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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wedding Gifts for the Bedroom

I got these Bold Loft pillowcases for a newly engaged friend and she just loved them. It made me think that every engaged or newly married couple should have a cute set of sheets or pillowcases, bed lingerie if you will, that shows how great young love is! Here a few favorites from Bold Loft ($36 per set of pillowcases) & Bed Hog (sheets sets start at $69).  Head over to their web sites and pick up some, even if you are buying them for yourselves!  Photos courtesy of their websites. has gifts for same sex couples.  Not only do these sites have normal size pillowcases but those hard to find body pillowcases.


Anonymous said...

The Bed Hog sheets with the line down the middle are great! Absolutely love them!

Nancy Vecchione said...

I almost got some for a friend for her wedding shower, but wasn't sure her husband to be had the 'right' sense of humor for it! Glad you liked them!