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Saturday, July 28, 2012

She Wore Flowers In Her Hair

Hair from

Not looking for an updo but want something feminine and ladylike? (wow does anyone use that word anymore?) Anyway I found this look posted on Pinterest but from

Love the flowers in her hair. You could do just one if you didn't want quite as many blooms.

No matter, thought you might like the idea. Easy way to do away with a veil (I am not a big veil fan) but I do love flowers!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bridesmaids Beach Dresses


Are you planning a beach wedding? Looking for some bridesmaid dresses that will look great but be comfortable in hot weather in the sand? Visit Modern Vintage Boutique.  Modern vintage has a variety of looks sure to please. They offer an assortment of colors as well as accessories.  Sure does make shopping easy! I love the looks above, but there are plenty to choose from.

See what you like! Plus sizes are also available.

This necklace comes in turquoise or coral, perfect for beach weddings! There are lots of other necklaces too! In colors that will match or offset your bridesmaid attire. The one below comes in orange or fuchsia but has a slightly different look.

Photo MVB

Below there is a pink bubble necklace (also available in blue)--great for the bride to wear to a beach wedding. (or on her honeymoon!) Spend your time browsing to find 'just the right pieces' to work with your wardrobe.  The best part--these pieces are inexpensive and easy to pack, no worry about losing an expensive necklace or earrings when you travel.

Photo from MVB

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pearls, The Perfect Jewels For Brides

I fell in love with this pearl bracelet, all shapes and sizes of pearls, this bracelet is perfect for a bride to wear as she walks down the aisle.

I just wish I could find the source! If anyone knows where to buy it, please let me know.

Are you a pearl lover? If you have a favorite bracelet let me know, I'll start a "Pearls I love" post. Must have a link for where to buy it or who designed it.  Thanks readers!

Rustic Look For Your Wedding

Planning a rustic wedding? Consider some of the ideas this couple used for their tables.
  • Burlap runner over tablecloths
  • Succulent in small container wrapped in burlap
  • Thank you note in color that matches the burlap in brown on tan
  • Table numbers set in log with Arts and Crafts Era look to number cut out design
  • Pine cones scattered along table runner
  • Moss added to centerpieces
Any or all of these might be a good addition to your wedding. Remember, these are meant to inspire you so take the spirit of what is shown here and take off with it and make it your own in your own special way. Because you want your wedding to reflect you and your groom.

This photo courtesy of Wedding Chicks. Head over there for more great inspirations--rustic to formal, they have it all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Engagement Shoot

Looking for a great idea for Save the Date photos? Why not try this newspaper trick? Talk to your photographer about setting it up. You'll need the right time of day and lighting, but WOW, it's worth the prep and planning!

Peacock Wedding? This May Be For You!

Are you a bride who is having a peacock themed wedding? I'm sure this incredible peacock purse would be perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids.

A good substitute for flowers is a fancy handbag--it lasts longer too! So give it some thought.  Not that you'll be able to afford a Judith Leiber clutch, but a copy is great. So think about it.  Perfect glitz and glam for your bridesmaids.

Toning For Brides

YouTube Video by Lauren Hefez

So, you're getting married! Congratulations! Now it's time to start toning those arms and getting your posture in shape so when you walk down the aisle you look the best you ever have. Lauren Hefez has a short workout designed for brides on her YouTube video. It's easy to do wherever you are and it doesn't take a huge chunk of time out of your busy schedule.

Lauren knows just how hard it is to fit in those gym workouts, so she's designed a workout for you to do at home that doesn't require expensive equipment but will maximize the results you get for each short workout. See her demonstrate the workout for you on her YouTube video.

So show off your arms and your back in that great wedding gown and you know your groom will fall in love with you all over again!

Strawberry Waterfall Wedding Cake

I love the look of this cake, decorated with strawberries dipped in white chocolate!  There's some very simple decorating on the cake, as well as some fresh flowers, but mostly it's a waterfall of strawberries! Yum!

As you slice the cake, add a strawberry to each plate as you serve them to your guests. A guarantee you will have happy guests--who will probably want more cake!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Autumn Appliqué Cake

How gorgeous is the autumn applique cake? The colors are perfect and the lace applique is gorgeous! I know this is a cake I'd love to serve at my wedding. Talk to your baker about using this as inspiration for your cake for your big day!

