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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting In Shape - Eat This, Not That

                 Food Suggestion Chart: courtesy of Whole Foods
                              "Health Starts Here" Program

Are you trying to get into shape for your wedding day? Or stay in shape after your wedding? Here are some easy choices. The left column are to be avoided at all costs, and the suggestions for replacement snacks improve from left to right.

Craving Candy but want a good replacement? Try baked fries. Or better yet, baked sweet potato fries, or best of all "veggie fries" (zucchini, beets or parsnips). Want to try my favorite recipe? Head over to Tracey's Culinary Adventures for the recipe--one word describes these--YUM!

Are you a soda drinker? 100% fruit juice is a good choice compared to soda, but 100% fruit juice mixed with sparkling water is a better choice, but your best choice? Good old H2O! Want to make your water 'better'--buy yourself some sexy Fiji Water.

Photo courtesy of Fiji Water

You know how much better it tastes just from looking at the bottle! And since it's from an aquafir at the edge of the rainforest it is far from pollution, far from nasty acid rain and far from industrial waste!  Good for your skin. Good for you! So yes, water is your best choice!

Photo from chocoliciousnyblog

Dying for some chips and dip? Heavy on the salt, onion and sour cream? OK, just look at that list of ingredients--do any of them look good for you? Let alone mixed together with fried slices of potatoes! So move to a healthier choice.  Try some 65% cocoa dark chocolate.  Or moving healthier, granola with low fat yogurt.  Best? Dried fruit. I prefer apricots or cranberries, or a tiny box of raisins. Need some fruit to offer your guests? Pick up a whole platter of dried fruits for wedding festivities at Chocolicious New York.  Dried fruit, the candy bar of the future! Filled with sugar but all natural sugars, so if you have to binge... go natural!

Keep you portions under control (well the water you can probably drink as much as you like!) but remember, no matter what you are eating, portions are key. And a great place to shop for healthy food choices? Your closest Whole Foods Market! Whole Foods not only sells healthy food they have employees trained to help you make healthy choices. Be sure and talk to their seafood departments for great ideas for cooking fish and to their whole body section for ideas for soaps, lotions and vitamins to keep you healthy. Whole Foods offers it all! And it's just a short drive away. 

And just in case you haven't chosen a baker for your wedding cake? Stop in their bakery and talk to their master bakers about their beautiful creations for your wedding day. Anyone who has ever walked by their bakery case knows they do beautiful work! (OK, so cake probably isn't healthy, but on your wedding day, you can splurge!)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blue Flowers?

Blue flowers in your hair? What a great idea for a wedding! Just braid around the bottom of your hear, an en ad some fresh or silk flowers. Perfect to use instead of a veil, or for you bridesmaids to wear.

Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Signs of Worry Wort Brides & 5 Ways To Break The Wedding Worry Wort Habit

Who couldn't use 5 ways spot a worry wort bride and then 5 ways to help a wedding worry wort calm down and enjoy her wedding planning and wedding day?

Brides everywhere are notorious for worrying over tiny details that cannot be changed. Are you a worry wort bride? Here are five of the top five symptoms of Worry Wort brides:

5 signs of a Worry wort Bride:

1. Your fingernails are bitten to the quick. You've regressed to sucking your thumb at night.

Photo of nails of a worry wort bride. You couldn't even put acrylics on these!
2. You have a permanent case of hives (all worry induced!)

3. You are not enjoying your engagement, instead you have thousands of things you constantly worry about.

4. You do not look for answers to just your problems, you fret over ALL possible problems. (i.e. you are getting married in June but you worry about your wedding getting snowed out!)

5. You have a short temper when anyone mentions wedding planning. You bark at people who try to help you instead of accepting help graciously.

If the above describe you, or even one does, try these 5 solutions to breaking the "Worry Wort Wedding Habit.

What are 5 Ways to help a worry wort bride break her "Worry Wort Wedding Habit?"

1. Visualization. Visualize a positive ending to whatever your problem is. If you are worried that your mother-in-law to be will try to take over your wedding day, envision a wedding day where all is calm, you are in charge, or your chosen wedding planner runs things without a hitch. The trick--visualize positive!

