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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting In Shape - Eat This, Not That

                 Food Suggestion Chart: courtesy of Whole Foods
                              "Health Starts Here" Program

Are you trying to get into shape for your wedding day? Or stay in shape after your wedding? Here are some easy choices. The left column are to be avoided at all costs, and the suggestions for replacement snacks improve from left to right.

Craving Candy but want a good replacement? Try baked fries. Or better yet, baked sweet potato fries, or best of all "veggie fries" (zucchini, beets or parsnips). Want to try my favorite recipe? Head over to Tracey's Culinary Adventures for the recipe--one word describes these--YUM!

Are you a soda drinker? 100% fruit juice is a good choice compared to soda, but 100% fruit juice mixed with sparkling water is a better choice, but your best choice? Good old H2O! Want to make your water 'better'--buy yourself some sexy Fiji Water.

Photo courtesy of Fiji Water

You know how much better it tastes just from looking at the bottle! And since it's from an aquafir at the edge of the rainforest it is far from pollution, far from nasty acid rain and far from industrial waste!  Good for your skin. Good for you! So yes, water is your best choice!

Photo from chocoliciousnyblog

Dying for some chips and dip? Heavy on the salt, onion and sour cream? OK, just look at that list of ingredients--do any of them look good for you? Let alone mixed together with fried slices of potatoes! So move to a healthier choice.  Try some 65% cocoa dark chocolate.  Or moving healthier, granola with low fat yogurt.  Best? Dried fruit. I prefer apricots or cranberries, or a tiny box of raisins. Need some fruit to offer your guests? Pick up a whole platter of dried fruits for wedding festivities at Chocolicious New York.  Dried fruit, the candy bar of the future! Filled with sugar but all natural sugars, so if you have to binge... go natural!

Keep you portions under control (well the water you can probably drink as much as you like!) but remember, no matter what you are eating, portions are key. And a great place to shop for healthy food choices? Your closest Whole Foods Market! Whole Foods not only sells healthy food they have employees trained to help you make healthy choices. Be sure and talk to their seafood departments for great ideas for cooking fish and to their whole body section for ideas for soaps, lotions and vitamins to keep you healthy. Whole Foods offers it all! And it's just a short drive away. 

And just in case you haven't chosen a baker for your wedding cake? Stop in their bakery and talk to their master bakers about their beautiful creations for your wedding day. Anyone who has ever walked by their bakery case knows they do beautiful work! (OK, so cake probably isn't healthy, but on your wedding day, you can splurge!)

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