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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weddings and Finding a Babysitter For Children

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Are  you planning a wedding and reception and facing the nightmare of 'to invite children' or 'not to invite children?'  It's been my experience that including children at a wedding can be 'adorable,' it can also end up being a nightmare.  A company called SitterSearch has provided you with an alternative to offer your guests; it's a way to find a babysitter for children so you can enjoy a child-free wedding and reception.

Letting your guests know it's an 'adults only' reception can be done by putting just the adults' names on the inner envelope of the invitation. Also have your close family members spread the word that children are not invited to the wedding and reception. This saves guests the embarrassment of asking you directly.

SitterSearch provides the bride a way to offer her guests a way to find a variety of babysitters in the area for parents to choose from. Just place a hyperlink on your wedding web page to make it easy for your guests to find a sitter for their children. The bride and groom can let parents know that they will provide a kid-friendly room and entertainment for the children and their sitters during the wedding and reception.

SitterSearch is an online database that connect sitters and nannies with potential employers trying to find a babysitter for their children. It also helps caregivers to find babysitting jobs. SitterSearch just made this part of your wedding planning easy and hassle free! The site is 100% free, something that is sure to appeal to both you and your guests. The bride may choose to pay the sitter or leave it up to the parents. 

Photo courtesy of SitterSearch

SitterSearch suggests that after you find a babysitter for your children that you're interested in hiring for the day of the wedding you conduct face to face interviews (or Skype to Skype), check references, and do background checks. The bride and groom may offer to pick up the cost of the sitter.

The bride can reserve a room or small hotel suite where the sitters can watch the children and keep them entertained. Coloring books and craft supplies will keep the children entertained.  Add a few kid friendly DVDs. Order some pizza and milk for dinner and be sure to provide the sitter with local emergency numbers. 

Your wedding day is meant to celebrate the joy of your wedding, it's not summer camp for kids, so don't feel bad about providing alternative entertainment for children that is not part of your wedding and reception. SitterSearch has solved one of the problems brides face when planning their wedding, 'what do we do with the kids?'  They'll help your guests feel comfortable about finding a babysitter for their children.

Of course SitterSearch is not just for weddings. They help parents find a babysitter for their children for one occasion or nannies for ongoing childcare. Share how pleased you are with SitterSearch with friends and relatives.

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