2. Reject Your Wedding Worries. There is not a bride out there who does not have SOME worries, but it's how she handles them that separates the girls from the women. Girls stress out, throw temper tantrums or act out. A woman rejects her wedding worries. She knows 'what will be, will be.' 

A good way to handle those worry woes? When a worry arises, X it out with a mental red marker. This ritual for worries satisfies a brides need to DO SOMETHING when she feels a helpless when those wedding worries strike.

3. Be a Bride with lists. Divide your worries into two columns. one column of things you can do something about, one column for the things you can't change. Follow the ones you can't change for several weeks and see how many come true and how many don't.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised how many DO NOT come true. Lists are great for other things as well when wedding planning, but the worry lists have a calming effect on bride-itis.

Photo of Worry Jar from Dating Myself by Kristen Gale

4. My favorite worry-buster? The wedding worry jar. I know, you are laughing right? But she who laughs last... Here's how it works: write down everything that worries you on a piece of paper and drop the into a "Wedding Worry Jar" right before you go to sleep at night. This gives your brain 'permission' to relax and let those worries go while you get a good night's sleep, waking refreshed and able to tackle any wedding worries in the morning.

Not a bride with a pen and paper next to your bed? Try this web site, complete with it's own worry jar. The web site actually lets you email your worries to the wedding worry jar and tell it to remind you of the worry in a specific amount of time-GENIUS!

5. Now that you're more relaxed, take some time off from wedding planning and do something totally non-wedding! Go to a baseball game, a Monster Truck show, take your fiance on a picnic in the park, or just go for a drive in the mountains or down to the beach. Whatever you choose, the rules of day? No talk about weddings!

Feeling better? I bet you are, even if it is just because now you have A PLAN! And as Hannibal on the A-Team used to say "I just love it when a plan comes together!"

Now head over to my Pinterest board labeled Glitz and Glam and find some great acrylics (these are not only pretty, but they are HARD to bite if you're tempted to revert to your old bad habits!)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Orange Wedding Inspiration Boards

Orange Inspiration Board For Fall
Origin Pinterest Susanne Troke Wedding Mood Boards

Are you planning a fall wedding? Trying to decide on all those little details that will make your wedding 'your own' without breaking the bank? Try some of these inspiration boards. They have everything from cakes to flowers to favors and more.
Orange Inspiration Board
From The Knot (link no longer working)found on Pinterest via Susanne Troke

Sometimes one small thing will set the entire tone for your wedding. Is it the table numbers? Is it your invitations? It is up to you to make these hard (and sometimes overwhelming decisions! And they wonder why women turn into bridezillas? Should he wear a bow tie? Or not? Striped tie or plain? Etsy design or simple rental tie? Floral centerpieces or something more clever? What are you using to decorate the ladies room? (Yes brides do perseverate over this detail!)
Orange Wedding Inspiration Board
From Modern Girl Invitations

Are you a DIY bride? That just makes everything more complicated! You have to do it yourself! (or snag some good friends or your favorite relatives into helping out!) Tents? Country Club? Restaurant? Picnic? Formal? City vs. Country? Veil or fascinator? Hair up or down? Limo or sports car? Now you know just why there are so many bridal blogs and bridal magazines and books out there, all to help you make up your mind just what is right for you.

Orange/Clementine Inspiration Board From Pinterest
Origin on Style Me Pretty

What else do you have to think about? Bridesmaids and Ushers, will you choose family, friends or a mixture? Will you get married at home or have a destination wedding? Yes there are even whole sets of photos of grooms and the different sock selections they can wear to make the whole day perfect! SOCKS? I assure you, it's true! Not only that, some people have to choose a flower girl and ring bearer (or both), and some go even farther and bring their dog or cat. (PLEASE NOT BOTH!) Your venue will NOT thank you! Then you have to make up your mind what to give your bridesmaids as a gift (or your groomsmen), one more thing to add to the list. Never let it be said that planning a wedding is BORING!  So now you know just WHY there are so many inspiration boards out there, the bad thing? now you have even more ideas than when you started out! Happy Wedding Planning!

