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Sunday, December 19, 2010

String Chandeliers and Centerpieces You Can Do Yourself

Photo courtesy of Wednesday Custom Design Events & Paperwork

Jessica at Wednesday Custom Design Events & Paperwork ( ) tells you how to make these great string balls that you can use for either centerpieces or as chandeliers to hang from the trees outside. The bright white accented with flowers in your wedding colors adds a custom look at a DIY price. These are so easy you could rope in your flower girl to help make them! Wednesday Custom Design also has lots of other great ideas to make your wedding day pop! So head on over to their web site and blog and enjoy a feast for you DIY eyes!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Highlight Your Food Choices by Using Colorful and Unique Vegetables

Photos courtesy of  TheBearFootShaman  at Etsy

 As an Etsy addict and a DIY bride, when I came across an Etsy store, TheBearFootShaman I saw a way to marry my love of gardening with gorgeous food presentation for a wedding or shower.  At TheBearFootShaman they have heirloom seeds for sale for absolutely gorgeous vegetables! Take the time to browse the store for vegetables to brighten your wedding day food selections. Even if you aren't serving the food cooked, some of these would make a great part of a crudite or chesse display.

My favorite is the Five Colors Swiss Chard. These colorful plants are almost impossible not to grow! They will grow in places where there isn't enough sun or too much sun as well as where the soil grade is poor. You can cook them like spinach for a colorful side, after all, why serve ho-hum green beans with almonds when you can highlight your plates with gorgeous vegetables?

Purple Cauliflower from Sicily photo courtesy of: TheBearFootShaman's Store on

 This gorgeous purple cauliflower is a great accent vegetable or perfect for hors d'oeuvres. Use it as a dip bowl by hollowing it out. Surround it with cheeses. The options are endless. And not to be a killjoy but it's also good for you!

The Bearfootshaman offers additional seeds from other heirloom varieties, so head on over. Even if you aren't planning a wedding the seed choices will jazz up dinner any night of the week. Visit TheBearFootShaman for lots of other choices like pear shaped tomatoes, chocolate color peppers and more!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birdsnest Flower Baskets

You too can make this designer-look birdsnest bouquet. Just go to under the heading: Weddung DIY Decorations for directions as well as the products you need to purchase to make these for your bridal party. It's simple, you can order everything you need from them (except fresh flowers), and you can put everything together ahead of time just adding the flowers on the day of your wedding. I highly recomment this craft site for both your wedding DIY projects and any other projects, they're prices are great and the service in phenomonal. Have fun!

Envelope Template If You Are Making Your Own Invitations

If you are creative or crafty you're probably making your own invitations.  But you still need envelopes.  This template, available for only $16.95 from makes envelopes simple and easy.  It allows you to create envelopes that measure: 4.5 inches W x 6.4 inches W; the template measures 7.8 inches W x 11 inches H, W x 0.1 inches thickness. It is an International Standard Size, Format: C6 and suitable for content format: A6 (or A4 folded in half twice).  If you invitation is an different size you should be able to adapt the template fairly easily. Because it's made of wood it will last so you can use it for other projects after your wedding (maybe some creative thank you notes?).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

For The Bride Who Loves The Unusual or Offbeat

All Photos courtesy of Refinerii at

Etsy seller Refinerii offers the bride who is looking for an unusual option for flowers a custom aluminum bouquet decorated with your choice of Swarovski Austrian crystals, fresh-water or crystal pearls, glass beads, vintage rhinestones, etc.  You can color coordinate your bouquet with the rest of your wedding if you want something other than just white or crystal.  Not for the faint of heart but perfect for the bride who wants something just a little bit different or who wants a bouquet that lasts.  Refinerii suggests repurposing your bouquet as a Christmas tree topper.  Nothing like getting more bang for your buck!

Saving Money on Your Flowers

                                                      Photo courtesy of Designs by Ahn

At a recent bridal show I talked to a bride who passed on this tip. She bought her flowers in the Flower District in NYC. The public aren't allowed in early enough to get the top notch blooms but you can still get great flowers if you go later in the morning. She reported spending $200. for her flowers which included her vases and supplies to arrange her flowers and make bouquets, some rented candelabras, and a combination of roses, dahlias, irises, sunflowers and greenery/fillers. Roses can often be purchased for under ten dollars for a bunch of 25! So check your city and find out where the florists buy their stock.

