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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Cakes Go Chocolate

Chocolate wedding cake? Yum! I know, you're used to white or even pastels, but why not go with chocolate? It's rich, a little unconventional, and what I like, surprising. I like something a bit different. This chocolate petal wedding cake has a mocha spice cake under the bittersweet chocolate 'leaves.' This is one of the most striking wedding cakes I've seen.
Another cake shown on Martha's website is this chocolate chestnut wedding cake. It is topped with sugared fruit and laurel leaves, so no worry about finding in season flowers if you are having a winter wedding. Chocolate wedding cakes appeal to me for winter weddings, they're warm, rich and melt in  your mouth! Yum!
Visit Martha Stewart Weddings for a group of chocolate wedding cakes to choose from for your wedding day.

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