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Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Luck Wedding Gifts?

Registering for your wedding gifts, what fun you thought right?  Little did you know the hidden shoals you might need to navigate if you are registering for flatware or kitchen knives. Actually anything with a blade even scissors or an electric can opener can bring the bridal couple bad luck! Even that cake knife and server for your wedding cake is bad luck waiting to happen.

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The bad luck applies to any gift that can be used to cut or sever. It's believed the cutting edge may sever the friendship or in the case of a wedding gift, sever the marriage vows. So now it's 'to love, honor, cherish until knives cut?' That would be bad luck!

Some people are so superstitious that they simply choose not to give any item that could 'cut' as a wedding gift.  Still others try the sneaky way around bad luck. Some will try to purchase the knives themselves and then have the bride 'buy' them from the gift giver for a nominal amount (say a penny or two.)

Would your relatives insist on following this rule? Do you think it's antiquated and ridiculous? Would you freak out if someone gave you a set of knives for a wedding gift? Would you have pennies on hand just in case?

Well I know I always have a jar full of pennies sitting on my refrigerator, so if you need to get some change to 'buy' your knives from your guests, give me a call.  Never let it be said I'm not here to help all my readers! Personally, with the divorce rate as high as it is, maybe someone better start having those pennies on hand!

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