Another great option is to buy your flowers at a wholesale club like BJs or Costco. Check out their web sites for prices and availability or stop in and talk to the manager in the store. Why pay florist prices if you can cut out the charges they add for the flowers?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Give Your Drinks A Real Buzz With Fizzy Lizzy

Photo courtesy of Fizzy Lizzy

I recently discovered some incredible juice drinks at my local Whole Foods. Known as "Fizzy Lizzy" this award winning beverage is a combination of fruit juice and 'fizzy water,' hence the name "Fizzy Lizzy." Fizzy Lizzy comes in eight different flavors (my personal favorite is pineapple, grapefruit a close second, but try
them all!). I love that they not only quench my thirst but have a high percentage of REAL juice without fillers.

You can choose to drink these alone or use them to make signature drinks, Fizzy Lizzy is a great boutique juice option for your wedding.

Their web site reveals there really is a REAL Fizzy Lizzy. According the the site: "One day back in 1995, Liz (yes, there’s a “Lizzy”) was riding her bike. As usual, she had a carton of grapefruit juice and a bottle of sparkling water in her backpack. You see, it was her habit to mix juice and seltzer and the only way to get that combination was to make it yourself. So she got off her bike, started mixing and had her “aha” moment. The next thing you know Liz is running a little company out of her fifth floor Manhattan walk-up, pounding the pavement and evangelizing (to anyone who would listen) about the virtues of juice and sparkling water without the usual added sugars, gums, or other junk. A new religion is born: The Fizzy Lizzy Church of Healthy Soda (TFLCHS for short). Try Fizzy Lizzy. We think you’ll join up. Whether you’re into our Cranberry or our Pineapple, all are welcome. TFLCHS has a big tent."

Stop by their web site for more information on "Fizzy Lizzy" with a list of flavors and serving ideas.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guest Post by Joy McMillan of Pink Kangaroo Design -- Your Go To Source for Invites, Maps, and Seating Charts

Started by Joy McMillan, a stay-at-home-mom with a love for design and all things wedding, Pink Kangaroo Design is a little {full-service} design company with big dreams.  From its meager beginning as a hobby that enabled Joy to stay home with her children, Pink Kangaroo Design {in it’s former, less pink, format:} has blossoming into a growing business that has created invitations for weddings from Los Angeles to Johannesburg.  From custom designed wedding invitations to programs and seating charts, Joy will work alongside you to design the perfect wedding creations that exude your unique style and taste. 

Visit her online at or at her personal blog,

Photos courtesy of Joy McMillan and Pink Kangaroo Design

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eyelet Lanterns Light Up Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of
Bring a festive glow to your celebration with these lovely white eyelet paper lanterns. Perfect for a wedding reception or bridal shower. Set of 3 (1 piece measures 11.75"Dia and 2 piece measures 8" Dia) , comes with 3 wire frames. Simply unfold these eyelet paper lanterns, insert the wire frame, and suspend in different heights using monofilament strings (not included) to create a festive celebration. This not a light source, decorative only.

Argyles Anyone?

Posted on Santa Barbara Chic from Whitebox Weddings

Looking for a unique way to group your groomsmen? Consider having all of them wear argyle socks. These pictures offer you a great visuals of the possibilities for your photo album. The socks can be groomsmen gifts or each groomsman can purchase their own. Match or coordinate, it makes a great photo.

Photo from Santa Barbara Chic from Cooper Carras

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainbow Color Cookie and Candy Buffet

Photo and Paper Designs by TomKatstudio at

These colorful and eye-catching sandwich cookies are dipped in brightly colored melted chocolate. Yum! Add to your candy/sweet buffet! Add some pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and rolled in multi-colored jimmies and some lollipops in rainbow colors as well. The paper goods are by TomKatstudios on Be sure an visit their blog and get the signs to go with your table. They have all sorts of professionally executed designs that will change you party from ho-hum to WOW!

DIY Kid Friendly Favors

Photo and Idea from DIY section

If you're having children in your wedding or as guests at your wedding, you might want to provide kid-friendly favors. These DIY favors are courtesy of Gwenab on The Offbeatbride's site gives you the specific directions as well as links to the sites she learned how to make these from under the DIY section of the site. Lego actually has a ice cube mold (go to You can use this to make crayons in the shapes of lego men! Kudos to you Gwen! Great idea and execution! Other suggestions included stars and other fun shapes.

