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Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank You Note How To's

Kate Spade Thank You Notes, Photo courtesy of

Crane offers you not only a large selection of invitations with coordinating Thank You notes for your wedding but also an easy how to lesson on writing a thank you note.  Having a simple but easy template for your notes will cut the time you spend writing them in half.  Just customize for the person and their gift and you're in business! Since etiquette demands that you write a note for each gift, you could spend a long time writing notes!  Crane gives you a list of things to include as well as a sample.   There are also websites that will help you write a thank you note, like, where they not only give you 'how to' but also remind you of the proper etiquette for thank you's for gifts.  It's important to note that each gift gets a different note, so if you get a wedding gift and shower gift from the same person, each gift merits a thank you note.

Kate Spade Thank You Note Courtesy of


Pilar said...

Adore Kate Spade!

Cookie said...

Kate Spades stationary is so great! Up to date but still elegant.

LilaB said...

grt info