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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five Photography Trends For Weddings

As weddings change from 'your mother's cookie cutter wedding' to more creative options, so too has wedding photography changed.  While you can still have the option of all formal posed shots (PLEASE don't!) Instead consider the variety of options that will make your wedding look more up to date.
  1. Photographers can take a selection of formal shots for the family, but also add some fun candids of guests during the wedding and reception.  For great candids mixed with formal shots having an extra photographer can be helpful.  For instance, you want a shot of you feeding your groom cake and vice versa, but also a shot of your flower girls trying to feel the ring bearer cake too.  The 2nd photographer can be on the lookout for those extra shots. 
  2. Some brides choose to put 'throw away' cameras on each table at the reception so the guests can take part in taking your still photos.  This will mean you'll get some great shots of your friends, and not a hundred shots of Aunt Ethel!  There are also companies now that will provide video cameras so you can save money on your wedding video.  Most of them will put together the footage for you--saving you money, although not going to have a Hollywood grade production of your wedding day.  (Face it, I don't know about you, but most of us aren't Kim Kardashian!) 
  3. Consider mixing some formal shots with some shots in black and white or sepia.  Some photos can have portions colorized.  Also wedding albums have changed.  No more padded covers.  Instead they often have the look of a slick coffee table book.  Keep in mind, if you have the right to reproduce your photos you can get these books made online or at a local camera shop or pharmacy that offers special options like this.
  4. Suggest to some close friends that if they want great photos of the ceremony that if they sit directly behind where the photographer's lights are they'll have well lit shots of you and your bridal party entering and leaving with your groom. I've used this trick several times personally and it's always turned out great photos.  I'm not usually a great photographer but with their lighting my photos turned out looking like a pro had taken them.
  5. Add a photo booth to your wedding day.  This is a fun option and if you add some fun props the results will keep you laughing for days!
Which choice is for you? Photojournalistic style? Posed Photos? Video? Candids by guests? Work with your budget and make the decision that works best for you.  While many brides today insist they COULD NOT DO WITHOUT a wedding video, I remember talking to a bride's grandmother at a bridal fair about videos one time and she said "You know, we didn't have videos when I got married, but the one that runs through my mind every time I look at my husband is the one I really treasure."  So, if you can't afford a professional video of your wedding--step back, think about what's really important to you on your wedding day--I'll bet most of it will be things that you'll see and remember without a piece of videotape or a DVD. 

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