcakes with delicate florals topping them are incredible! The designs and textures differ from cupcake to cupcake, each one showing off a different skill of the baker. Now, which one to try first? Hmm...
And finally the perfect white floral cupcake with silver dragees in the centers. I love how the baker showed off the cupcake by tying a ribbon around the base of each cupcake and presenting them on their own tiny cupcake plate.
Will cupcakes replace wedding cakes entirely? I still like seeing the traditional wedding cake, but love seeing a smaller wedding cake surrounded by these smaller wedding wonders! What do you think? Big cakes? cupcakes? combination of the two?

Orchid Veil

Photo courtesy of Love, Wed, Bliss/taken by Christine Shields Photography
Looking for a unique veil for your garden wedding? Love this look this bride wore for a photo shoot for Love, Wed, Bliss. Love the way the flowers frame her face in the second photo, accenting her cheek bones. If anyone knows who the designer is for the veil please contact me, I'd love to recommend your work. Enjoy!
Be sure to take the time to browse through Love, Wed, Bliss to see more great wedding looks that might influence your design choices for your wedding day.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Metallic Dress Shoes

Want to fly down the aisle to your groom? These are the perfect shoe for you--complete with golden wings! Yes, I said wings. I know, I know, shoes don't have wings, but in this case they do. I don't think I'd trust them to keep you up in the air but they certainly provide a focal point on your feet!
Not ready for wings but want shoes that look like they belong on the feet of a goddess? Try these pumps adorned with silver by Stuart Weitzman for his Bridal and Evening Collection. Be sure to spray the glitter to keep it from getting on your feet and dress but otherwise, the perfect shoes for your wedding day. 

The Bride Wore Blue--Shoes That Is

Something Blue satin and lace boots are perfect for the bride who doesn't want to wear heels for her wedding and who is looking for something a little different to wear instead of sky high satin heels or sky high price designer shoes. Sure we love our heels, but sometimes comfort is nice, and sometimes going a little quirky during your reception is just your thing.
If quirky is your thing, head over to uku2 and see all the different shoes available (and boots). If you want to see one of my favorite boots for steam punk brides, go to Black and White Weddings. Etsy artisans have something for everyone!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gifts For Your Groomsmen

Looking for a great groomsmen gift? Try these personalized dogtag like keychain/bottle openers that you can engrave with anything from names to dates, lyrics, initials, anything that fits the occasion. These are a great way to say 'thank you' for you bachelor party. Includes key ring, and your choice of colored rubber bumper (Red, Black, Blue, Pink, or Purple.) Visit their website to see the details about how many characters and lines you can add to the keychain. BTW, you can also have these made to wear on a chain.



Hair Glitz For A Black and White Wedding

Planning a black and white wedding? Why not wear this circlet in your hair? Actually it ties around your hear, use as a hairband or circlet.
Perfect for the bride who is looking for some glitz but wants to add some of the black and white theme to her hair. Sold by

Bling For Wedding Shoes

Looking for a way to highlight your shoes for you wedding? How about these glitzy shoe clips sold on ban-do's web site?

Just click on ban-do's web site to see which colors are still in stock. And if you favorite color is out of stock, give it a few weeks and try again.
Looking for cute ways to wear your clips for everyday? Ban-do not only has sequin clips but flowers as well.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Ribbon Braid Tutorial

Posted on All Women Stalk 

Do you love this ribbon braid? Wait until you get to the end where she turns it into a hair band. Would be so pretty for bride or the bridesmaids. What do you think? Be sure to visit the website, All Women Stalk to see a lot of great options for hair styles and 'everything else!'

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unique Bridal Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Perfect Details Cuff by Margaret Rowe
Looking for a unique wristlet to wear on your wedding day? Try this jeweled nouveau bouquet cuff designed by Margaret Rowe.
This piece is not an ordinary bracelet, but it is perfect for the bride who wants to look unique without going over the top.
This delicate bauble is shown off as you carry your bouquet, and later as you greet your guests and dance with your new husband.
I admit, I'm in love with this look. Would definitely have worn one if I'd known they existed when I got married. How about you? Is this your kind of jewelry? Or do you prefer more traditional bracelets?