Photo and product from

Economical Orchid Centerpieces

Photo and design by

If you are like many brides when you got a quote for flowers and suffered from sticker shock! Wow! How can flowers cost that much?  So you may have had to make some accomodations to still use the flowers you love for your wedding.  The designers at Wedding Aces give you information on how they crafted the above orchid centerpieces without breaking the bank. So if you're a DIY bride head over to their web site, for further directions. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as Inexpensive Orchids?

Photo of Orchids from Whole Foods

If you want to use orchids in your wedding bouquet or even for your centerpieces, consider buying whole plants at Home Depot or Whole Foods. This will often save you quite a bit of money over ordering them by the stem. And this way you'll have the plants to enjoy as they bloom year after year.

Southern Rolls to Serve at Your Wedding or Bridal Shower
Photo and recipe coutesy of http://www,
Looking for food that has a romantic twist for your wedding?  Why not try these heart shaped refrigerator rolls featured on  The recipe is easy to make ahead of time and you can slice them in half and stuff them with quality thin sliced ham or other meat of your choice.  The recipe needs around a pound of meat to fill them.  Consider adding some Boursin cheese for a hint of garlic and herbs.
Go check out Amanda's web site above for her Grandmother's recipe, and while you are there take the time to browse through her other blog posts, many of which offer other great ideas for parties.  Another flavor option would be to sprinkle with some dried lavendar or some italian seasonings.  Yum!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Purple Inspiration Board

Looking for that perfect purple bouquet? Or how about some great shoes to accent your purple themed weddding?  Go to where you'll find flowers, cake, and more to help plan your day.

Suggestions for a SunnyYellow Wedding Day

Photos courtesy of

Planning a bright and sunny yellow wedding?  Go to where there are inspiration boards designed to help you coordinate you wedding day. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Design to Die For -- Outdoor Spaces You Never Want to Leave

All Photos courtesy of EP Henry, Philadelphia Design Home

Outdoor weddings and weddings at your home have become more common as the cost for renting the country club or a mansion to hold your wedding in has skyrocketed.  Why not take the money you might spend on your venue and update your outdoor living area?  In the mid-eastern United States EP Henry is one of the best known outdoor design firms and they offer design services as well as products used to execute your project. 

Monday evening my guest and I were fortunate to be one of the guests at the EP Henry Patio Party at the Philadelphia Design Home. For anyone who is not familiar with the concept of the design home, each year a fabulous home is designed and decorated to show off the skills of local designers and builders. Design Home ticket proceeds benefit the local Ronald McDonald house which provides a 'home away from home' for families of children with serious illnesses being treated at Philadelphia area hospitals. For more information on the Ronald McDonald House go to this Philly Mag link.

Our host, EP Henry did the outdoor design work including the area surrounding a fabulous salt-water pool area complete with fountains pouring water into it from above as well as an outdoor living space that was as relaxing as it was beautiful.

Outdoor spaces now include more than you basic grill and picnic table and EP Henry pulled out all the stops to show just what homeowners can do.  EP Henry can help you design your own outdoor living space even if you aren't planning a design on a grand scale. 

Chambord was also there promoting their new flavored vodka.  I'm not usually a drinker but I have to admit to being impressed with the product!  I'll be sure to pick some up the next time I'm at the liquor store for my guests at home. I highly recommend it to brides looking for a great product to build their signature drink at their wedding around. 

The house is located on 4.5 acres of land in Gwynedd Valley. Some of the features that rocked were the raised outdoor living area that included perks like waterproof outdoor electronics and a great fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a lower level and a garage.

EP Henry's design featured Devonshire Gaelic and Tennyson pavers in Sandstone Cream and Bluestone, a Cast Veneer Stone Ledgestone wall in Aspen, and Coventry Stone III pavers in Dakota Blend.  Just head over to their web site to see the variety of stone and paving products available for both the DIY'er and thoseof us who need to hire a contractor.

