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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garter Toss For Men?

Looking for a better way to deal with garter tossing? Why not have the groom remove the garter and put it around a football? It's fun, a great photo op and if you're getting married in the spring,summer or fall can be 'tossed' outside to limit liability issues.  

Unfortunately today many venues, bands, DJs and other wedding workers insist on liability insurance in case of injury in the rush to grab the garter or catch the bouquet.  So take it outside gents... toss the football complete with the garter.  It will make a great photo op and decrease the liability issues.  

While custom says the unmarried man who catches the garter should place it on the leg of the unmarried woman who catches the bouquet this is being phased out due to the number of young girls who end up catching the bouquet where it would be inappropriate for the unmarried man to slide it up and onto her leg. 

So let the football reign, the groomsman who catches it gets to keep the football! No sliding the garter on the leg of an unmarried lady.  Ladies will give a sigh of relief at this change.  

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