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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Topiary Centerpiece You Can Make Yourself

Looking for a brilliant centerpiece for your children's table or for your candy buffet at your wedding? Or maybe for a bridal shower? How about this topiary made of Dum Dums? Love the colors and just hand out some toothbrushes to everyone on the way out! (kidding!)

They're full of sugar but they sure taste good!

What's your favorite flavor?


Blue Raspberry

Bubble Gum



Cotton Candy

Cream Soda

Dulce de Leche

Fruit Punch




Root beer

Sour Apple



Give me butterscotch, cherry and Dulce de Leche anytime! But root beer and cream soda are the other big favorites at my house. Hm mm...decisions, decisions, decisions!

Just check some of my other topiary DIY projects if you can't figure out how to pull this off. It's easy! Possibly the easiest topiary I've ever posted because the Dums Dums already have sticks attached so they're easy to insert into Styrofoam.  Have fun!

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