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Monday, October 1, 2012

Engagement Rings Made In The USA

Some brides to be are looking for an engagement ring that is just a little bit different. They don't want to shop at their local jewelry store and have the same look that their friends do. They don't want a Tiffany solitaire. So who do they call? Cornelis Hollander Designs, Inc.
I admit, I totally fell in love with the ring shown above, as well as the other two shown, but these are just a fraction of what's available from this creative company. Not only that, the jewelry at Cornelis Hollander, Inc. is made by artisans in the USA.

Cornelis Hollander Designs, Inc. founded in 1984 is a full service jewelry design company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This jewelry design company's jewelry has been distributed all over the US and internationally.

Designs are manufactured on the premises, at their store in Scottsdale. Highly-skilled craftsmen work  to produce finest quality jewelry. Cornelis Hollander and the artisans can also provide customers with custom designs.

Customers can bring their own gemstones, diamonds or old jewelry to upgrade to modern designer looks that Cornelis Hollander Designs is known for. You can reach them about your special ring by contacting them at

So if you are a groom to be looking for a very special ring for your very special lady, or anyone just looking for some very special jewelry with a modern look, visit the Cornelis Hollander store or web site and see more examples of the designs and detailed work.


Jewelry Layaway said...

Love, love your blog! This is really for jewelry lovers, more power to you!

Nancy said...

Glad you are enjoying my blog. Hope to keep you entertained or a long time to come.