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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Singing In The Rain... Umbrellas For Your Wedding

How in love with this photo are you? I admit, I am! I love the way all the different color umbrellas are mixed with the white lights and really show off the dance floor at this wedding. But you don't have that many umbrellas you say? Well neither do I, but I can solve your problem--just call Bella Umbrellas.
Just wait until you see their web site! Every color and design you can imagine. No matter what color your wedding theme is Bella can help you out.
And the best part, you can RENT the umbrellas. No having to invest a small fortune for some great photos. Instead, rent them and return them. Such easy decorations! And the best part, they won't die like flowers might, so no worry if you're having them shipped.
So if you're a bride looking for a unique look for your wedding, contact Bella Umbrellas for rentals or their sister site, if you want to purchase your own umbrellas.

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