Orange Inspiration Board
From Style Me Pretty

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Forget To Fill In My Survey At The Right!

I know, I know, it's not polite to ask a lady her age, but I promise not to tell and it's totally confidential, you don't have to leave your email address or anything! I'm trying to get a better idea of the age and interests of my readers, so please click the box at the right that best describes your age.

And if you have any suggestions for articles feel free to leave me a comment below. I love hearing from my readers! (That's YOU!) So speak up, tell all!

And don't forget to follow me on Pinterest! Sometimes items get pinned that I don't have time to write about.  Thanks all. 

Nancy Ross Vecchione
Editor, WDW, Wedding Day Weekly(Blogging for Brides) and Other Blogs

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Contest! Open Now!

As a child did you ever drive you mom insane by playing "toilet paper brides?" If you didn't you truly had a deprived childhood! Honest, all you do is raid the linen closet (or wherever your mom kept the stockpile of toilet paper and start designing your very own wedding gown! read it right...out of toilet paper!

If you think you can design a world-class wedding gown using your stock of toilet paper, do I have the contest for you! Yes it's a REAL contest! It' the Eighth Annual Cheap Chic Weddings "Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest." It is sponsored by the clever folks at Charmin (so you dress is as soft against your skin as it looks on the outside!). Their deadline is June 1, 2012 at 11pm Eastern time.  Winners will be announced at a very special event hosted by Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square Odditorium on June 27, 2012.

Source: via James on Pinterest

What do you win? Grand prize winner will recieve $2012, 2nd place is $1000, and 3rd place still nets you $500. 
Listen to the following for the rules and regs of this fun contest.

YouTube Video of Do's and Don'ts of Paper Wedding Dress Contest

ACTIFRY GIVEAWAY: Smart Brides Add This To Their Registry!

What are happy, smart and health conscious brides adding to their bridal registry? ActiFry! In my opinion, ActiFry is the one new appliance (brought to you by the people at T-Fal), that no modern health conscious kitchen should be without. It makes 'frying' food faster, easier and healthier(since it uses little or no oil) (1 Tablespoon!) And it gives a fried food taste without deep fat frying. Instead ActiFry uses a new and patented technology with forced hot air and constant stirring with a paddle for perfect cooking everytime. It decreases fat grams in some recipes from 14 gms. to 3 or 4gms. Impressive! Want to see how it works? Just watch this video and see what you think.

All About The Actifry by T-Fal Produced by Nancy Ross Vecchione

Impressive right? Not only that, this is one kitchen gadget that isn't a bear to clean. All the pieces come apart, and most pieces can go right into your dishwasher! Easy enough for even the 'cooking challenged' bride or groom to use with fast and easy clean up (leaving plenty of time for a romantic evening!) ActiFry even comes complete with it's own little cookbook of fast and easy recipes. 

And the best news? WDW is hosting a sweepstakes so you can win a new ActiFry of your own. Don't just give ActiFry as a gift, get one for yourself too. After all, sometimes you deserve a gift too!

If, alas, you are not the winner, and still need to head out to purchase your wedding gift and an ActiFry for yourself, the ActiFry is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond stores, either online or in one of their convenient 'brick and mortar' stores.

If you're a bride who is getting married, be sure to add the ActiFry to your Bed, Bath and Beyond registry to make it easy for your guests to shop for your wedding gift. Actifry is one gift you'll enjoy using over and over. And one you'll be sure to tell your friends about.

How can you enter? It's simple! You have two chances to win. Just leave a comment below about what food you'd like to cook in your new ActiFry.  Then tweet about the giveaway using the hashtag #ActiFryGiveawayWDW and leave the link to your tweet below.

