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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unique Engagement Shoot and Save The Dates

CallawayGable did this unique engagement shoot for Sean and Kelly.  Both are in the animation biz so their shoot reflected this.  As an animation fan I was charmed!  And wishing I'd thought to be that creative when I got married (although I'm not an animator, only a collector and sometime sketcher).  WTG You guys! Go to CallawayGable's link above to see more photos of their engagement shoot.

But lest you think CallawayGable only do shoots that are a bit off the wall for some brides, check their web site and see some of their other work--it will blow you away! The beauty of their shots is breathtaking.


Summer Jo said...

I featured your tip along with a link to your blog on my blog today! Check it out!

Bird Lady said...

Thanks Summer Jo! Nice blog!