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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unique Bridal Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Perfect Details Cuff by Margaret Rowe
Looking for a unique wristlet to wear on your wedding day? Try this jeweled nouveau bouquet cuff designed by Margaret Rowe.
This piece is not an ordinary bracelet, but it is perfect for the bride who wants to look unique without going over the top.
This delicate bauble is shown off as you carry your bouquet, and later as you greet your guests and dance with your new husband.
I admit, I'm in love with this look. Would definitely have worn one if I'd known they existed when I got married. How about you? Is this your kind of jewelry? Or do you prefer more traditional bracelets?


Michael said...
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Nancy said...

Thanks for commenting Michael. I love this piece, so figured I'd share!

Blake Woodrow said...

If you want spotlight on the bridesmaid, you have to wear Bridal pearl jewelry. Even you can wear pearls on cufflinks and neckties too. wedding pearl jewellery would be the perfect theme for your wedding which gives you classic tradition feel with modern looks.However you may want to choose your bridal jewelry, you should always put in context your own individuality and personal style.

Nancy said...

Love pearls for wedding jewelry as well. Very classic. Very Chanel. But can go modern as well. Versatile, that's pearls.