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Monday, May 31, 2010

Green, Purple and Yellow Floral Design

These floral designs are brought to you courtesy of  They highlight the bright lime greens and purples, with orange accents to add some punch.  Part food, part floral, part candle, these designs don't need expensive flowers (or fruit or vegetables).   While you could pull these together on your own, due to the size of some of the designs a florist might be a better option.  Of course you can always pull the ideas from these designs and incorporate them into your own centerpieces.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Purple Seaside Inspiration Board

Inspiration board from:

Wedding Feasts Italia

Photo courtesy of:

A typical Italian wedding feast is made up of a combination of four courses. Antipasti (or starters), Primo Piatto (or first course), Secondo Piatto (or second course), and Dolci (or desserts). Vino e Liquors (Wine and digestives) are also served. Halfway through the meal you are often served a sorbet with a drop of liqueur in it. After your meal expect a Limoncello or Grappa served with coffee.

The antipasti are served before your meal. Often it consists of Crostini with pate or Bruschetta (breads topped with diced tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Tuscan favorites include fried Polenta as well as cured meats. This is the pre-meal part. It is popular to serve this as a buffet and serve it with glasses of Prosecco (an Italian dry champagne).

The Primo Piatto or first course if often the pasta portion of the meal but sometimes salads like Panzanella (tomato and bread salad) is served instead. Pasta choices are almost unlimited but choosing a style that helps sauce cling to it keeps things neater. You can choose a simple penne with bolognese sauce or some Ravioli con Burro e Salvia , a ravioli with sage and butter or Parpadelle sulla Lepre, ribbon pasta with hare.

The Secondo Piatto is most often meat. In Italy and many other countries in the Mediterranean you cannot have a celebration without including meat on the menu. Tuscans love to serve meats and frequently grill it. Popular choices are beef, veal, rabbit, hare, wild boar, and lamb. Meat is served with side dishes made from seasonal vegetables. Vegetables may be cooked in the oven, fried or grilled. Eggplant or aubergines are popular as are different types of beans.

Italian weddings sometimes have a fresh fruit cake such as puff pastry that is covered with a layer of cream and fresh fruits. Other options for Italian desserts are gelati (Italian ice-cream) or tiramisu. While a tiered wedding cake is often present at Italian weddings, in some areas of Italy, no cake is served. In place of cake, guests are given small boxes or tulle bundles of sugared almonds.

Bread is served with the wedding meal and is typically an unsalted bread known as Pane Sciocco.

Wine is always part of an Italian wedding. A nice quality red or white table wine of your choice is perfect. A good Tuscan wine such Montalcino or Brunello is also an option.

So whether you are planning an authentic Italian feast for your wedding or just want to take your favorite pieces of the traditional, enjoy!

Yellow Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board courtesy of
Having a yellow wedding?  Enjoy this inspiration board.  I particularly like the yellow wreath and the three cream vases on a tray with single flowers in them.  Simple ...elegant.

David Lee Roth: Event Planning Genius?

What does David Lee Roth have to do with helping you plan your wedding? 

Not many people know that rocker David Lee Roth from Van Halen had a famous "brown M&Ms clause in all their contracts.  It stated that they wanted their venues to provide M&Ms backstage but no BROWN M&Ms. 

Was Roth a diva? Not quite.  Roth did this so he could easily tell if the venue had read their contract! If the M&M clause had been provided, it was likely the other requirements in the contract had been as well.  He felt that this helped them put on a safe and successful show.  If the venue hadn't removed all brown M&Ms he ordered every item in the contract checked for that venue's production.  The rumored $85,000 costs in damages to an arena floor when a venue had not provided the brown M&Ms? David quips "Who am I to get in the way of a good rumor?" 

The lesson for you is make sure you read through all your vendor contracts from beginning to end.  Unusual small items may be hidden and buried deep in your contract, and you don't want any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day!

Image via The Smoking Gun, additional information via Christopher Cummings and Wikipedia.

More Linen Looks You Can Rent or Make on Your Own

Tablecloths, napkins and tablerunners can give your reception a burst of color and interest.  The following looks are all from  (Note, the red and white braided runner was made by braiding material the bride picked up at the material store, an easy DIY addition to her table design.)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Are You A Colored Crinoline Bride?

Brides today are looking for that extra fillup of an accent that will make their weddings just a little bit different than every other bride.  Wearing a crinoline dyed in an accent color is one way to do that.

For directions on how to achieve this look without paying custom prices go to  Any color will work well but favorites seem to be pinks and blues.  So whether you do it yourself or buy a ready made crinoline with flare it's a nice accent to your wedding day.
 Photo courtesy of:

Invitation Lists--If You Must Have a 'B' List...

