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Monday, June 28, 2010

Elegant Chairs for the Bride and Groom

Photos and designs from, Photographer David Willems Photography

Etsy offers the bride and groom a lot of choices for items to accent their wedding day.  Everything from the whimsical to the elegant, Etsy has something for every bride. Khamm75's Store on

Photos and designs from, Photographer David Willems Photography

Thank You Note How To's

Kate Spade Thank You Notes, Photo courtesy of

Crane offers you not only a large selection of invitations with coordinating Thank You notes for your wedding but also an easy how to lesson on writing a thank you note.  Having a simple but easy template for your notes will cut the time you spend writing them in half.  Just customize for the person and their gift and you're in business! Since etiquette demands that you write a note for each gift, you could spend a long time writing notes!  Crane gives you a list of things to include as well as a sample.   There are also websites that will help you write a thank you note, like, where they not only give you 'how to' but also remind you of the proper etiquette for thank you's for gifts.  It's important to note that each gift gets a different note, so if you get a wedding gift and shower gift from the same person, each gift merits a thank you note.

Kate Spade Thank You Note Courtesy of

Cherry Blossom Wedding

If you have a cherry blossom theme for your invitations, this fan is a perfect accent for your guests to use on a warm day, especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Game Over and Other Gifts for The Groom

For you groom this tee shirt will give him and the guys something to laugh about as you end his days of bachelorhood forever!

Customized Window Clings

Love Birds are featured on this distinctive Window Cling. Customized clings can be used to personalize your get-away car in a sophisticated manner. Also plan to use these on the windows of your reception hall to help guide your guests. Other items are available in this design on

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celtic Knot Bubble Wands

Photo courtesy of

This small bubble wand is 4 inches long with a celtic knot that is approximately 1 inch in diameter. The wand comes with a white organza carrying bag and bottle of bubbles. They are available in large quantities for weddings. Perfect for the bride with a Celtic theme wedding.


Casual Wear for Your Beach Wedding?

Photo courtesy of:

Ok, so you know what you're going to wear, you're the bride and have probably put months into choosing just the right gown, but your groom may have been planning to go the rental tuxedo route, until you decided on a picnic or beach wedding! Now what to do? No worries. Try anyof these linen or cottom options for your groom. His shirt can act as an accent color for your wedding or you can coordinate his shirts with your bridesmaids. For other choices run a search under "Mexican Wedding Shirts" and you'll find plenty to choose from. All these shirts also come in ivory or white, but I thought the color option was a little more interesting! Also all shirts shown here come in XXL or XXXL sizes as well as S, M, L, and XL.


   Photo courtesy of:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wedding Cakes From Royally Iced Cakes

All Photos and designs from:

Royally Iced Cakes offers brides a wide selection of wedding cakes from classic to modern designs.  Visit their website to see samples of their work (too bad you can't taste online!).  YUM!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Renting Your Wedding Jewelry

Why not rent that fabulous jewelry for your wedding?  Sure your wedding band is a one time purchase that you want to keep forever, but why not consider renting a stunning piece of jewelry (or two) to wear on that special day?  Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are all available for rent. will ship the jewelry to you the week of your wedding and give you a return mailer to send it back again afterwards.  What could be easier?  Check out to see all the beautiful choices you have, reserve one today!

Bling for the Bride's Bouquet

Photo courtesy of

What is bouquet jewelry? It is a crystal or rhinestone accent attached to a flexible metal pick that can be easily inserted into your bouquet. It's an easy way to make your bouquet as memorable as your wedding day. This site offers bouquet jewelry in flowers, hearts, initials, buckles, color accents, butterflies, and starfish. They have it all.

Nordstrom Non-Wedding Wedding Gowns

Looking for a wedding gown that isn't a wedding gown?  They are half the cost and often a great option espcially if you are looking for a dress without a train.  Anyone having an outdoor wedding might want to consider one of these options.  All of these are from Nordstrom's but any quality department store will give you a good selection of white gowns to choose from.

If you are having a beach wedding this next dress is perfect for pool or seaside weddings.  It adds some color to your gown but still keeps it pretty and feminine.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking For A Gown With Sleeves?

Posted on, Reposted from Wedding Aces thanks to Jessica
Image credits clockwise left to right: Le Spose di Gio, Claire Pettibone, Sassi Holford, Junko Yoshioka, Jenny Packham,Peter Langner, Monique Lhullier, Angelina Colarusso

If you are like a lot of brides out there, while the strapless sheath is attractive on some brides, others want a gown that either allows for more support or gives some arm coverage.  Of these gowns she posted on Wedding Aces, Jessica said, "Classic and timeless, finding a gown with long sleeves has been no easy task! Thankfully, that traditional style element is making a comeback, and brides who dream of never seeing another strapless gown again are heaving a collective sigh of relief! At their most flattering when constructed of light, malleable fabrics such as lace, organza, chiffon and dupioni, sleeves subtly turn up the volume on style."

