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Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Wedding Project

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty, Photographer Lavender and Twine, Coordination and Styling by A Charming Occasion, Floral Design: Stella and Bloom
Love this DIY wedding project. It's a 'HERS' flag for this groom carries down the aisle! Of course the bride has a matching one that reads 'HIS.'
These are easy to make with some simple felt, Elmer's glue, and ribbon wrapped dowels. Dress it up by adding some light weight silk flowers and changing out the ribbon colors.
Don't want to take the time to make it yourself? Your florist can certainly make one easily enough for you.
Makes a great photo.

Wedding Updos

Photo courtesy of Hairstyle Stars
Planning on wearing an updo for your wedding? Take it up a notch by adding some flowers to the look. Add one flower (as seen above) or several, no matter what your choice, the small additions will make your hairstyle stand out on your wedding day.
Whether you are planning on wearing a veil like the bride in the first photo, or just wearing flowers like the bride above, you will be pleased with the look of your wedding day hairstyle.

Flower Girl Hair Styles

Photo courtesy of Niceeve
Flower girl hair styles go from straight to curly. Braids are a favorite of brides for their flower girls. Weave flowers through their hair to make them stand out. But if you have a pair of flower girls with pretty curly hair you can't beat letting it loose and flowing.
Add some flowers or some bling to straight or curly locks and their hair will stand out as they walk down the aisle. Flower girls all love wearing tiaras so consider letting them wear one if it fits with your wedding theme.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Throw Golden Glitter At The Bride and Groom

Photo courtesy of Southern Weddings
Looking for something unique to throw as the bride and groom leave their ceremony? This bag of golden glitter will provide a never to be forgotten look as well as some great photos for the bride and groom's wedding album. These striped bags are made from muslin and tulle with a pull string around the top. And they are easy to assemble and to hand out as guests leave the wedding.
Just a reminder, it's a good idea to provide a verbal or written reminder so guests are sure to pick up a bag on their way out the door.

DIY Black Glitter Champagne Glasses

These DIY black glitter champagne glasses are tied with a simple satin bow and are easy to make at home and they will add a touch of glamour to your black tie wedding. Do his in black and hers in white, or all black. For a daytime wedding choose coordinating colors or use all white.
Photo courtesy of STAMPENDOUS
Use this crushed glass glitter and any adhesive to apply it. Then sprinkled into melting embossing enamel, and can even be colored with permanent markers. Crushed Glass Glitter is available at your local craft store or at STAMPENDOUS. This product comes in a variety of colors so you can match or coordinate with your wedding theme colors.

Black Tie Weddings Need A Tuxedo Signature Drink

Planning a black tie wedding? Why not plan a  Tuxedo Signature Drink.

1 oz spiced rum
1 1/2 oz creme de cacao
1/2 oz Fernet Branca

(add 1/8 tsp. of squid ink but this is optional, you can use food coloring instead) Be aware...this stuff stains.

Top with 1/2 oz chocolate stout

Add the first three ingredients to your cocktail shaker.
Next add the squid ink (you can buy this at your fish market or a specialty store like Whole Foods, if you prefer to avoid this ingredient, use some black food coloring instead.) DO NOT ADD ICE. You want to be sure the squid ink/or food coloring is incorporated with the other ingredients.

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Double strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with some chocolate stout.

Not into this? Why not try some drinks made with Black Vodka? For those who are squeamish, this may be a better option than the squid laced drink above.

"The colour of BLAVOD Pure Black Vodka is changed by adding catechu, a herb found in southern Asia and central and east Africa. Rich in tannin, catechu has no effect on vodka's flavour. However, many say it makes the vodka a little smoother." (BLAVOD website)

Wedding Bars


Looking for a unique way to set up your bar at your wedding? You've heard of chocolate fountains and champagne fountains but how about a whiskey or bourbon fountain? This bride and groom thought outside the box and offered their guests something a little bit different.

Add some sour mix to the side or some OJ or other mixers to add to your favorite whiskey or bourbon. Sometimes thinking outside the box will give your guests and unique reception experience.

Garden Weddings

Fairy Berries lights are round, white LED lights that measure 1-1/2" in diameter and can be hung from ceilings or placed in trees, shrubs, or other places as party or holiday decorations. Each light contains two LEDs that fade on and off slowly to create a twinkle effect. Loops allow the lights to be hung using a thin string or wire. The lights can float in water and are water-resistant. CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries power the lights and can be replaced. A switch can turn each light on or off.

Fortune Products manufactures battery-operated lighting products for special events, seasonal decor, and interior design. These berries are perfect for outdoor weddings where you are looking for a twinkling look like fireflies in a garden setting.