The fall colors that coordinate from the icing to the flowers to the cake stand cover pull it all together for a perfect look!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Louboutin and Disney Unveil Cinderella Shoes

Photo from Walt Disney Studios

What are the newest in Christian Louboutin shoes? A pair of "Cinderalla" pumps inspired by the glass slipper of Cinderella fame. Because as the story goes, "Once upon a time, Walt Disney invited Christian Louboutin to recreate an up to date version of the well known lost slipper of Cinderella fame for the re-release of Cinderella on Blu-Ray in the fall of 2012."

Disney teams up with Louboutin to create a 2012 version of Cinderella's glass slippers. These were unveiled in Paris on the 4th of July.

"Cinderella is "a tale about love, and the dream that love is absolutely pure " Christian Louboutin said, and the king of French shoemakers, went back to his atelier and crafted a pair of delicate slippers, covered in white lace and glittering Swarovski crystal, with the sparkling butterflies on the toe. " Shoes", exclaimed Louboutin," can transform anyone into a modern-day Cinderella." (French Vogue)

"Glass slippers" with the trademark Louboutin red sole are every girl's dream wedding shoe. And since only 20 pairs will be produced they will be shoes to kill for!

But here's the good news! Disney and Louboutin are planning a fall giveaway for your very own pair! Aren't they gorgeous? I so love shoes!  I'm so signing up for this giveaway! I can't wait!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Laser Art and Invitations or Other Wedding Stationary

Laser Cut Program from Table Art (Stationary by Two Paper Dolls)

Do you love this Laser Art program? This program designed by Two Paper Dolls will give your wedding that touch of something different.  Two Paper Dolls describes these laser cut lace wraps as extraordinary, unique and memorable. Truly a way to make a statement with your stationary. Use it for your invitations or other wedding stationary.

Is it necessary? No. But WOW is it pretty! Talk to them (Two Paper Dolls) directly to be sure the fit is right for what  you are wrapping it around. More info below from their web page:

Shipped flat – fold as desired.
Made to fit an A9 invitation and in an A9 envelope.
Dimensions: flat 15″ wide by 7.5″. As shown, folded size is 5.5″ x 7.5″.
$9.00 per wrap. Sold in packs of 25 in white or gold metallic stock.
Custom inquiries for additional colors and sizes please contact Nicole at

And The Readers Said: What YOU Said You'd Rather Hear About in WDW

Wedding Attire
7 (31%)
Wedding Decor
4 (18%)
DIY Projects
12 (54%)
Wedding Cakes
3 (13%)
1 (4%)
How to Save Money
5 (22%)
Don't read wedding blogs
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 22
Poll closed
Above are the results of my month long poll on what my readers say they want to hear about. How about you? Did you miss the poll? If so, add your comments below. While sometimes editorial content is based on what I like, I like to give you what you want and need too--so come on, spill it! If you don't tell me I can't read your mind! (omg! I sound like my mother!)

Wedding Gift Poll--Cash or Gift?

What do you like to give as a wedding gift? I was talking to a friend the other day about wedding gifts. She said she'd never heard of sending an actual gift as a wedding gift, only cash. I come from a family who sends actual gifts from the bride's registry.

So what do you think? As a bride which would you rather have? My personal opinion for giving an actual 'gift' versus cash is I want the bride and groom to have something that will remind them of their wedding day. China, crystal, something special. But I am also aware that in some families wedding gifts can either be cash or a gift.

I like taking the time to choose something I think the bride and groom will enjoy and use throughout their lives together. I worry cash will be used to fill up a gas tank several times and then be gone. Forgotten.

So if you'd take my poll at the right and let me know what you usually do for wedding gifts, or leave comments below, I'd love to hear your input.  Thanks readers! You always come through!

How To Treat Stains On Your Wedding Gown

From YouTube

Stains on your wedding gown! OH NO! Every bride dreads that drop of red wine or sauce from the baked ziti on the buffet. What to do?

Madame Paulette, dry cleaner to the stars for their couture garments and for post wedding dress cleaning, has developed a cleaning kit for brides and bridesmaids to carry for emergency 'oh no!' spills on your wedding day.