Afraid you might not win my giveaway, try:
 Robin Elton's article on Simple. Green. Organic. Happy. It's called "Trimming The Fat With Actifry."  or Stephanie Anderson's Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom: T-Fal ActiFry Giveaway and Review or Alyssa Boyle's Fun Finds for Families T-Fal Actifry {Review and Giveaway} or Kelly Anderson Moran's Delco Deal Diva: T-Fal ActiFry Review and Giveaway!! or Jersey Family Fun's 7 Reasons I Love The T-Fal Actifry - What's Cooking Wednesday Review & Giveaway by Jennifer Auer. Add on Jessica Lane Mudrick at Delaware County Moms.  And one more to add to the list: Blog: Genesis Moment by Sarah Oldham Peppel and her article GIVEAWAY & Glazed Apples with the T- Fal ActiFry

There's no excuse for at least not attempting to win one! Even if you don't want or need one for your house, they make great gifts for brides/grooms and or the grad headed to college who isn't a great cook. So enter here, enter there, Actifries are everywhere!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter. Be sure to leave your email address so you can be contacted if you are the winner.
**This sweepstakes is only open to residents of the United States 18 years old and older.
***This post was sponsored by ActiFry's representatives. I received compensation for running this giveaway as well as writing this post. The contents and opinions in this post are my own and not influenced by said compensation.
****I am not affiliated with other Actifry giveaways, they are posted only for your information. Any issues you have regarding winning or entering please contact them directly.

Actifry Giveaway!

Yes, my Actifry Giveaway is coming to WDW tomorrow! So get ready to enter so you can win this great new gadget by T-Fal. This gadget cuts the FAT. OK, so who hasn't been looking for something that would do this for their entire lives? I know I have!

You know you want it. And if for some bizarre reason you have no need for a machine that will let you eat a healthier diet I'm sure you can re-gift it this upcoming holiday season!  (I'm keeping mine! No way is it getting out of my hot little hands! You will love this product, ladies, men, even kids...yes this is the product of the year--it provides a nutritious way to eat that fast and easy (and anyone can use it successfully!) For all of you who read my Do It Yourself Weddings blog, you are familiar with my EEEBCDI posts (better known as Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It, my uncoordinated non-crafty husband tests these posts out) and yes, Actifry is EEEBCDI! It's easy enough any non-cook can now cook! Sure you may not be Julia Child, but you will be able to feed yourself and your family and stop eating at McDonald's!

OK, I have to get back to editing so it's posted tomorrow, so keep your eyes open and get ready...get set... TOMORROW is the day for my Actifry Giveaway!

**this giveaway is open to residents of the United States who are over 18. The product was provided by T-Fal and I was provided compensation for running it as well as a sample to try out. My opinion was not influenced by either the sample or payment from T-Fal.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shirtwaist Wedding Gown-Which Star Could Pull It Off?

Source: via Alexsis on Pinterest

I'm trying to decide who would wear this dress.  If it were a split skirt into wide pants, I'd say Kate Hepburn. But the ruffles in the center rule that out.  Perhaps Grace Kelly before she married into royalty? No, not lacy enough.  Who do you think would wear this best? (No you cannot vote for yourself or  your best friend, we're talking movie stars here.) Leave your comments below.

Catwalk Queen In Red

Do you love red? Are you planning a Christmas or Valentine's Day Wedding? And are you brave enough to carry off this red dress with an illusion top? It takes a special kind of bride to carry off this special kind of dress! Brave brides go bare and go red!

Would this dress be as stunning in white or ivory? I don't think so. But black, well that's another thing entirely! This is certainly not a dress you would describe as 'cute.' But then again, the woman who wears it probably isn't the 'cute' cheerleader type either! What do you think? Would you wear it?  How would you describe yourself if you would?

She Said WHAT? Bridal Babble

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Sometimes you just have to share something someone else had the GREAT genius to put together.  If you're a stressed out bride, you have to watch this!

See, now don't you feel better? You're not so crazy after all! Courtesy of The Wedding Channel.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Peacock Flower Girl Dresses and More!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Are you a bride planning a peacock wedding? Do you have a flower girl you can't find the perfect peacock color dress for? Go to Etsy to find the perfect combination of colors with a floral top.  Layers of blue, deep blue and purple complete with a matching headband in the silk purple flowers will make your flower girl feel like a queen (or at the very least a princess) as she walks down the aisle strewing petals at your wedding.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Add to your flower girl in her gorgeous dress this perfect card box. This is one of the best card boxes I've ever come across.  The combination of colors and textures on the box are sure to please.

