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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kelly Green Inspiration Board Or Luck of The Irsih?

Photo courtesy of My Wedding Day Ideas Blog

Looking for some ideas for a St. Patty's Day wedding or one that is crisp, clean spring kelly green? This inspiration board from My Wedding Day Ideas Blog gives you some great ideas and pretty and cool looks if your wedding is in the late spring/summer. My favorites?  Those SHOES.  Thank you Kate Spade! The shoes aren't inexpensive but pair them with a short white wedding dress or even under your full lenth gown for a pop of color. Green is so IN! Also love the purse.  Small, but detailed. It's one of those bags that people will stop you on the street and ask you where you got it.  I'm not sure if this is a real Bottega Veneto or a knock off, but the tiny knot at the top that opens the bag is pure Bottega Veneto. (In case you're a bride with a different color scheme, these bags come in a variety of colors). The bag is perfect for bride and bridesmaids alike, especially if the bridesmaids are wearing the striped dresses shown above.

Looking for still more green ideas? Here are a few below, but if you follow the link under the photo there are still more great green ideas!

Love Jane Austen? Have A Jane Austen Theme Wedding

Did you grow up reading Jane Austen, loving the romance of her novels? If so why not have a Jane Austen wedding all your own. Model your wedding on a wedding right out of an Austen novel. Pretty empire waist gowns, fans to flirt with, long gloves, English garden flowers, calligraphy on your invitations mimicking handwritten invitations in the days of Jane Austen? Yes, I'm an Austen fan, though not a fanatic. I'm sure there are even more Austen wedding ideas out there. If you were having a Jane Austin Wedding what would you do?

Are You Having An Orange Wedding?

In love with orange? Why not use it as the color for your wedding? Here are some great inspiration boards to get you started thinking about possibilities and where to go for more ideas.

No matter what season you are planning to have your wedding, orange works!

Seaside Tabletops and Reception Seating

Planning a beach wedding? Wondering what to do about seating for your reception? Style Me Pretty has some suggestions. Sand color tablecloths with accents of aqua bring the sea to your table tops. Add some lounge seating using blue and white blankets folded and stacked on the sand. (Just be sure to check when the tide is high! You don't want your guests to get washed away!)

Blinded By Love?

Photo and idea courtesy of: Tip Junkie Party from Style Me Pretty

Beach weddings or picnic weddings often hand out fans to help keep their guests cool, but we love the idea of handing out these inexpensive sun glasses to guests.  The sign that goes with the favor table reads "Don't Get Blinded By Our Love"--perfect with the inexpensive sunglasses!

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Add to the sunglasses a jar of sparklers for when the bride and groom leave! Signage says: "Let Your Love Shine." Perfect, inexpensive, but what style!

Nautical Inspiration Board

Photo credit: link

Having a nautical theme wedding? This inspiration boarrd has some great ideas.  Of course you know me, I'm in love with the shoes! But love the color and design of the cakes as well.  Whatever your favorite part is, a nautical theme wedding is perfect for the sailing couple.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking For A Bouquet Alternative?

All photos courtesy of Britten

Looking for an alternative to a floral wedding bouquet? Not interested in a button bouquet or a muff? Britten makes a handmade wedding feather fan known as Fleur. It is decorated with pearls, tiny paper roses and glass beads.  The feathers are a combination of nude and pale pink ostrich feathers.  The handle is wrapped with ivory satin ribbon.

These items are all handmade so there may be variations in size and arrangement. Place your orders with Britten in plenty of time so you have them before your wedding. 

Do You Love Lavendar?

Inpsiration Board from My Wedding Ideas Blog

I'm not sure what I love more, the idea of the scent of lavendar pervading my wedding, that gorgeous heart shaped wreath, or the cake that is possibly one of the most gorgeous creations I've seen in along time. Not over the top gorgeous, just perfect for the theme.  The lavendar soap is a perfect wedding favor, your guests can use it as soap or just use it to scent a linen closet. 

