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Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Signs of Worry Wort Brides & 5 Ways To Break The Wedding Worry Wort Habit

Who couldn't use 5 ways spot a worry wort bride and then 5 ways to help a wedding worry wort calm down and enjoy her wedding planning and wedding day?

Brides everywhere are notorious for worrying over tiny details that cannot be changed. Are you a worry wort bride? Here are five of the top five symptoms of Worry Wort brides:

5 signs of a Worry wort Bride:

1. Your fingernails are bitten to the quick. You've regressed to sucking your thumb at night.

Photo of nails of a worry wort bride. You couldn't even put acrylics on these!
2. You have a permanent case of hives (all worry induced!)

3. You are not enjoying your engagement, instead you have thousands of things you constantly worry about.

4. You do not look for answers to just your problems, you fret over ALL possible problems. (i.e. you are getting married in June but you worry about your wedding getting snowed out!)

5. You have a short temper when anyone mentions wedding planning. You bark at people who try to help you instead of accepting help graciously.

If the above describe you, or even one does, try these 5 solutions to breaking the "Worry Wort Wedding Habit.

What are 5 Ways to help a worry wort bride break her "Worry Wort Wedding Habit?"

1. Visualization. Visualize a positive ending to whatever your problem is. If you are worried that your mother-in-law to be will try to take over your wedding day, envision a wedding day where all is calm, you are in charge, or your chosen wedding planner runs things without a hitch. The trick--visualize positive!

2. Reject Your Wedding Worries. There is not a bride out there who does not have SOME worries, but it's how she handles them that separates the girls from the women. Girls stress out, throw temper tantrums or act out. A woman rejects her wedding worries. She knows 'what will be, will be.' 

A good way to handle those worry woes? When a worry arises, X it out with a mental red marker. This ritual for worries satisfies a brides need to DO SOMETHING when she feels a helpless when those wedding worries strike.

3. Be a Bride with lists. Divide your worries into two columns. one column of things you can do something about, one column for the things you can't change. Follow the ones you can't change for several weeks and see how many come true and how many don't.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised how many DO NOT come true. Lists are great for other things as well when wedding planning, but the worry lists have a calming effect on bride-itis.

Photo of Worry Jar from Dating Myself by Kristen Gale

4. My favorite worry-buster? The wedding worry jar. I know, you are laughing right? But she who laughs last... Here's how it works: write down everything that worries you on a piece of paper and drop the into a "Wedding Worry Jar" right before you go to sleep at night. This gives your brain 'permission' to relax and let those worries go while you get a good night's sleep, waking refreshed and able to tackle any wedding worries in the morning.

Not a bride with a pen and paper next to your bed? Try this web site, complete with it's own worry jar. The web site actually lets you email your worries to the wedding worry jar and tell it to remind you of the worry in a specific amount of time-GENIUS!

5. Now that you're more relaxed, take some time off from wedding planning and do something totally non-wedding! Go to a baseball game, a Monster Truck show, take your fiance on a picnic in the park, or just go for a drive in the mountains or down to the beach. Whatever you choose, the rules of day? No talk about weddings!

Feeling better? I bet you are, even if it is just because now you have A PLAN! And as Hannibal on the A-Team used to say "I just love it when a plan comes together!"

Now head over to my Pinterest board labeled Glitz and Glam and find some great acrylics (these are not only pretty, but they are HARD to bite if you're tempted to revert to your old bad habits!)

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