Then try this guest book in the peacock theme as well. It seems when it comes to weddings there is everything peacock. So whether it's a dominating theme of your wedding or just accent colors, Etsy is the perfect place to find unique pieces. Also find garters and pens for your guestbook.

Looking for invitations in peacock? Again, hit Etsy. Just run a search for 'peacock wedding invitations' and you'll have a million different choices.


Daisy Mason Jar Lids

Photo from GroopDealz from Party On Designs

GroopDealz is showing these daisy mason jar lids today for sale, and they are just as cute as can be! Perfect for you wedding or shower to top off a standard mason jar (which seem to be everyone's favorite multipurpose jar these days!)

The lids fit a 2 3/4" diameter jar, up to the 70 mm jars.  These great details on these lids give your wedding day some 'pop' and give each mason jar a special appeal.  These were featured in Brides Magazine and were noted to be "one of the hottest ways to add life to a party!" So hurry over to GroopDealz to order yours now!

Fill the jars with some lemonade and add some frozen fruit as a substitute for ice cubes. Strawberries are my favorite fruit to freeze but other fruits work as well. You want something with decent size and bright coloring. So enjoy your day--and sip through some striped straws for a party atmosphere.  You'll be able to reuse these jars and their cute lids for years to come, so be sure the caterers know NOT to throw them out! You'll have fun retelling the story of all the parties you have used these for, starting with your wedding day!

Metallics-Modern and In Style

Source: via BRIDES on Pinterest

Old Hollywood-inspired wedding cake by Southern California based Superfine Bakery. The shape of the stacked tiers is modern and unexpected, and the golden accents add a regal touch. (Photo: Krista Mason Photography)

Source: via BRIDES on Pinterest

More metallic looks, below, a cake that's look is taken from the look of an Indian sari.  Above a hammered metal look, with a more modern flair. 
Source: via BRIDES on Pinterest

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Actifry Giveaway Coming Soon!

Looking for a great wedding gift? Or a great way to help you lose weight before your wedding? Look for an upcoming giveaway of the T-Fal Actifry. It will be easy to enter and you'll love the results.  Want a sneak peek at the Actifry? Visit their web site. And get an early look at WDW's latest giveaway! This is one product you'll want to own.

**The editor was compensated for running the sweepstakes. Although this post is techincally not the sweepstakes, I am electing to notify you of this fact.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Luck Wedding Gifts?

Registering for your wedding gifts, what fun you thought right?  Little did you know the hidden shoals you might need to navigate if you are registering for flatware or kitchen knives. Actually anything with a blade even scissors or an electric can opener can bring the bridal couple bad luck! Even that cake knife and server for your wedding cake is bad luck waiting to happen.

Photo from link

The bad luck applies to any gift that can be used to cut or sever. It's believed the cutting edge may sever the friendship or in the case of a wedding gift, sever the marriage vows. So now it's 'to love, honor, cherish until knives cut?' That would be bad luck!

Some people are so superstitious that they simply choose not to give any item that could 'cut' as a wedding gift.  Still others try the sneaky way around bad luck. Some will try to purchase the knives themselves and then have the bride 'buy' them from the gift giver for a nominal amount (say a penny or two.)

Would your relatives insist on following this rule? Do you think it's antiquated and ridiculous? Would you freak out if someone gave you a set of knives for a wedding gift? Would you have pennies on hand just in case?

Well I know I always have a jar full of pennies sitting on my refrigerator, so if you need to get some change to 'buy' your knives from your guests, give me a call.  Never let it be said I'm not here to help all my readers! Personally, with the divorce rate as high as it is, maybe someone better start having those pennies on hand!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Watermelon Weddings

Bouquet: by Enchanted Florist / BCBG dress photo:by Paul Johnson / Cake: from Lovin Sullivan / Invitations: by Sesame Letterpress / Cupcakes: from Brides / Escort Cards: by CeciNY /Ring Pillow: photo by Lisa Lefkowitz / table setting: on The Knot / Watermelon: on flickr (Info from Style Me Pretty link above for inspiration board).

