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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bridesmaids Beach Dresses


Are you planning a beach wedding? Looking for some bridesmaid dresses that will look great but be comfortable in hot weather in the sand? Visit Modern Vintage Boutique.  Modern vintage has a variety of looks sure to please. They offer an assortment of colors as well as accessories.  Sure does make shopping easy! I love the looks above, but there are plenty to choose from.

See what you like! Plus sizes are also available.

This necklace comes in turquoise or coral, perfect for beach weddings! There are lots of other necklaces too! In colors that will match or offset your bridesmaid attire. The one below comes in orange or fuchsia but has a slightly different look.

Photo MVB

Below there is a pink bubble necklace (also available in blue)--great for the bride to wear to a beach wedding. (or on her honeymoon!) Spend your time browsing to find 'just the right pieces' to work with your wardrobe.  The best part--these pieces are inexpensive and easy to pack, no worry about losing an expensive necklace or earrings when you travel.

Photo from MVB


wedding planning education said...

This is really beautiful dress and blogs I Like It

wedding planning education

Nancy said...

I know, those dresses are to die for! Thanks for reading and commenting!

vintage engagement rings said...

I love your necklaces.. they're fantastic!

Nancy said...

The necklaces went so well w/the type of clothes they had. This is a really good resource for anyone looking for clothes that are 'summer friendly.'