For homeowners interested in redoing their own backyards EP Henry has three special events at the design home that can help you transform your grass and cement block patio into a luxurious living area perfect for your daughter's upcoming wedding or for any entertaining or relaxation. Why pay to rent a wedding venue when you can update your yard and invest the money in a design that you can enjoy for years to come?
  • Design-a-Palooza Join us on Saturday, September 25, from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM at the Design Home for our biggest hardscape design event ever! This event will give you and your readers the chance to speak with EP Henry designers and have your “before” photos be transformed by professional designers to create a realistic “after” image using our state-of-the-art PRO Landscape Software.  
  • Green Day, Oct 2 : Increase your storm water IQ and get tax credits in return with this easy-to-follow demonstration on permeable guidelines and township standards
  • 5% discount for 5 Saturdays (September 11, September 18, September 25, October 2 and October 9) with EPH matching 5% as donation to Ronald McDonald House. I am very happy to announce that EP Henry will be offering the Philly Social Media Moms an additional 5% off during this time. This will increase your discount to 10%!

 EP Henry has PRO Landscape software that allows them to take a photo of your current yard and turn it into an outdoor living space you'll never want to leave!  EP Henry also can help you finance your project.  So take a ride out to the design home on the days listed above and take advantage of EP Henry's expertise and to support a great cause, The Ronald McDonald House.  All ticket proceeds go to the charity. 

**Please note, the sponsor and her guest were invited without cost to them to this party. Food, drink and a tour were provided at no cost but this did not effect the expression of my opinions in this sponsored blog post.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The 'IT' Shades For Weddings

Photo courtesy of is showing these colors as the 'IT' colors for your bridesmaides to wear.  From the deep red to the Wedgewood blue, colors are vibrant and a perfect foil for you white gown.  The colors dazzle the eye and can be mixed together so you have a vibrant bridal party.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Need A Minister For Your Wedding?

If you aren't affiliated with a church but need a minister for your wedding, Ken Gelzhiser, M.Div. from St. Mark's Methodist Church in Broomall PA will perform weddings either at his church or at your location anywhere in Delaware County PA.  Call 610-356-1199 or 610-353-1544.  He'll also do counseling if anyone is interested in that service as well.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Garters to Go!

This artisan at All For You Bridal's on has been designing for fifteen years. The artist has designed delicate super sexy and delicate garters for your wedding day.  Made in a variety of colors and textures with high quality fabrics, you have your choice of simple lace (although it's so gorgeous it's not so simple) or brighter colors or designs.  The garters are all absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Garters stretch to a comfortalbe 25 inch. Plus sizes are available.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keepsake Tiles by Sadie Ryan -- When You Want To Display A Piece of Your Wedding Day

Photos courtesy of:

Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles are unique gifts and the perfect way to display a copy of the invitation to your wedding. The tiles are crafted by hand using the age old practice of sand casting. This process results in an antique white finish that is a perfect foil for your wedding invitation. Each tile has a design at the edge to highlight your invitation information. At this time they offer The Fleur-de-lis & Scroll Antique Finish shown on their web site. Tiles come in two sizes: 8.75 x 7 inches or 10.75 x 6.5 inches. If there is some information you do not want on your tile, talk to them when you place your order and they will try to accomodate you. The stand is sold separately, but this makes the perfect keepsake for the newlyweds. They also do birth announcements and baby tiles.

Designs for the DIY Bride

Photo from

Dover Publications designs books filled with monograms and designs perfect for the DIY bride.  Also if you sign up at their web site they will send you freebies that you can use to design wedding accessories or for other DIY projects.  Many of their books come complete with a CD-ROM filled with designs. 

Looking For Something DIfferent?

Photographs courtesy of Mike Garibay

If you don't want to use a photobooth like the rest of the world, or depend on tabletop cameras for your guests to shoot photos, why not hire a caricaturist?  Mike Garibay, formerly a caricaturist at Disneyworld, now from suburban Philadelphiam will draw your guests for unique mementos of your wedding day.  Contact Mike directly for costs and travel information.  Email:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cherry Blossom Wedding Accents

Photo and Item Available at:

Looking for a simple yet romantic accent for your tabletops? These artificial cherry blossoms in simple white vases are an easy DIY project for the bride. Since they aren't alive, no watering required, so you can put them together well ahead of time. Consider sprinkling some pink 'diamonds' on the tabletop or adding some pink votives if you think it looks a little bare. $10.99/set of two.