I went to a wedding shower this weekend and the bride was talking about her wedding colors, one of which was watermelon, so I thought, why not? Why not provide a post with everything watermelon and weddings! (Well not everything since that would be impossible, but lots of ideas anyway!) 

Watermelon is one of the big colors this year, so get ready to be inundated with watermelon wedding ideas. The top inspiration board has one of my favorite's, I love the way they displayed their escort cards on a piece of trellis! So pretty! (See above)

Love the flower girl dress in the inspiration board above. Perfect! Also that pink wedding gown is gorgeous!

While I like the floral selections above, the favor box in the center is my favorite from this inspiration board, how about you?

The heart shaped cake above is a nice departure from the usual. What do you think? Somehow I doubt many brides will be sporting Pink's pink hair color (but I'm sure it will work for some of you!)

Above the choice is tough. Love the dresses, the unusual color works so well with this palette. And the tablescape (lower right) is breathtaking! What's your choice?

OK, this is a start. As I find more watermelon color things to love I'll post them. Please post your links if you have any great watermelon wedding ideas! Thanks!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Add A Little Lace

This "Something Blue" shoe is pure French sophistication and elegance. It's blue color and delicate vintage lace give them details that every bride is sure to fall in love with.  The details on each pair of shoes make every pair unique.

I know I've hit you with a lot of elegant shoes lately, but these are pure glam! So if you're looking for vintage elegance with a hint of glamour for your wedding day, these are the shoes for you!  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Custom Neckties For Your Groom

Ties from Cyberoptix Tie Lab Ties That Don't Suck Shop on Etsy produces unique ties for your groom and his groomsmen to wear.

I know, the bride and her maids usually steal the show, but these ties give the guys a chance to show off too!

Most ties available in a variety of colors. The understated group above is my personal favorite. Some ties are sold in groups some are sold as singles. They also sell bow ties. 

See more of their ties below.  Let us know what your favorite ties are. This is one Etsy shop that brides and their grooms are both going to fall in love with.  And their ties aren't just for weddings. Some are great for Father's Day, birthdays and the holidays as well.

English Garden Wedding Inspiration Boards

I couldn't make up my mind which of these color schemes I liked the best, so why not combine the two? I totally fell in love with the dress, the cake plate and those shoes! Oh please! I must have those shoes! (Of course I'll likely break a leg wearing them, but... ah! My shoe addiction lives on!)

But if you are planning an 'English Garden Wedding' these inspiration boards will be invaluable to you!

Cake Toppers That Take The Cake!

Taking the cake topper to a whole new level! Get this zombie cake topper for you wedding cake.  Yes, your vows 'til death do us part' will take on a whole new meaning!

Visit this link to see how to take this cake idea even farther.  Not quite my 'thing' but I'm sure it will  entertain someone !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rings on Your Fingers and Pearls On Your Toes?

I love the pearls clustered on the front of this ivory silk shoe! And the heel height, easily managed by even the klutziest bride. So order your "Queenie II's" today and stop worrying about your shoes!

No Diamond Bracelets, Try This Vintage Look!

Photo from; Photo by Lisa Hubbard

Looking for a vintage look to dress up your wedding ensemble without spending a huge amount of money? Try lace cuffs.  This vintage look is perfect and easily doable for either the DIYer or for your dressmaker to whip up for you.  Another place to find these? My favorite,!

Shoes go 'Wilde'

Looking for a unique but romantic bridal shoes? These shoes by Harriet Wilde are decorated with their own 'jewelry,' and are delicate and romantic.  A comfortable rounded toe shoe with a platform makes it easier to get around in despite the high heels. The last word in bridal luxury!

The shoes, called Gardenia, are made of the best Italian ivory silk satin and pink leather linings for wear-all-day comfort. A pair of  'Gardenia' can take 6-8 weeks, as each pair is made especially for you. And yes, they are dyeable!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Green & Clean Wedding Days

Getting ready for the big day? Didn't rent a limo or bus? Then it's time to wash the family car! Yes, you could head down to your local car wash and support the local economy OR you could use this great new product that is featured on a post in a blog by Sarah Wagner.  Her blog is called USA Love List, Stuff We Love: Made In The USA. 

