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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cupcakes: The New Wedding Cake?

Sometimes you see food that is a work of art. These cupcakes fit that description perfectly! Unfortunately the photo was on Pinterest and the link there doesn't work on my computer, try it on yours, maybe you'll be luckier! I love these! Would order them for my daughter's wedding if she hadn't already placed her order. These are so delicate and perfect for a wedding.
And then we have these gorgeous daffodil cupcakes. Perfect for a spring wedding. Nothing says spring like daffodils and I've never seen them on cupcakes before. These grabbed my eye immediately! Working on how to make the fondant flowers myself. The small ones are probably harder than the larger ones, but the combination of the two sizes makes a great display.
The above combination of gold, pink and blue iced cupcakes with delicate florals topping them are incredible! The designs and textures differ from cupcake to cupcake, each one showing off a different skill of the baker. Now, which one to try first? Hmm...
And finally the perfect white floral cupcake with silver dragees in the centers. I love how the baker showed off the cupcake by tying a ribbon around the base of each cupcake and presenting them on their own tiny cupcake plate.
Will cupcakes replace wedding cakes entirely? I still like seeing the traditional wedding cake, but love seeing a smaller wedding cake surrounded by these smaller wedding wonders! What do you think? Big cakes? cupcakes? combination of the two?

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