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Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Reasons To Serve BBQ At Your Wedding

Photo of Brisket and Ribs from Goode Company Restaurants

And The Bride Served BBQ? Yes, you read it right, the bride served barbecue! What could offer the bride and groom's guests a more unique meal to serve their guests than ordering some barbecue from Goode Company Restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Goode Company Restaurants

Goode Company Restaurants, located in the greater Houston area are probably familiar to brides and grooms from the Houston area. Their restaurants in Houston include: Goode's Armadillo Palace, Goode Company Texas Bar-B-Que, Goode Company Tacqueria and Goode Company Seafood. It's pretty bad when I'm writing at 7 AM and this company makes me wonder if I could get away with eating barbecue for breakfast!

Turkey Sausage and Beer Photo courtesy of Goode Company Restaurants

But for the bride and groom planning an outdoor wedding or a casual indoor wedding, Goode's barbecue is a great way to 'party hearty' without the high price of a country club wedding.

Photo of perfect delicious pecan pie courtesy of Goode Company Restaurants

The 5 Best Reasons to Serve Barbecue at your wedding instead of rubber chicken are:

1. Cost Effective. No matter what the budget a bride and groom are working with, barbecue is one of the most affordable catering choices.

2. Made to Order. Barbecue lets you cater to individual dietary needs. If you have a guest with specific dietary needs, barbeque can offer them options to choose from that will suit every palate. So if Cousin Ick only eats .... barbque offers something for everyone!

3. Customizable. Barbecue is perfect for a backyard wedding but you can also serve it at the fanciest venue.  Some choices they offer include: barbecue brisket and homemade sausade grilled to perfection to prime rib or mesquite grilled tuna.

4. Easy to Serve. Barbecue is simple to serve. Whether you choose to serve it on paper plates or the finest china, Goode Company will send their staff to be sure guests not only eat their fill but have a great time doing it!

5. Pairs Well. Whether you're planning on serving a limited bar or full open bar almost any cocktail will compliment barbecue.

Is barbecue the answer for your wedding planning dilemma? Are you looking for good food that your guests will be talking about for years but that won't break the bank? Give them barbecue! And not just any barbecue--Give them Goode's best!

Also think about using Goode's Restaurants or having their barbeque delivered for showers or rehersal dinners. Makes it easy on the hostess!

And if you just need a night out, away from the hassle of wedding planning, go to your favorite Goode's restaurant for a night out with your fiance. Some beer, some barbecue, relaxation = Fun!

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Javier Oniel said...

This is right on the money, Nancy! Personally, I think that serving barbecue on a wedding will give the guests a relaxing time. Barbecue is a dish that is loved by many; it’s a sure-hit wherever and whenever you serve it. On a side note, the pictures that you posted here made me crave for some good old barbecue. I’m thinking of grilling some later. Thank you!