I bet when you planned that buffet dinner you didn't stop to think about all that red sauce and what it could do to your wedding gown with just a little drip! Madame Paulette's cleaning kit will take away those worries and let you enjoy your wedding day without worrying about drips and spills.

The kit is as easy as 1-2-3! Unlike some more conventional stain removers, Madame Paulette knows the two most important factors for stain removal to be safe and effective are time and stain identification.

Time is the most important! The sooner you treat a stain, the safer and easier it will be to remove the stain. The second important factor is identifying the stain so you can use the correct formula to treat it.

According to Madame Paulette there are three primary stain groups. Each stain group requires a special formula:
  • Special Formula 1 - Earth Based Stains: Fruit juices, teas, colas, liquors, etc.
  • Special Formula 2 - Protein Based Stains: From the body and dairy products, such as blood, perspiration, milk, eggs, etc.
  • Special Formula 3 - Oil Based Stains: From vegetable, mineral, or petroleum oils, such as baby oil, animal fat, salad dressing, mayonnaise, motor oil, grease, etc.
Madame Paulette's Stain Treating Kits have each formula conveniently packaged, easy to use and they guarantee excellent results. Each foil-sealed packet contains:

"A waffle-pattern absorbent cloth is saturated in the same special formulas that Madame Paulette uses daily in removing stains from the world’s most exclusive couture apparel. Each formula is biodegradable and rinses out with water.
A distilled water rinse, that follows the application of each special formula, flushes out any remaining stain particles. Distilled water, unlike tap water, permits the fabric to dry without a ring. Minerals and iron in tap water typically leave an unsightly yellow ring.
A fourth packet is being added to the kit containing three individual super absorbent cloths. Using this cloth under the stained area will help transfer stain matter through the fabric into the absorbent cloth. This will make the stain removal process even more effective.
The stain kit was developed with the upscale traveler, hotel guest and bride in mind. Your business suit, casual attire, evening wear or bridal gown has been soiled and there is no time or place for your garment to be cleaned. With the Stain Removal Kit on hand, Madame Paulette’s expertise is always available."

Each kit has enough cleaning power to be effective on a variety of spills in a variety of situations. When you need quick and efficient action, Madame Paulette's Professional Stain Removal Kit offers the perfect solution for brides and bridesmaids alike.

Now you don't have to worry that those 'after dinner' photos will look like you are wearing dinner! So stop worrying and order some today. You might also want to add some Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kits  for the ladies room or for your Out of Town Guest bags.

Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Reasons To Serve BBQ At Your Wedding

Photo of Brisket and Ribs from Goode Company Restaurants

And The Bride Served BBQ? Yes, you read it right, the bride served barbecue! What could offer the bride and groom's guests a more unique meal to serve their guests than ordering some barbecue from Goode Company Restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Goode Company Restaurants

Goode Company Restaurants, located in the greater Houston area are probably familiar to brides and grooms from the Houston area. Their restaurants in Houston include: Goode's Armadillo Palace, Goode Company Texas Bar-B-Que, Goode Company Tacqueria and Goode Company Seafood. It's pretty bad when I'm writing at 7 AM and this company makes me wonder if I could get away with eating barbecue for breakfast!

Turkey Sausage and Beer Photo courtesy of Goode Company Restaurants

But for the bride and groom planning an outdoor wedding or a casual indoor wedding, Goode's barbecue is a great way to 'party hearty' without the high price of a country club wedding.

Photo of perfect delicious pecan pie courtesy of Goode Company Restaurants

The 5 Best Reasons to Serve Barbecue at your wedding instead of rubber chicken are:

1. Cost Effective. No matter what the budget a bride and groom are working with, barbecue is one of the most affordable catering choices.

2. Made to Order. Barbecue lets you cater to individual dietary needs. If you have a guest with specific dietary needs, barbeque can offer them options to choose from that will suit every palate. So if Cousin Ick only eats .... barbque offers something for everyone!

3. Customizable. Barbecue is perfect for a backyard wedding but you can also serve it at the fanciest venue.  Some choices they offer include: barbecue brisket and homemade sausade grilled to perfection to prime rib or mesquite grilled tuna.

