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Monday, February 20, 2012

What Happens After The Wedding?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... well you know the drill.  If you're like many young couples after the wedding you'll start thinking about starting a family (if you haven't already made this decision ahead of time.)  And what's critical for that up and coming new family member? Why a crib of course. With the best crib mattress out there.  Kolcraft recently introduced the Sealy® Nature Couture™ Healthy Grow™ 2-Stage Infant-Toddler Crib Mattress.  If you aren't familiar with this product don't invest in a crib mattress until you check this one out! 

Kolcraft Sealy® Nature Couture™ Healthy Grow™ actually has two sides, one for your baby and one for your toddler.  The baby's side has a strong high density foam core that is extra firm for baby, but the toddler side has a softer, thicker hypoallergencic latex foam. This ecofriendly product  is enhanced with eco-friendly Crypton Clean Sleep to keep the organic cotton cover easy-clean without using a kind of plastic coating like pvc or food-grade polyethylene. Stains wipe away easily and liquids won't seep through. This is one special crib mattress for your very special new addition to your family. Read more about this mattress at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House.

And as if providing you with this great info isn't enough Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is having a great giveaway on their site, so head on over to enter! Whether you're pregnant now or planning to be in the near future you NEED this crib mattress! 

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