Image credits from top left clockwise -
1 – Lavender Bridesmaids - Style Me Pretty
2 – Lavender Wedding Cake – Cakes for wedding
3 – Lavender heart decoration - Dying of Cute
4 - Lavender Wedding Table - My Sweet & Saucy
5 - Lavender garden wedding table - Little Emma English
6 - Lavender soap wedding favours - Pinterest
7 - Lavender wedding escort cards - Micheal Branscombe via Project wedding
8 - Lavender dessert - Bird and Banner

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weddings and Finding a Babysitter For Children

Graphics Courtesy of SitterSearch

Are  you planning a wedding and reception and facing the nightmare of 'to invite children' or 'not to invite children?'  It's been my experience that including children at a wedding can be 'adorable,' it can also end up being a nightmare.  A company called SitterSearch has provided you with an alternative to offer your guests; it's a way to find a babysitter for children so you can enjoy a child-free wedding and reception.

Letting your guests know it's an 'adults only' reception can be done by putting just the adults' names on the inner envelope of the invitation. Also have your close family members spread the word that children are not invited to the wedding and reception. This saves guests the embarrassment of asking you directly.

SitterSearch provides the bride a way to offer her guests a way to find a variety of babysitters in the area for parents to choose from. Just place a hyperlink on your wedding web page to make it easy for your guests to find a sitter for their children. The bride and groom can let parents know that they will provide a kid-friendly room and entertainment for the children and their sitters during the wedding and reception.

SitterSearch is an online database that connect sitters and nannies with potential employers trying to find a babysitter for their children. It also helps caregivers to find babysitting jobs. SitterSearch just made this part of your wedding planning easy and hassle free! The site is 100% free, something that is sure to appeal to both you and your guests. The bride may choose to pay the sitter or leave it up to the parents. 

Photo courtesy of SitterSearch

SitterSearch suggests that after you find a babysitter for your children that you're interested in hiring for the day of the wedding you conduct face to face interviews (or Skype to Skype), check references, and do background checks. The bride and groom may offer to pick up the cost of the sitter.

The bride can reserve a room or small hotel suite where the sitters can watch the children and keep them entertained. Coloring books and craft supplies will keep the children entertained.  Add a few kid friendly DVDs. Order some pizza and milk for dinner and be sure to provide the sitter with local emergency numbers. 

Your wedding day is meant to celebrate the joy of your wedding, it's not summer camp for kids, so don't feel bad about providing alternative entertainment for children that is not part of your wedding and reception. SitterSearch has solved one of the problems brides face when planning their wedding, 'what do we do with the kids?'  They'll help your guests feel comfortable about finding a babysitter for their children.

Of course SitterSearch is not just for weddings. They help parents find a babysitter for their children for one occasion or nannies for ongoing childcare. Share how pleased you are with SitterSearch with friends and relatives.

***The author received compensation for writing this post. Opinions are the author's own and have not been influenced by the compensation.

LeTarte White Crochet Shorts

All Photos courtesy of LeTarte and Cameo Nouveau

OK, how hot are these shorts by LeTarte? Perfect to wear over your bikini, especially on your honeymoon! These shorts are so popular they can barely keep them in stock so order now. Other designers may be copying it and making their own versions but LeTarte's are the real thing   These crochet shorts were worn during the filming of "Something Borrowed" shot in the Hamptons.

Each piece is handmade so there may be some variation in each piece. They come in small, medium and large, but small is 0-2, medium 4 and large 6-8.  And the designer suggests SIZING UP when you order. Sizing may vary slightly as well.

I guess you'll have to crochet your own if you're any bigger than an eight! Where's my grandmother when I need her! She used to crochet like this all the time. 

They also make a crochet skirt that ties over your hip. So cool. (In more ways than one!) They aren't inexpensive but hey, it's your honeymoon, and if he doesn't appreciate these see through shorts well...get the man some glasses!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink and Brown Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of this link

Looking for pretty pink and brown candy favors? Look no farther than Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! Choose from an assortment of colors and flavors, mix and match, fill candy dishes, or combine them all.  

No matter what kind of party you are having Jelly Belly has the colors and flavors to wow your guests. So go to your favorite store that carries your favorite Jelly Belly products.

All Photos courtesy of Jelly Belly

Customize the jelly beans themselves with your names and wedding date or customize the top of a favor box, it's all your choice.  But be sure to choose the best gourmet jelly beans out there! Jelly Belly. 

