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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Matter What The Hue Peacock Feathers Are Popular Accessories

Peacock weddings are all the rage (for historical information on peacocks go to this page.) But this shoe ornament, made by Sofisticata on is perfect for a bride who doesn't want to wear peacock blue and green hues but who wants the 'look.'

Sofisticata sells a set of two shoe clips (or hair clips) for the sophisticated bride looking for the unexpected in feathers (and shoes). Use their clips to update an old pair of shoes or new pair. You can clip them to the top, front, sides or back of your shoes and shoe straps, it's your choice!

For more options visit Sofisticata Shoe Clips Section. Shoes are not included.

Per the designer: "Unless otherwise stated, they will come as champagene shoe clips with a golden oval cabochon. However, instead, they can be personalized with the backing of your choice: shoe clips, hair pins, brooch pins, combs (some backings may not be suitable for large or small pieces, if you are not sure which backing to choose, please ask)."

Sofisticata offers world wide service, and they also take custom orders. Please contact Sofisticata if you would like to have a new or a variation on any of designs; or have questions about sizes or colors or international shipping.


Sofisticata said...

Beautiful Blog post! Thank you for featuring my shop!!

God bless,

Nancy said...

My pleasure Hir. I'm sure there are a lot of brides out there looking for a great product like yours. Peacock theme weddings are huge!