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Friday, February 17, 2012

Having A Garden Wedding?

Veronica Sheaffer, from My Hands Made It, designed this gorgeous wedding gown for a bride in Hawaii.  Perfect for a wedding in a gorgeous garden this dress even looks like a garden with a scattering of flowers on the bodice and skirt.  If you're looking for a custom made wedding gown and can get to Veronica, she is one of my favorite customer gown designer, and you can't go wrong working with her for your wedding gown.  


garden wedding sydney said...

The light breeze swishing about leaves and flowers, gentle butterflies wafting in and around, the light sun bringing a brilliant blush on the brides face: all this makes a garden wedding very alluring. Arrangements The arrangements for a garden wedding have to be perfect to make it a success. Erect a platform with a canopy for the main mantap or the altar for the wedding.

Nancy Ross Vecchione said...

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