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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top 10 Places To Hold A Wedding Shower and More!

Bridal showers come in all shapes and sizes. This one is pastel and girly but they can just as easily go for bolder colors and patterns. Silver and white are also popular colors with the addition of a strong contrast color.

Bridal showers can be held in:

1. The private home of the bridesmaids or the mother of the bride.  This option is relaxing and lets you go all out decorating and serving food of your choice. It also lets you control the menu. Whether it's cake and punch or a lite luncheon fare it's sure to be more cost effective than having it in a restaurant or hall.

2. Church halls are another option for holding a shower. Usually inexpensive to rent church halls are usually spacious and often have a kitchen as well as plates and glassware as well. The cost? Often free to church members. Some churches however may charge a clean up fee or a flat fee of $200-$300.

3. Fire halls are another option for wedding showers. Like church halls they often come with a rental fee but this will include the use of their chairs, tables, and table service. And don't let the term 'firehall' put you off. I've seen fire halls that rival the club houses of local country clubs.

4. Local restaurants with private rooms are another option. Keep in mind this will usually mean a cost of at least $15 per person as well as tax and gratuity added. As convenient as this sounds it may be hard to get in an do any decorating other than at the last minute.  Also decorations may be limited.

5. Your country club is another option. If you choose a time they aren't planning a wedding or other event this is a relaxing venue. But it is also an expensive option. Like a restaurant you'll probably have to serve a full meal and add the costs for gratuities and state taxes, and your decorating may be limited.

6. You can also choose to have a bridal shower in a recreation hall at an apartment complex. Today many newer apartment complexes have recreation halls that not only have a kitchen but also have the eqiivalent of furnished areas, perfect for parties. You may still need to rent some extra folding chairs (or put a call to family members to borrow their bridge chairs!) This is almost the equivalent of having a shower in your own home. Relaxing for hostesses and guests.

7. One of the most interesting places I've ever been to bridal shower was at a retirement home. No, the bride and groom weren't elderly and living there, but they did let them use their recreation room. Lots of chairs and tables, they were happy to let the bridesmaids decorate, and there was plenty of space for all the guests. Also one big plus, it was handicapped accessible. One thing you may not be thinking of as you plan a shower but will be smacking yourself on the side of your head going 'why didn't I think of that!' when  your grandmother can't get into the venue you choose.

8. Another option is to choose to have a bridal shower outside. Either at the local state park (so you can barbecue if you want to) or just have a nice day outdoors. Choose an area with a covered eating area. This will usually give you some rustic picnic tables perfect for food, drink and gifts. These areas will let you decorate but avoid balloons which can harm the wildlife and don't forget, weather may be an issue. Be sure to have a rain date set up. This is inexpensive (occasionally a $50 fee to reserve the area) but the risk of rain make it only for the bravest of bridesmaids.

9. Local colleges or universities may have areas you can rent for your bridal shower. Some may even allow you to use the faculty dining room. Many of these are for alumni or students or employees only so give careful consideration  to who you know that might be able to help you out.

10. Your local historical society often has venues they will rent out for parties. Costs vary. Sometimes they rent out the building itself as well as historical building buidlings. Well worth checking into especially if you live in an area with a rich history.

Museums, arboretums, community rooms, zoos, dance studios, art galleries, time share recreation rooms and cooking schools all offer you more options of places to hold a bridal shower.

If you can't find at least one option that will work  for that wedding shower you are planning, I'll eat a wedding bouquet! (well figuratively!)


Kristina - Connecticut Wedding DJ said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this post to us. This is really helpful when setting up a wedding shower.

Nancy said...

Thanks Kristina. As the MOB I am working w/my daughter who is the maid of honor for her sister's wedding looking at all the places to have a's overwhelming! But it made it an easy post to write--it's one of those, 'I've lived it.' posts!