4. Easy to Serve. Barbecue is simple to serve. Whether you choose to serve it on paper plates or the finest china, Goode Company will send their staff to be sure guests not only eat their fill but have a great time doing it!

5. Pairs Well. Whether you're planning on serving a limited bar or full open bar almost any cocktail will compliment barbecue.

Is barbecue the answer for your wedding planning dilemma? Are you looking for good food that your guests will be talking about for years but that won't break the bank? Give them barbecue! And not just any barbecue--Give them Goode's best!

Also think about using Goode's Restaurants or having their barbeque delivered for showers or rehersal dinners. Makes it easy on the hostess!

And if you just need a night out, away from the hassle of wedding planning, go to your favorite Goode's restaurant for a night out with your fiance. Some beer, some barbecue, relaxation = Fun!

Results on Reader Age Poll

In an effort to determine the general age group of my readers I ran this poll. I am removing it from my sidebar, but thought the results might be of interest to my readers.

The Editor/WDW

Results of Poll of The Age of Readers of My Blog:

Under 18                                   2 (5%)

18-23                                        9 (22%)

24-30                                      11 (27%)

30-45                                      18 (45%)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bridal Shower Fruits

Planning a brunch or luncheon bridal shower? This is the perfect thing to serve no matter which meal you are planning to serve your guests!

Fall in love with this gorgeous treat to serve at your bridal shower! Kiwi (yum!) Strawberries (who doesn't love these luscious treats?) Combine the two and no one will be able to resist!

Take the two fruits displayed to an advantage in wine glasses and the fruit becomes part of your decor! Love these!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Matter What The Hue Peacock Feathers Are Popular Accessories

Peacock weddings are all the rage (for historical information on peacocks go to this page.) But this shoe ornament, made by Sofisticata on is perfect for a bride who doesn't want to wear peacock blue and green hues but who wants the 'look.'

Sofisticata sells a set of two shoe clips (or hair clips) for the sophisticated bride looking for the unexpected in feathers (and shoes). Use their clips to update an old pair of shoes or new pair. You can clip them to the top, front, sides or back of your shoes and shoe straps, it's your choice!

For more options visit Sofisticata Shoe Clips Section. Shoes are not included.

Per the designer: "Unless otherwise stated, they will come as champagene shoe clips with a golden oval cabochon. However, instead, they can be personalized with the backing of your choice: shoe clips, hair pins, brooch pins, combs (some backings may not be suitable for large or small pieces, if you are not sure which backing to choose, please ask)."

Sofisticata offers world wide service, and they also take custom orders. Please contact Sofisticata if you would like to have a new or a variation on any of designs; or have questions about sizes or colors or international shipping.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Succulent Bridal Bouquet and Boutonnieres

Are you in love with this bridal bouquet? Wow! The bouquet is made up of merlot peonies, burgundy dahlias, ivory garden roses, gardenias, white lisianthis, gray and green brasilia berries, as well as echeveria succulents in shades of gray and green.

And if those gorgeous flowers were not enough, they banded the stems with ivory satin ribbon and accented with an ornate gold chain link pattern trim.  Then they made some boutonnieres to match! Wow!
See other floral accents for this wedding at Heavenly Blooms.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tall Baby's Breath Floral Designs

Like the look of tall centerpieces? This tall centerpiece should be inexpensive but tall enough for you guests to be able to see each other across the table. I love the look of tall centerpieces but don't want to block 'the view' of guests. Look for more tall floral designs on The Knot or Hearts and Flowers.

Photo from The

Like the tall look for your church flowers? I love this look. Just be sure to check with your florist to be sure these won't tip over easily. Would hate to see guests conked on the head if someone knocks into one as they are seated!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Topiary Centerpiece You Can Make Yourself

Looking for a brilliant centerpiece for your children's table or for your candy buffet at your wedding? Or maybe for a bridal shower? How about this topiary made of Dum Dums? Love the colors and just hand out some toothbrushes to everyone on the way out! (kidding!)

They're full of sugar but they sure taste good!

What's your favorite flavor?


Blue Raspberry

Bubble Gum



Cotton Candy

Cream Soda

Dulce de Leche

Fruit Punch




Root beer

Sour Apple



Give me butterscotch, cherry and Dulce de Leche anytime! But root beer and cream soda are the other big favorites at my house. Hm mm...decisions, decisions, decisions!

