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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wedding Gift Poll--Cash or Gift?

What do you like to give as a wedding gift? I was talking to a friend the other day about wedding gifts. She said she'd never heard of sending an actual gift as a wedding gift, only cash. I come from a family who sends actual gifts from the bride's registry.

So what do you think? As a bride which would you rather have? My personal opinion for giving an actual 'gift' versus cash is I want the bride and groom to have something that will remind them of their wedding day. China, crystal, something special. But I am also aware that in some families wedding gifts can either be cash or a gift.

I like taking the time to choose something I think the bride and groom will enjoy and use throughout their lives together. I worry cash will be used to fill up a gas tank several times and then be gone. Forgotten.

So if you'd take my poll at the right and let me know what you usually do for wedding gifts, or leave comments below, I'd love to hear your input.  Thanks readers! You always come through!


Anonymous said...

We love to give candlesticks-with a little not attached that says, Even hot dogs & beans taste better by candle light! We received it as a gift for our wedding & it is one of the few gifts that we still use & still remember. It was a wonderful gift :)

Nancy said...

Great idea! Love the note to go with! Keep those great ideas coming!