Photo courtesy of Jelly Belly

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fruit Cubed That Wows

                              Source: Uploaded by user via Lindsay on Pinterest

Looking for a showstopper to serve at a shower or wedding buffet? This cubed combo is not only eye catching it's a treat for your taste buds. Enjoy the combination of fruit and cheese 'cubed.'

I can't wait to serve this at my next party. Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Serve with a side of berries and basil to add to the look.

How Much Will Your Wedding Cost?


Weddings just seem to be getting more and more expensive. Here's a basic breakdown of weddings in the United States. Read not just the general stats but look for your own state and area and see what it says. Also check the bottom to see where you might be able to shave off some costs (other than not inviting your nearest and dearest).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mimosa Bars For Wedding Brunches

Having a wedding brunch or shower? Don't just serve mimosas, offer your guests the option of a mimosa bar.  This idea, courtesy On To Baby, not only tastes great but provides a beautiful display of colors and textures for your guests to choose from. 

Bowls of peaches, strawberries and raspberries, carafes of juices, and bottles of champagne make this bar beautiful and a magnet for your guests.  I'm thirsty just looking at it! The juice selection includes orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and mango orange juice--who could resist?

This pretty design makes me want to set one up decisions, decisions, decisions, what combo of fruit, juice and champagne do I want?

Grey Gowned Brides?

Photo from A Paper ProposalA Paper Proposal

I've seen wedding gowns in traditional white or ivory, even pink, sea foam, red and black, but this is the first gray and ivory wedding gown in my experience. 

But look how nice it looks with the table runner on the right. It just goes to show, with enough panache you can pull off anything!

Inspired Peach and Aqua

I know, inspriation boards are everywhere! But I just love the combo of peach and aqua! The colors, the flavor, the smell of those gorgeous flowers. I can't quite decide what I like the best.  Can you?

Monday, February 20, 2012

What Happens After The Wedding?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... well you know the drill.  If you're like many young couples after the wedding you'll start thinking about starting a family (if you haven't already made this decision ahead of time.)  And what's critical for that up and coming new family member? Why a crib of course. With the best crib mattress out there.  Kolcraft recently introduced the Sealy® Nature Couture™ Healthy Grow™ 2-Stage Infant-Toddler Crib Mattress.  If you aren't familiar with this product don't invest in a crib mattress until you check this one out! 

Kolcraft Sealy® Nature Couture™ Healthy Grow™ actually has two sides, one for your baby and one for your toddler.  The baby's side has a strong high density foam core that is extra firm for baby, but the toddler side has a softer, thicker hypoallergencic latex foam. This ecofriendly product  is enhanced with eco-friendly Crypton Clean Sleep to keep the organic cotton cover easy-clean without using a kind of plastic coating like pvc or food-grade polyethylene. Stains wipe away easily and liquids won't seep through. This is one special crib mattress for your very special new addition to your family. Read more about this mattress at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House.

And as if providing you with this great info isn't enough Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is having a great giveaway on their site, so head on over to enter! Whether you're pregnant now or planning to be in the near future you NEED this crib mattress! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pink Drink? Signature Drink That Is

Having a pink wedding? Or just one with pink highlights? Here's the signature drink for you courtesy of Dixie on Pinterest.  It's the classic Pink Lady.  

How do you make a Pink Lady?

Pink Lady Ingredients

1.5 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin 
1 oz. Apple Brandy 
1 Egg White 
2 Dashes of Grenadine 
1 Squeeze of Lemon Juice 


Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. 
Garnish with a Maraschino cherry. 

Cheers! The perfect pink cocktails to serve your guests.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wedding Program/Confetti Combo?

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Every bride looks for ways to simplify their wedding day.  So why not combine envelopes of confetti with your wedding program?  

Martha Stewart Weddings suggests adding a glassine envelope to the front of the program (using double sided tape) and your guests won't need to juggle a separate envelope full of confetti AND a program.  Just glue the envelope on the front of your wedding program and VOILA! An easy way to combine the two.  

Not only that you don't have to worry about who is handing out the confetti to your guests! Just get up there and say your 'I DOs' and smile as you leave the church in a hail of confetti.