Just check some of my other topiary DIY projects if you can't figure out how to pull this off. It's easy! Possibly the easiest topiary I've ever posted because the Dums Dums already have sticks attached so they're easy to insert into Styrofoam.  Have fun!

Top 10 Places To Hold A Wedding Shower and More!

Bridal showers come in all shapes and sizes. This one is pastel and girly but they can just as easily go for bolder colors and patterns. Silver and white are also popular colors with the addition of a strong contrast color.

Bridal showers can be held in:

1. The private home of the bridesmaids or the mother of the bride.  This option is relaxing and lets you go all out decorating and serving food of your choice. It also lets you control the menu. Whether it's cake and punch or a lite luncheon fare it's sure to be more cost effective than having it in a restaurant or hall.

2. Church halls are another option for holding a shower. Usually inexpensive to rent church halls are usually spacious and often have a kitchen as well as plates and glassware as well. The cost? Often free to church members. Some churches however may charge a clean up fee or a flat fee of $200-$300.

3. Fire halls are another option for wedding showers. Like church halls they often come with a rental fee but this will include the use of their chairs, tables, and table service. And don't let the term 'firehall' put you off. I've seen fire halls that rival the club houses of local country clubs.

4. Local restaurants with private rooms are another option. Keep in mind this will usually mean a cost of at least $15 per person as well as tax and gratuity added. As convenient as this sounds it may be hard to get in an do any decorating other than at the last minute.  Also decorations may be limited.

5. Your country club is another option. If you choose a time they aren't planning a wedding or other event this is a relaxing venue. But it is also an expensive option. Like a restaurant you'll probably have to serve a full meal and add the costs for gratuities and state taxes, and your decorating may be limited.

6. You can also choose to have a bridal shower in a recreation hall at an apartment complex. Today many newer apartment complexes have recreation halls that not only have a kitchen but also have the eqiivalent of furnished areas, perfect for parties. You may still need to rent some extra folding chairs (or put a call to family members to borrow their bridge chairs!) This is almost the equivalent of having a shower in your own home. Relaxing for hostesses and guests.

7. One of the most interesting places I've ever been to bridal shower was at a retirement home. No, the bride and groom weren't elderly and living there, but they did let them use their recreation room. Lots of chairs and tables, they were happy to let the bridesmaids decorate, and there was plenty of space for all the guests. Also one big plus, it was handicapped accessible. One thing you may not be thinking of as you plan a shower but will be smacking yourself on the side of your head going 'why didn't I think of that!' when  your grandmother can't get into the venue you choose.

8. Another option is to choose to have a bridal shower outside. Either at the local state park (so you can barbecue if you want to) or just have a nice day outdoors. Choose an area with a covered eating area. This will usually give you some rustic picnic tables perfect for food, drink and gifts. These areas will let you decorate but avoid balloons which can harm the wildlife and don't forget, weather may be an issue. Be sure to have a rain date set up. This is inexpensive (occasionally a $50 fee to reserve the area) but the risk of rain make it only for the bravest of bridesmaids.

9. Local colleges or universities may have areas you can rent for your bridal shower. Some may even allow you to use the faculty dining room. Many of these are for alumni or students or employees only so give careful consideration  to who you know that might be able to help you out.

10. Your local historical society often has venues they will rent out for parties. Costs vary. Sometimes they rent out the building itself as well as historical building buidlings. Well worth checking into especially if you live in an area with a rich history.

Museums, arboretums, community rooms, zoos, dance studios, art galleries, time share recreation rooms and cooking schools all offer you more options of places to hold a bridal shower.

If you can't find at least one option that will work  for that wedding shower you are planning, I'll eat a wedding bouquet! (well figuratively!)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let Me Make One Thing Perfectly Clear--Decorative Ice Cubes!

Are you freezing pretty flowers or fruit inside ice cubes to give your signature drinks a lift or maybe planning on giving your lemonade a kick start?  Here's the trick to making these ice cubes as pretty as can be.

"Use twice-boiled water instead of tap water to make clear ice. Great for putting fruit, herbs, flowers or surprises in."

So simple, but with such incredible and dramatic results!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Say "I DO" To Organization In Your New Home

You've been busy organizing your wedding for the last six months to a year but have you given any thought to organizing your new home together?

