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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Inexpensive Christmas Wedding Decorations

Photo from Mallory Lane
Having a Christmas wedding? These red and white holiday finials are only $21.99 (this doesn't include the pots and balls and greenery at the bottom) but think how much money they will save you compared to flowers of a comparable height. Not only that, if you read the comments on the product there is not one negative.
While I suppose if you were very crafty you could figure out how to make these yourself, I think by the time you got all the materials together you would spending more than if you just order these online.
I love finding decorations that are a little bit different and Mallory Lane has some other great Christmas wedding ideas as well. (OK, so they're basically Christmas but they work for a wedding during the holiday season as well.) 
So take a stroll through Mallory Lane's website and see what you think would work for your wedding. Some of the candles would work for a Valentine's Day wedding as well.
Let me know what you find and like. I love hearing your comments.

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