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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daisy Mason Jar Lids

Photo from GroopDealz from Party On Designs

GroopDealz is showing these daisy mason jar lids today for sale, and they are just as cute as can be! Perfect for you wedding or shower to top off a standard mason jar (which seem to be everyone's favorite multipurpose jar these days!)

The lids fit a 2 3/4" diameter jar, up to the 70 mm jars.  These great details on these lids give your wedding day some 'pop' and give each mason jar a special appeal.  These were featured in Brides Magazine and were noted to be "one of the hottest ways to add life to a party!" So hurry over to GroopDealz to order yours now!

Fill the jars with some lemonade and add some frozen fruit as a substitute for ice cubes. Strawberries are my favorite fruit to freeze but other fruits work as well. You want something with decent size and bright coloring. So enjoy your day--and sip through some striped straws for a party atmosphere.  You'll be able to reuse these jars and their cute lids for years to come, so be sure the caterers know NOT to throw them out! You'll have fun retelling the story of all the parties you have used these for, starting with your wedding day!

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