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Friday, May 4, 2012

Green & Clean Wedding Days

Getting ready for the big day? Didn't rent a limo or bus? Then it's time to wash the family car! Yes, you could head down to your local car wash and support the local economy OR you could use this great new product that is featured on a post in a blog by Sarah Wagner.  Her blog is called USA Love List, Stuff We Love: Made In The USA. 

Sarah (the star of her own YouTube Video not only shows you a great way to wash your car (or even the limo or bus!) but she shows you a product that is "Made in the USA." And face it, in these tough economic times we should all make an attempt to buy products made at home.

The product featured in the giveaway is called Washdrops. And if you don't win, you can purchase Washdrops on Amazon (don't you love how easy it is to buy on Amazon!) or buy directly from the Washdrops website (easy too!) Washdrops is not only eco-friendly and  (as you'll see in Sarah's VLOG) but it's made in the USA. 

 Giveaway photo courtesy of  USA Love List, Stuff We Love: Made In The USA

Sarah's Washdrops giveaway is on her blog (see what you can win above), so head over and enter on her site. While you are there see all the other great ideas she has for things you can buy that are USA made. Do your part. And at the same time enter to win a great Washdrops prize (shown above)!

So go green and clean on your wedding day! If you've watched Sarah's video, you know just how environmentally friendly Washdrops are. You don't want that pretty white wedding dress getting dirty as you get into the car, and you certainly don't want to have a dirty car show up in your wedding photos as your photographer gets that shot of you leaving the church or your reception. So head to Sarah's blog, enter to win the Washdrops prize pack, and if you don't win, you can always head to their website or to Amazon to get your very own Washdrops products.

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