Sweet Endings

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Looking for a great way to end your reception?  Why not serve some coffee with these mini doughnuts?  Either serve them grouped on a plate or add one to the coffee spoons. These sweet mini treats encourage your guests to have a cup of coffee for the road and enjoy a last snack with you. Which ever way you serve these mini doughnuts, your guests will enjoy a snack before heading home and some caffeine to keep them awake on the drive home!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Having A Garden Wedding?

Veronica Sheaffer, from My Hands Made It, designed this gorgeous wedding gown for a bride in Hawaii.  Perfect for a wedding in a gorgeous garden this dress even looks like a garden with a scattering of flowers on the bodice and skirt.  If you're looking for a custom made wedding gown and can get to Veronica, she is one of my favorite customer gown designer, and you can't go wrong working with her for your wedding gown.  

Nailed It!

Photo courtesy of So Long, Kitty

Nail art by So Long, Kitty is perfect for an Alice In Wonderland look wedding, or just for one that's a little bit ...different.  In a good way.  

YouTube Video by So Long, Kitty

I really like So Long, Kitty's nailart. You'll see links to more of it in coming posts. So Long Kitty also has lots of You Tube posts (similar to what's shown above) so head to YouTube and find her tutorials.

I love these little gold beads she uses.  She said they're just individual beads you can pick up at any Michael's store, so these are nails anyone can access the products you need to do your own just like So Long, Kitty. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Having a Orange Accent Wedding?

Spring Wedding-FSE-MonicaC by MonicaC

Whether it's spring or fall an orange wedding is in vogue! Go bright orange or lighter apricot, both are in style.  Don't you love the orange daisy cookies?  Tell me what you think!

Another Valentine's Day Inspiration Board

A Sweet Valentine’s Wedding by D'Elegant Weddings by Lynn

Plan a pretty red wedding for Valentine's Day.  Next year Valentine's Day weekend is also President's Weekend, a perfect time to have a wedding if you have a lot of people traveling from out of town.  Only negative, your flowers are going to cost a fortune! It's a busy day for florists!  Love the limo, the shoes and the earrings! And that wine glass? Gorgeous!

Yellow Inspiration Board

Seen on Hearts and Flowers Decorating for your Wedding.

Like yellow? How about a sunny yellow wedding using sunflowers? They're an easy flower to use for DIYers and an inexpesive option for a bride on a budget.

Ice Blue Inspiration Board For Winter Weddings

Considering an ice blue winter wedding? Take a look at this inspiration board for ideas on what to wear and great event ideas.  Why wear white when you can wear an ice blue gown?  This wedding is going to have more than just 'some thing blue.'  More like a lot of things blue! 

Inspiration Board from the creative geniuses at Make Your Own Wedding.  Be sure to visit their site to find more wedding ideas (even if you aren't planning  a blue wedding!)

All links below provided by Make Your Own Wedding.
Occasion jewellery by
Originals by Lynnette
on etsy, flowergirl ring by
ZsB Creations
on etsy, butterfly embellishment from
, memory wire bracelet by
AMI designs
on etsy, blue wedding garter by
, bridesmaid dress from
, teardrop bridal bouquet by
, scroll wedding invite by
, wedding dress by
, cupcakes by
, guest book and pen from
, table plan by
, tea roses from
, favour box from
, votives from

Valentine's Day Inspiration Board

Planning a Valentine's weekend wedding next year? This red inspiration board is sure to give you plenty of great ideas.  Whether you want to go all red or just use it as an accent, this inspiration board from Keen To Be Seen will give you plenty of ideas.

Another option? Go with red china and plain table linens.  Instead of coffee serve some hot chocolate (perfect Valentine's Day substitution) and add a marshmallow with a heart shaped cut out!  Just slice your marshmallow in half and cut out the heart design either by hand or by using a tiny aspic or cookie cutter (you can find these at Kitchen Kapers or on Amazon.  (Today they're cheaper at Kitchen Kapers, but that could change any time! Also check for coupons for  Amazon or Kitchen Kapers on Coupon Cabin.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Great Race

The great race to lose some weight before your wedding is on! How to do it? Will you choose Weight Watchers? Calorie Counting? High Carb? High Protein? Medifast? Slimfast? Optifast? or any of the other gazillion weight loss programs out there?