Christian Louboutin Shoes For Brides

Photo courtesy of Barney's
Christian Louboutin's Zigouwi style, sold at upscale stores like Barney's, is perfect for the bride who wants a burnished look for her shoes.
These heels aren't for the faint of heart though, so if you aren't used to wearing them this high and buy these for you wedding, put in some practice time walking gracefully in them. Your wedding is not the time to end up with a sprained ankle!
They do make great dancing shoes though, perfect for showing off as your groom twirls you around the dance floor in your first dance together as husband and wife.
So if you're in love with these shoes, head over to Barney's and pick up your special pair. (Barney's offers complimentary shipping on all orders, so if you aren't located in a city like New York, just order online, so easy!)

"LOVE" Shoes

What could be better for a bride to wear as she walks down the aisle than these shoes by Georgina Goodman, style "Lena." Crystal 'LOVE' slogan on the side of these 5 1/2" heels with a 1" platform.
These cool shoes are perfect for a bride wearing a dress with some glitz on it. Or wear with a short sequined dress for a high shine evening look.
It takes a certain kind of bride to carry this off--is that you? Or are you opting for some safe 3" plain pumps?
So many hard decisions when you are a bride. But that's why WDW is here, we give you options, you get to bookmark and choose your own personal style.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Modern Wedding Photos

Photo courtesy of Modern Photographics
Kids at weddings, brides either love them or refuse to have them at their wedding. But no matter what your preference, you have to admit they do take some really cute photos. I can just see little cartoon blurbs over their heads saying "TMI TMI!"

But if you happen to be a bride who loves to include children, the pros at Modern Photographics know a variety of ways to include them in your wedding photos without being...cheesy or boring. So head over to their web site linked below the photo to see other photography by Modern Photographics.

Lovin' Hair Braiding On Brides

Photo courtesy of
Brides and braids seem to go together lately! Simple braids let a bride wear her hair on her shoulders, yet add the accent of the braid to her look.
Love how this bride added a blue flower to her look! Are you a bride planning on braiding? Let me know what your braids look like, you could be featured  here next month!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Individual Wedding Cakes

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding
Individual Baked Alaska make an instant statement when you serve them for wedding cake. Sure you can't display the cake the way you can a 'typical' wedding cake, but I bet your guests rave about the cake for years to come.
These are courtesy of entertaining maven, Martha Stewart, at her site Martha Stewart Weddings, who really knows how to throw a party. So obviously her ideas for wedding receptions will be exceptional. So try serving your wedding guests these individual Baked Alaska for rave reviews.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Engagement Rings Made In The USA

Some brides to be are looking for an engagement ring that is just a little bit different. They don't want to shop at their local jewelry store and have the same look that their friends do. They don't want a Tiffany solitaire. So who do they call? Cornelis Hollander Designs, Inc.
I admit, I totally fell in love with the ring shown above, as well as the other two shown, but these are just a fraction of what's available from this creative company. Not only that, the jewelry at Cornelis Hollander, Inc. is made by artisans in the USA.

Cornelis Hollander Designs, Inc. founded in 1984 is a full service jewelry design company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This jewelry design company's jewelry has been distributed all over the US and internationally.

Designs are manufactured on the premises, at their store in Scottsdale. Highly-skilled craftsmen work  to produce finest quality jewelry. Cornelis Hollander and the artisans can also provide customers with custom designs.

Customers can bring their own gemstones, diamonds or old jewelry to upgrade to modern designer looks that Cornelis Hollander Designs is known for. You can reach them about your special ring by contacting them at

So if you are a groom to be looking for a very special ring for your very special lady, or anyone just looking for some very special jewelry with a modern look, visit the Cornelis Hollander store or web site and see more examples of the designs and detailed work.