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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shirtwaist Wedding Gown-Which Star Could Pull It Off?

Source: via Alexsis on Pinterest

I'm trying to decide who would wear this dress.  If it were a split skirt into wide pants, I'd say Kate Hepburn. But the ruffles in the center rule that out.  Perhaps Grace Kelly before she married into royalty? No, not lacy enough.  Who do you think would wear this best? (No you cannot vote for yourself or  your best friend, we're talking movie stars here.) Leave your comments below.


Kristina - CT-DJ said...

Such a beautiful and unique wedding gown. The design is just simple but unique. Thanks for sharing this to us.

Nancy said...

I love the uniqueness of the gown. Happy to share with you and the rest of my readers. Thanks so much for commenting, it helps me find more things that people will enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I'm looking around and something like this would be amazing! This page goes in my bookmarks.

Nancy said...

Very Kate Hepburn-ish is you're an vintage movie fan! Otherwise just a very classic dress, perfect for a bride with a real sense of style.