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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo 'I Spy' Game

Photo 'I Spy' Card Originally pinned by Kristen Lee onto Wedding Shtuff

Planning of putting disposable cameras on the tables at your wedding? Why not add an 'I Spy' Game to the tabletop.

Guests can take turns snapping photos, or if there's a shutter bug at the table let them take them with directions from the rest of the table. A fun way to be sure the photos on the cameras get used up!

There can be more than one photo of each category, guaranteeing a good shot by 'someone, somewhere' at your wedding even if it's one your photograher missed!

You don't have to limit your photos to what is listed, make your own list and design the 'I Spy' Card so that it will match your wedding decor and lists the photos you really want!

Keep those cameras clicking!

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