Sarah (the star of her own YouTube Video not only shows you a great way to wash your car (or even the limo or bus!) but she shows you a product that is "Made in the USA." And face it, in these tough economic times we should all make an attempt to buy products made at home.

The product featured in the giveaway is called Washdrops. And if you don't win, you can purchase Washdrops on Amazon (don't you love how easy it is to buy on Amazon!) or buy directly from the Washdrops website (easy too!) Washdrops is not only eco-friendly and  (as you'll see in Sarah's VLOG) but it's made in the USA. 

 Giveaway photo courtesy of  USA Love List, Stuff We Love: Made In The USA

Sarah's Washdrops giveaway is on her blog (see what you can win above), so head over and enter on her site. While you are there see all the other great ideas she has for things you can buy that are USA made. Do your part. And at the same time enter to win a great Washdrops prize (shown above)!

So go green and clean on your wedding day! If you've watched Sarah's video, you know just how environmentally friendly Washdrops are. You don't want that pretty white wedding dress getting dirty as you get into the car, and you certainly don't want to have a dirty car show up in your wedding photos as your photographer gets that shot of you leaving the church or your reception. So head to Sarah's blog, enter to win the Washdrops prize pack, and if you don't win, you can always head to their website or to Amazon to get your very own Washdrops products.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reader Poll

Hi readers! Hope you'll help me out by filling in the quick poll at the right. It's totally anonymous, just a way to help me try to gauge who is reading my blog. If you'd like to comment below if you are a bride, mother of the bride, friend etc. feel free. Thanks! Hope you're enjoying WDW!

Free Reign: Where To Shop For Great Gifts

I recently attended an event at Free Reign, a boutique in Conshohocken PA. Along with around thirty other excited "blogger/shoppers" we all had the chance to see the great gifts available at Free Reign at the event which was sponsored by BenFM's Real Mom Radio Host, Joey Fortman and catered by Dimeo's of Conshohocken.

Joey Fortman from Real Mom Site sponsored our night of fun shopping and dining at Free Reign

If you live in suburban Philadelphia, (and you're like me and will go anywhere for a GREAT place to shop), a short trip out the Blue Route (Rt. 476) to this easy to find boutique filled with fabulous gifts is a great road trip! Whether you're looking for a gift for your bridesmaids or for someone who has been helpful with your wedding planning, or just looking for a great Mother's Day gift, birthday or Christmas gift, Free Reign will soon become your favorite place to shop.  Easily accessible, and located just off the Blue Route (Rt. 476) at 317 Ridge Pike, even the directionally challenged will find this with no problem! (Yes, I admit it, I usually get lost! But I found Free Reign easily.)

Free Reign on YouTube

Jewelry by Chamilia (a great gift for bridesmaids (oh, and did you know they have a children's line as well? (I'm thinking flower girls,) other handmade jewelry, accessories, unique apparel items, gourmet gifts as well as Crabtree and Evelyn products (perfect for times you need a small hostess gift), and even baby gifts (for those times you REALLY don't want to bring the same thing everyone else will to a baby shower!) These are just a few ideas of what Free Reign carries.

My favorite pieces? Michael Aram serving pieces... I am SO in love with these! And the handbags... for a handbag addict, this store is NIRVANA! (Be sure to check out the small square bag with a butterfly on the front! And some of the woven bags for summer...ah!!!!) If the butterfly bag is not there, it's probably because I ran back and bought it! But be assured, there are plenty of great bags to choose from. The trick will be choosing just one.  Kind of like the old Lay's potato chip ad...("bet you can't eat just one!"), the trick here is walking out with just ONE, because after all, you need an excuse to go back to Free Reign again and again!

**Bloggers who attended this party received food and a 'swag bag' of small gifts. This did not effect my opinions as stated above.Free Reign: Where To Shop For Great Gifts