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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Say "I DO" To Organization In Your New Home

You've been busy organizing your wedding for the last six months to a year but have you given any thought to organizing your new home together?

Sure you have a fancy wedding binder filled with contracts, photos, and phone numbers for vendors, but what about on a more personal and everyday level?

Will your new kitchen be organized? Will you have a pantry organized to store all those wedding gifts or drawer organizers to keep all those cool kitchen gadgets separated?

And just how can you do this, I mean, you're SO busy! And so is he. What to do? David's Bridal and The Container Store have partnered to help newlyweds "say 'I DO' to organization."

And it's not just kitchens that demand your attention! It's closet space and drawers. Merging his and hers in a neat and organized way is a challenge. Taking all your clothes and meshing them with his is going to be tricky, so why not get the help of a company who knows how to organize any area in your home?

And even if you've been living together, maybe now, when you're starting a new life together, is the time to take a vow to GET ORGANIZED! Organize those drawers, closets, off-season clothes, and your kitchen spaces and linen closets. I know it sounds overwhelming, but with a little help from The Container Store you can become the most organized couple on the block.

The Container Store offers you videos to help you organize anything! Head over and see what they can do for you.

The Container Store wants newlyweds to get organized and stay that way! I think this is what my mother meant when she said 'start out as you mean to go on.'


Susan said...

Oh I love these ideas! Our home is swamped with things and I really needed some tips for organizing our citchen:)

Nancy said...

The site below is from an organizer that I know. She has great ideas and has a
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