I went to a bridal show last week and picked up this bit of information for brides who have a B or C list for invitations. Hopefully you can keep your invitation list to those closest to you and not need to have a 'B' or'C' list.  But if you do have one, never mark the back of your RSVP's with the letters A, B, or C or the number 1, 2 or 3.  Don't let anyone know you even have such a list, you can tell your fiance and your wedding coordinator but no one else.  That includes your parents and your wedding party.  The fewer people who know, the less likely someone will let this information out to one of your guests.  Weddings are supposed to be times of joy and you don't want to inadvertantly hurt someone's feelings.  If you must mark the back of the RSVP cards to indicate which list someone is on, use something that doesn't show which list the person is on, a small shape is always a good idea, or something else that is symbolic only to you.  For instance if you are a bride with an A, B, and C list, code with a circle, a triangle and a square.  If someone mentions they haven't gotten their invitations yet this is one of those times when a white lie is permissable.  Blame it on a calligrapher who didn't finish on time or having to order more special stamps, anything but the truth, that they are on your 'C' list and you only just mailed it yesterday. 

Linens Give Your Room a Pop of Color

You may have noticed in many wedding magazines and television shows that adding special linens in the form of table cloths, runners or napkins make the room look much more festive.  If you stick to a single color instead of layering many you'll find it's far less expensive than you think.

Photo from:

Photo from:

Wedding Bouquets With Zing!

Even if you are going to cut back in other areas of your flowers, the bride's bouquet should still standout. These flowers from Brilliant Event Planning's blog will draw every eye and make your bouquet a memorable one.

All Photos Courtesy of's/ blog.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Consider Having Your Wedding Makeup Professionally Done.

Photo courtesy of:
Audrey Bethards, Hair & Make Up, Inc.

Many brides decide to scrimp by not hiring a makeup artist to apply their makeup on the wedding day.  Getting your makeup done on this special day is all part of the pampering every bride deserves. It will also help the bride relax and give her confidence that she looks her very best.  Your weddng day makeup should be different from your everyday street makeup becaus it's not everyday you are wearing a long white lace gown and making vows to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life.  Have the artist emphasize but not overdo you eyes and best features so they are shown off in your photos and video of your big day.  You don't want to look washed out, and when you are wearing a long white dress it's a real possibility.  Have your makeup artist do a trial so you can judge how much is too much, and what is just right!  Just as you would do a hair trial, your makeup is just as important to your total look.  If you can afford it, treat your bridesmaids to makeup as well.  Just keep an eye on the time, you don't want to be late for your own wedding!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Use Fruit or Veggies in Your Centerpieces For Added Flair

Centerpieces aren't just flowers anymore.  Use everythng from vegetables to fruit to add some color and style to your wedding centerpieces.
                     Photo courtesy of: POM web site

                             Photo courtesy of: Kimberly Gajawski

Photo courtesy of:

Favors to Eat

Brownie pops make gorgeous and delicious favors for your guests.  These photos are courtesy of but these are avalable at other sites as well.  Everyone loves chocolate,and these have the added bonus of being decorative as well.  

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hiring Your DJ, Photographer and Videographer

We had the opportunity to attend a showcase put on by The Pros at Dave and Buster's in Philadelphia last week.  It was a great opportunity to talk to and interview multiple photographers, videographers and see some of their DJs at work.  While we didn't find any spectacular photographers, we were impressed with their DJs.  Check their web site, to find locations for their next showcase in your area. 
Although the company started in Philadelphia, they are now nationwide so there may be a showcase in your city.  You have to opportunity to put a deposit down to reserve their pros on the spot if they aren't already booked for your date. Come prepared to put down a deposit if you think you might find a 'must have' DJ, photographer or videographer.  The company is owned by the Tessler family and the presentation by one of the owners was excellent.  They seem well versed on the wants and needs of brides and grooms on their special day.  They consistently wiin 'best of'' awards from sites like The Knot which tells you something about what brides think of their services.  Visit their web site today and investigate their packages, their services and get a feel for the company.  I have to say we were impressed.  Congrats to The Pros for putting on a great showcase!

Pink and Chocolate Brown Centerpieces

Photo courtesy of

It's elegant. It's chic. It's a perfect combination of colors, pink for the bride, chocolate brown for the groom.  These two colors are a popular color combination for weddings these days. You can create an elegant table setting with a Victorian hurricane vase candle holder. (And a safe one too, your venue will thank you!) Then accessorize the hurricane vase with some acrylic beads and colorful pillar candle to create a beautiful and stunning centerpiece for your wedding.

***(Caution these candles are arranged for photo purposes only and should be 2 1/2 inches apart in reality.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Directions to Your Wedding--An Easy to Make Sign

The sign above is something any bride can easily make ahead of time to direct the guests to the location of an oudoor wedding.  A simple board (available from your craft store), some wooden letters (if you're very handy or your fiance is, cut your own) these can also be purchased from your craft store.  Some paint to coordinate with your colors, and add some flowers.  Put the board on a stake, attach the flowers, and you're ready to go!  Another signature project for your wedding.  You can also make other signs the same way. 

More Cupcake Ideas

Photo courtesy of Ngoc Minh Ngo and

Real Simple's website offered some new cupcake ideas that you might like to use for your wedding, shower or just for a nice dessert. The above sundae is called "Sundae Best" and it's a minicupcake topped with hot fudge and a scoop of quality vanilla ice cream. It's making me hungry right now!