Wreaths for Weddings

Photo and design courtesy of:

For your wedding why not consider bringing the warmth and beauty of nature indoors and compliment any room with Organic Bouquet's eco-friendly and sustainable wreaths and swags. Simple yet attractive designs.  Great on walls, doors or windows.  Around $50. each.  Organic Bouquet also ships large quantities of flowers, just check their web site for which flowers are available and for costs.

Favor for Bridal Shower

Photo courtesy of:

Remember your first love note in school, passed from pupil to pupil until it fell into your hands? These "Love Notes" Sticky Notes are designed to bring back that old feeling! Each sheet, etched with "Love Notes" in pretty pink, lets that special someone know how you feel. The perfect favor for wedding showers! The 2" x 2" notes come in a perfectly fitted, white box sprinkled with pink hearts and enduring sentiments like "Hold Me Tonight". A shining, silver heart charm and a pink-and-black bow of sheer organza and satin complete this "notable" favor.

Perfect Placecards

Photo and product courtesy of:

Looking for chic and modern place card holders?  Try these sleek silver cubes with a slot for your placecards.  These are highly polished silver plated heavyweight stylized place card holders. The bottom of each holder is velvet lined and cubes measure approximately 3/4" square.  The best thing about these holders is you can use them after your wedding.  Perfect!  If you're going to spend money on something like this, being able to reuse it later is a real bonus.  Each set of 12 is $24.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grooming Your Groom

My favorite suggestion was offered to me by a newly married friend as what she considered a 'must have' for her groom--AN EXTRA TUXEDO SHIRT.  During the day, especially if you're having a summer wedding or if you're serving pasta, tuxedo shirts can take a beating.  So rent an extra for a back up--just in case.  This way your wedding photos will have a groom who looks well groomed, even at the end of the day.

Jones Soda With Personalized Labels

Photo courtesy of Jones Soda at

Jones Soda will personalize bottles of their fabulous soda for you, but the only problem is it's almost thirty dollars for twelve, a pretty pricey wedding favor.  Instead purchase cases of their soda at less than half that price and make your own labels.  Choose your favorite soda or a combination of flavors so guests have an option.  Be sure to ask for discounts if you are buying this in bulk.  Most stores will offer you a discount for large bulk purchases.  If the first place you try won't do it, just keep trying.  Even a 10% discount when you're planning a wedding adds up in a hurry.

Create Table Interest Using Napkin Origami

Napkin Origami available at Barnes and Noble Stores or Web Sites

Napkin origami is an inexpensive and creative way to add interest to your table.  There are both web sites and books available for you to learn the art and decide if it's right for your wedding reception. 
Why just fold your napkins in half, when they can become an ice cream cones or swans?  Use paper  or fabric napkins and turn them into restaurant-worthy eye-catchers and transform your table.

napkins with a twist by David Stark, available at and other fine booksellers

Monday, August 9, 2010

Chic Ink's Creative Designs for Your Invitations and Stationary

Thank You Notes
Photos and All Creative Design courtesy of Heather at Chic Ink, web site:

I have to admit I saw the Thank You card above and fell in love with Heather's designs! Go to  to see her entire line of custom stationary.  The imaginative stationary at Chic Ink is created by Heather Hildebrant. Heather's classes where she taught others the art of rubber stamping and paper crafting turned into a strong customer list of people who appreciated and wanted to purchase pre-made invitations, scrapbooks, and party favors so it was only natural to turn her talent into a business. Her business, Chic Ink prides itself on high quality, unique, and custom-made paper projects, all of which are perfect for inviting your family and friends to join you on your wedding day.  Heather's paper projects that are perfect for your wedding and party favors can be seen on my blog on wedding favors at as well as on her website and blog.

Invitation Set

Contact Chic Ink today to get started on your custom designs for any of the following items:

Save the Date
Extra insert (ie. accomodations card, directions card, etc.)
Deluxe envelopes for invitation and response card (ie. colored and/or lined envelopes)
Wedding Program
Wedding Favor
Escort card
Place card
Table number
Digital invite (use this on your wedding website, email to friends, or save as a keepsake)
Return address printing
Guest address printing
Thank you card
Wedding announcement
Other special items.

Heather's Referral Bonus: Everytime you refer a new client to Heather, you recieve a gift of 20 free greeting cards, your referral also receives a gift of 20 free cards.  So share Heather's talented stationary with your friends and family!