Photo from Hungry Girl

My favorite? A web site called Hungry Girl.  They give you tips on ways you may be shooting yourself in the foot while dieting as well as some great receipes that have been re-written to make them great for the calorie conscious.  You can sign up to have Hungry Girl email you a daily update. They help you plan your meals and keep you on track to a thinner and sleeker you.

Another favorite? 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet.  Not to be confused with (YOU SO DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE, especially if you are at work!)  But 3 Fat Chicks On A Diet is a great web site.  They offer you all sorts of tips, tricks and recipes to help you lose weight.  My daughters both used this site very successfully in conjunction with Weight Watchers a few years ago.  We all still use their recipes and tips.

So no matter what weight loss program you decide to embrace, stick with it and don't forget, add some exercise to the mix, it's the only way to keep it off.

Garter Toss For Men?

Looking for a better way to deal with garter tossing? Why not have the groom remove the garter and put it around a football? It's fun, a great photo op and if you're getting married in the spring,summer or fall can be 'tossed' outside to limit liability issues.  

Unfortunately today many venues, bands, DJs and other wedding workers insist on liability insurance in case of injury in the rush to grab the garter or catch the bouquet.  So take it outside gents... toss the football complete with the garter.  It will make a great photo op and decrease the liability issues.  

While custom says the unmarried man who catches the garter should place it on the leg of the unmarried woman who catches the bouquet this is being phased out due to the number of young girls who end up catching the bouquet where it would be inappropriate for the unmarried man to slide it up and onto her leg. 

So let the football reign, the groomsman who catches it gets to keep the football! No sliding the garter on the leg of an unmarried lady.  Ladies will give a sigh of relief at this change.  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Over My Heart

Want to carry a memory of a father or grandfather who have passed away down the aisle with you?  Sew a heart shaped piece of denim from one of their old work shirts either on your gown on the outside or over your heart on the inside.  What a great idea!  Photo courtesy of this link and the photographer.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trade It in! Your Bridesmaid Dress That Is

If you're like me you've been in your fair share of weddings as a bridesmaid or maid of honor and own your share of ugly dresses.  And even if they're not ugly, they're 'wedding-esque.'  Here's a way to trade in your old bridesmaid dresses for a new little black dress. Sounds like a great idea doesn't it?

Send that worn (but not damaged) bridesmaid dress to NewlyMAID and get a little black dress (that you CAN wear without looking like an escapee from Bride Land) for approximately half price. NewlyMAID then upcycles your old bridesmaid dress.

What is upcycling? Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products (your bridesmaid dresses) into new materials or into new products with a higher value or higher environmental value.  NewlyMAID will either donate your dress to someone who will wear it again or they will upcycle it by repurposing the fabric to create other products.  A total win-win situation.

How do you trade your bridesmaid dress for a new little black dress? Browse through NewlyMAID's selection of  'little black dresses' and choose your favorite. Choices include sophisticated dresses for daywear, evening wear and anytime wear.  How can NewlyMAID afford to do this? All the dresses they offer are made by The Dessy Group and are shipped direct from the manufacturer, allowing them to offer you significant savings because no retailer is involved (and no retailer markup.) The price of the dress also includes a mailer to send in your old bridesmaid dress.

So yes, you have to pay for the black dress.  But you get a quality dress at about half the price you'd pay in a department store.  Good deal? After all, that bridesmaid dress is likely going to sit in your closet until your niece needs a Halloween costume so... why not trade it in for a new dress that you can wear and wear often? And let NewlyMAID upcycle your dress instead of letting it take up space in your closet?

Laser Cut Invitations and More

Invitation and photo from Laser Excel

Looking for a wedding invitation that stands out and stands up? The Wedding Gate invitation will do just that.  This elegant and intricate invitation can be found at Laser Excel.  Laser invitations of all kinds are all the rage, the cuts may be floral or other designs of your choice at The Paper Orchid Stationary.

Photo and idea from The Paper Orchid

At The Paper Orchid you can get not only laser cut stationary but favor boxes, cupcake wraps and table numbers.  Try using one of the cupcake wrappers lined with contrasting tissue to hold candy for your guests. Visit The Paper Orchid an see all the other items they sell with this intricate laser cut look.  If you can think of it, it's likely they make it.