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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Inspiration Board

Planning a Valentine's weekend wedding next year? This red inspiration board is sure to give you plenty of great ideas.  Whether you want to go all red or just use it as an accent, this inspiration board from Keen To Be Seen will give you plenty of ideas.

Another option? Go with red china and plain table linens.  Instead of coffee serve some hot chocolate (perfect Valentine's Day substitution) and add a marshmallow with a heart shaped cut out!  Just slice your marshmallow in half and cut out the heart design either by hand or by using a tiny aspic or cookie cutter (you can find these at Kitchen Kapers or on Amazon.  (Today they're cheaper at Kitchen Kapers, but that could change any time! Also check for coupons for  Amazon or Kitchen Kapers on Coupon Cabin.

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