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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Christian Louboutin Shoes For Brides

Photo courtesy of Barney's
Christian Louboutin's Zigouwi style, sold at upscale stores like Barney's, is perfect for the bride who wants a burnished look for her shoes.
These heels aren't for the faint of heart though, so if you aren't used to wearing them this high and buy these for you wedding, put in some practice time walking gracefully in them. Your wedding is not the time to end up with a sprained ankle!
They do make great dancing shoes though, perfect for showing off as your groom twirls you around the dance floor in your first dance together as husband and wife.
So if you're in love with these shoes, head over to Barney's and pick up your special pair. (Barney's offers complimentary shipping on all orders, so if you aren't located in a city like New York, just order online, so easy!)

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