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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hiring Your DJ, Photographer and Videographer

We had the opportunity to attend a showcase put on by The Pros at Dave and Buster's in Philadelphia last week.  It was a great opportunity to talk to and interview multiple photographers, videographers and see some of their DJs at work.  While we didn't find any spectacular photographers, we were impressed with their DJs.  Check their web site, to find locations for their next showcase in your area. 
Although the company started in Philadelphia, they are now nationwide so there may be a showcase in your city.  You have to opportunity to put a deposit down to reserve their pros on the spot if they aren't already booked for your date. Come prepared to put down a deposit if you think you might find a 'must have' DJ, photographer or videographer.  The company is owned by the Tessler family and the presentation by one of the owners was excellent.  They seem well versed on the wants and needs of brides and grooms on their special day.  They consistently wiin 'best of'' awards from sites like The Knot which tells you something about what brides think of their services.  Visit their web site today and investigate their packages, their services and get a feel for the company.  I have to say we were impressed.  Congrats to The Pros for putting on a great showcase!

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