Sure you have a fancy wedding binder filled with contracts, photos, and phone numbers for vendors, but what about on a more personal and everyday level?

Will your new kitchen be organized? Will you have a pantry organized to store all those wedding gifts or drawer organizers to keep all those cool kitchen gadgets separated?

And just how can you do this, I mean, you're SO busy! And so is he. What to do? David's Bridal and The Container Store have partnered to help newlyweds "say 'I DO' to organization."

And it's not just kitchens that demand your attention! It's closet space and drawers. Merging his and hers in a neat and organized way is a challenge. Taking all your clothes and meshing them with his is going to be tricky, so why not get the help of a company who knows how to organize any area in your home?

And even if you've been living together, maybe now, when you're starting a new life together, is the time to take a vow to GET ORGANIZED! Organize those drawers, closets, off-season clothes, and your kitchen spaces and linen closets. I know it sounds overwhelming, but with a little help from The Container Store you can become the most organized couple on the block.

The Container Store offers you videos to help you organize anything! Head over and see what they can do for you.

The Container Store wants newlyweds to get organized and stay that way! I think this is what my mother meant when she said 'start out as you mean to go on.'

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tiffany Blue

Photo courtesy of Eat, Drink, Pretty

This easy drink is perfect for your bridal shower, especially if you are having a Tiffany theme!

No it's not a complex combination of things, it's a simple combo of lemonade and 'blue punch' from the grocery store! (OK, yes, add some ice cubes too!) SO COMPLEX!

Add some of your favorite alcohol if you want some kick to it, but it tastes just fine as is!

It just goes to show, sometimes simple is REALLY best.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Velveteen Pumpkins--Perfect For Fall Weddings

Planning a fall wedding? Want some unusual decorations for your church or your reception? Learn  how to make these gorgeous pumpkins at DIY Crafts Projects

Basically these are velvet bags weighted with rice or beans and stuffed with fiberfil and then just add a stem (either from a real pumpkin or a branch! How simple is that?

OK, it's a little more complex, so if you'd like the complete directions with a step by step tutorial visit DIY Crafts Projects where they'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about making velveteen pumpkins for your wedding! I admit I didn't even test this one see if it was EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It) because it requires minimal sewing by hand, a skill that escapes him (or at least will until I'm not around to sew on the buttons!)

Glam Hairstyle For Your Wedding Day

Photo seen on Photo by: Edyta Szyszlo

If you always wanted to look like Grace Kelly on your wedding day (or if you are too young to know who she is but just want to look like a glamorous  princess) this chignon is for you. Chic and highlighted by floral hair pins, this hairstyle will make any bride look like she is marrying Prince Charming!

If this hairstyle isn't your 'cup of tea' visit the link and see some other ideas for great wedding day hair.

Bridesmaid Dress For Peacock Theme Wedding

Repinned from My Style by Cori Bell 
Orignially pinned by Niki Bowles onto The way I dress in my dreams....

Are you a fan of peacock weddings? Why not let your bridesmaid dresses be part of the decor? These short dresses double as bridemaid dresses and decor. You won't need fancy flowers with these and the shoes are kickin'! Accessories all work for 'after wedding wear.' I love a dress that doesn't shout bridemaid!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

White Chocolate Popcorn--Low Cal and Sinful?

If you haven't visited Oh SO Delicioso blog you are missing a treat (actually a lot of treats!) But this white chocolate popcorn is just the latest recipe offered by blogger, Desarae Fowler at Oh SO Delisioso blog. This is the perfect treat to make for  your bridesmaids after a day of wedding planning or for a night of getting together to talk about weddings and 'girl stuff!'

Visit Oh SO Delisoso for the actual recipe, this is one of those times I wish I could attach a scent to my blog! Yummy!  

You'll find other great ideas for anything you're planning on cooking, so if you're stumped for "What are we having for dinner?" Oh SO has the answer, in fact there are dozens of great answers. Who needs a cookbook anymore? But White Chocolate Popcorn? Trust me, you DO NEED IT!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

No One Says Weddings Like Avon!