Photo courtesy of Ngoc Minh Ngo and

This cupcake is called "The Short Stack" and is a luscious concoction that resembles strawberry shortcake. Slice your cupcake in thirds, and put back together with a filling of vanilla flavored whipped cream and berries of your choice. Add a sprig of mint to finish off the pretty presentation.
Photo courtesy of Ngoc Minh Ngo and

Use votive holders as a perfect container for a bite-size cupcake. Use mini-muffin tins, gently dust the cupcakes with 10x sugar, and you can even add candles or shortened sparklers.  Go check out the rest of Real Simple's web site for more great ideas.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Candle Centerpiece with Bling

Photo couresy of

Having a wedding that needs some sparkle?  Try this "refined wrought-iron candle stand" that boasts a glamorous dash of old-time European elegance! Slender ivory curlicues form an attractive support for a thick pillar candle.  It is lavishly decorated with swags of glittering crystals that will turn the light into a dancing diamond display.  So kick up the bling with this centerpiece.  Under ten dollars for the stand, more for the candle.  Scatter some loose crystals and petals around on the tabletop or place on top of a mirror. 

The Dating Divas

All photos and ideas courtesy of The Dating Divas Blog.

Looking for some fun dates that won't break the bank? Go see the blog of the Dating Divas.  They are a group of young women who have devised some of the world's most creative dates to keep any relationship fun and interesting.  Not only does the blog have great content, the design is to die for! Visit Be sure to keep your relationship a priority and this web site gives you some great ideas to do just that.  An example is their "Lost" Date Night that includes everything you need (including some great downloads) to have your own "I'd Get Lost with You" date night.  Go to their blog and read all about how to make all these great props for your night and the hilarious stories of this and other dates. 


All photos and ideas courtesy of The Dating Divas Blog.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Better Half


Better Half Premium Cocktail Mix uses real fruit juices instead of substituting sugar. This Cocktail Mix is diabetic friendly, gluten free and low in calories and carbs but still contains more real fruit juice than any traditional cocktail mix! This remarkable mix was born when two brothers from Texas were looking for a healthy, better tasting mix alternative to the sugar filled fakes currently on the market. Frustrated and determined to change the status quo, they concocted the first batch of Better Half to create margaritas for a party. Their guests urged the guys to share their blended cocktail mix with health-conscience party-goers everywhere. The rest is history. Better Half Premium Cocktain Mix is available online, their website is

Greek Weddings

All Photos courtesy of

A Greek Orthodox wedding service is filled with beauty and symbolism.  The ceremony is different from any other wedding ceremonies in Western Europe or North and South America.  The service has remained the same for hundreds of years and is steeped in traditions.  In a Greek Orthodox wedding the bride and groom make their vows not to each other but to God.

The ritual has two parts, The Service of Betrothal and The Ceremony of the Sacrament of Marriage.  The Betrothal Ceremony centers around the exchange of wedding rings by the couple.  The rings and couple are blessed by the priest and the priest places them on the third finger of the right hand of the bride and groom.  The couple's religious sponsor, known as the koumbaro, moves the rings back and forth between the fingers of the bride and groom three times to symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. 

The actual ritual itself has two sections: the Service of Betrothal, which is followed by the Ceremony of the Sacrament of Marriage. The first part centers around the exchanging of wedding rings. The priest will hold the rings in his right hand, and make the sign of the cross over the heads of the couple. The priest will then place the blessed rings on the third fingers of the right (not the left!) hands of the couple. The koumbaro (the couple’s religious sponsor within the Greek Orthodox church) moves the rings back and forth between the bride and groom’s fingers three times. The number three in Christianity symbolizes the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Accordingly, there are many symbolic acts that occur three times, in remembrance.

Next the Ceremony of the Sacraent of Marriage starts with the priest leading the guests in prayer.  He then joins the hands of the bride and groom.  They will hold each other's hands for the rest of the ceremony.  This symbolizes the value of the new and unending union of the couple.  After this the couple have 'stefana' or wedding crowns on their heads.  The crowns are blessed by the priest before the ceremony and are connected by a white ribbon.  The crowns are a symbol of the glory God is placing on the newly married couple and the ribbon is a sign of their new unity. Just like with the rings the crowns are exchanged back and forth by the sponsor three times.  After the crowns are in place, the priest will read the story of the Wedding at Cana.  Thisis where Jesus turned water in to wine which was given to the guests to drink.  To symbolize this the couple will each drink from one goblet of wine three times.   Next the priest leads the couple aournd thealtar three times  in their first walk together as a married couple.  Their sponsor follow them to make sure the crowns remain in place.  As in our wedding ceremonies rice or birdseed is thrown at the couple.  After this the priest blesses the couple.  The wedding crowns are taken off, and the priest seperates the couple's right hands with a Bible.  This is a symbol that only God can sever the union that has just been created. 

As the Koumbaro/Koumbara you are required to bring the Stefana (Wedding Crowns), Large Lambades and 2 Small Lambades (Decorated Wedding Candles), Tray (Decorated Silver Tray with Koufetta (and Rice if desired) for the Stefana, and Gratuities for the Priest or Canter.