Floral Rings Decorate Your Wine Bottles

The Etsy store AmoreBride offers these attractive floral rings that you can put around the neck of your favorite wine bottle for a quick, easy and inexpensive centerpiece.  High quality silk flowers make each bottle of wine look like a piece of art.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lavendar Invitations From

These Etsy-based stationers and paperies offer an interesting selection of wedding invitations, including both handmade and printable options, shown are perfect for a lavendar wedding.  Inspirations board from

1. Margot Madison Stationery // 2. ‘i do’ it yourself // 3. Eden Invitations & Stationery // 4. Beckoning Bliss Paperie

Peacock Wedding Accessories and Accents

Some more fabulous handmade items for planning a wedding with a peacock motif, including shoe clips, a boutonniere, a necklace and a clutch.
1. RadoKri Fashion Accessories // 2. April Hiler Designs // 3. Elaine Haydon Jewelry // 4. Red Ruby Rose
These artisan wedding boutiques all have a little something special for a peacock-themed wedding: save-the-date cards, flowers, hair accessories and jewelry.
1. tucci paper company // 2. Fabricated Family // 3. sweet grass mill // 4. Dutch Pearl
Our final selection of beautiful peacock-themed wedding accessories, invitations and stationery, place cards and bouquets.
1. Luly’s Wedding Accessories // 2. Captured Moments by Amy Leigh // 3. Timeless Paper // 4. Amore Bride

Professional Wedding Videography -- How To DVD has produced this great DVD that offers tips to new videographers and DIYers.

This 11-part video guides you through the steps to follow to produce a $1000 plus wedding video. This video is intended for the beginning wedding videographer but would be helpful to a DIYer as well.

There are examples from actual wedding videos which demonstrate the professional techniques you want to acquire. Everything from B-roll, sound, timing and capturing those must have shots. To purchase this video go to

Hats Off to the Groom!

Consider a fun hat for the groom on your wedding day. The bride has all kinds of fun accessories, so why not give your groom a hat to accessorize his tuxedo or other wedding day attire? This hat is courtesy of There are all kinds of hats to choose from, your groom could wear a derby, a fedora, a bowler or a gangster hat. The only limits are your imagination!

Parasols -- A New Wedding Accessory

All Photos In This Post Courtesy of

Having your wedding outdoors, at the beach, maybe in a park?  Consider parasols as an attractive accessory for you and your bridemaids.  Parasols come in many colors and patterns, some replicas of vintage parasols, some oriental in design, some plain colors or with your monogram stenciled on them.  Which one would fit your wedding day? 



Friday, June 11, 2010

Gloves or Guantlets?

Many brides wear gloves for their weddings, but an interesting option is to choose to wear guantlets.  Etsy artist, Crystal at Crystalsidyll at ( makes guantles for brides.  These guantlets are easier than gloves, leaving your fingers free for adding your ring during the ceremony and making it easier to eat at your reception.   No worries about staining your gloves.  Also guantlets are friendly to rounder figures since they are adjustable.  (For exact measurements see information at Crystals Idyll store at  Crystal also offers other unique accents for your wedding day and can do custom work for you.

These black and white guantlets are perfect for a black and white theme wedding.  They are made from panne velvet and are perfect for your bridesmaids.  Matching white gauntlets in white panne velvet can be special ordered.

The Anthony Chapel at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas

The Anthony Chapel at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the third and largest glass chapel the photographers have had the pleasure to photograph a wedding at. The chapel was designed by Architects Maurice Jennings and David McKee.  The Anthony Chapel is in a beautiful location surrounded by the forest of Garvan Woodland Gardens. There is seating for up to 200 of your guest the chapel at Garvan Gardens and this gorgeous locations is one of the premier wedding locations in Arkansas.

If you would like to view wedding photos at the Anthony chapel check out Emilie & Brian's wedding on the Catchlight Photography home page.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moroccan Theme Wedding Inspiration Board

Go for color! Grab some of the colorful ideas from this bright Moroccan theme inspiration board and add them to your wedding.  You don't have to be Moroccan, just love color.  Be it hot pink, oranges, or aqua, or better yet a combination of those colors, pull them all together and your wedding will rock everyone's visual world.

Inspiration Board Courtesy of:
Colourful Moroccan Theme by decordiva Presents

Blue and Green Inspiration Board

Pink and Yellow Inspiration Board

Peacock Inspiration Boards

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Purple or Blue Inspiration Photos

All Photos and designs from Ariella Chezar(design) and Megan Smith (photographer)

Red and Black Theme Wedding

New Flower Ideas -- All Colors

All Photography shown on by Gustav Campos