Looking for the perfect Bridesmaid Gift? Avon has the answer! Just put together gift sets of Avon Orange Blossom and Verbena Scented soaps and lotions all put together in a pretty gift basket and tied with some pretty ribbon. Add a few sprigs of orange blossom tied to the top for a little extra. Your bridesmaids are sure to enjoy their scented soaps and lotions from Avon.

After all, what says wedding more than orange blossoms? Even the least handy DIY bride can make these! Pick up some pretty baskets at Michael's or whatever your favorite local craft store is, and make a pretty gift basket filled with these new Avon scents, sure to become favorites with brides and bridesmaids alike!

Want to personalize the scent of the soap and lotion in the Ladies Room at your wedding reception? Just order a few bottles of Moisturizing Hand Soap and Hand Lotion--you female guests will thank you! Nothing is better than a pleasant scented soap and lotion, and these are perfect for weddings.
Carolyn Vecchione - 610-761-5399

Or looking for something to add to your Out of Town bags? How about some shower gels and hand lotions in this scent? Or if you are looking for a gender neutral scent check out one of the other scents available from Avon.  How about some Aqua Rush for men?  This scent was designed specifically for men--so don't leave your male guests out!

Yes, its safe to say Avon loves a wedding! Why not invite them to yours? Your guests will thank you!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gold Metallic Iced Wedding Cake


Going for the gold? No, not in the London Olympics! At your wedding reception.  Metallic cakes are all the rage and this gold iced, triple tier wedding cake topped with a feather and flowers will pull every eye to the cake table as you go to cut your cake with your new spouse. So go for the your wedding.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Theme Shape Ice Cubes

Looking for something cute for a wedding shower? How about these engagement ring ice cubes? Just $8 a tray, pick up a few of the trays and you won't have to be making the cubes for weeks at a time!

These ring shape cubes are fun to float in punch, ginger ale or wine and get the theme of your party across perfectly! Also great for an engagement party.

Kudos to Margie Humes who sent me this link. Thanks Margie! Love it when readers and friends send me ideas for my brides!

Grammar Goofs You Don't Want To Make On Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes for shower gifts or wedding presents? Copyblogger has  a few 'rules of the road' so your notes look and sound like a well-educated bride! We all make mistakes once in awhile but when you are sending out thank you notes it would be nice if they were grammatically correct.  Who says? Your mother! (And everyone who will get your thank you note!)

According to the queen of etiquette, Emily Post, you have up to three months to send out thank you notes for a gift,  but the sooner you send these important notes out the better.

A few tips? Order your thank you cards when you order your wedding invitations. They don't have to match but you might want to consider adding your new monogram for wedding thank you notes or color coordinating with your invitations.

And if you think you were busy during the time you were wedding planning, those days after you come back from your honeymoon are hectic as well. Finding time to write and address all those thank you notes may seem an impossibility.

If someone kindly gave you a bridal shower, write these thank you notes out right after the shower. This gets these out of the way so writing wedding gift thank you notes is a snap.

How can you beat the wedding thank you note rush?

Write out all the envelopes before your wedding. Add a blank note to the inside of the envelope all ready to be written.  Then when a wedding gift gets delivered you can write a heartfelt thank you note and slide it into it's pre-addressed envelope and add the stamp. Mail them as soon as you get back from your honeymoon. (Or if you are very efficient, on your way out of town!) Have a list of gifts and gift givers and check them off as notes are written and mailed. Wait to add the stamps so you don't mistakenly send out a blank thank you.

What's the most common thank you note forgotten? Thank you notes to your officient, your bridal party or anyone else who helped make you day go off seamlessly. I wrote them to my vendors as well as friends and family who helped out. One important thing to remember, an extra thank you never counts against you, forgetting one one can. So when in doubt, write a note. It isn't that hard to say thanks.

Why is it important to write thank you notes? When you send a thank you note it assures your friends and family that their token of love and support for you and your new spouse was both appreciated and noticed.

Also you can be sure if you don't send one it will be a permanent black mark next to your name (note the friend of my daughters who never sent notes for gifts, you know who you are! Needless to say by now we are not expecting one but it's still a topic of conversation whenever anyone mentions thank you notes!)

So get those thank you notes organized so it's easy to write them and easy to mail them in a timely manner. If  you can organize a whole wedding you can certainly organize sending out a hundred thank you notes!